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Preservation of monuments

Magdalena GĹ‚aĹźewska


1.Tenement house(Abrahama street;town-Gdynia) Coloristic masking lute in terrazzo on front elevation.

2.Mariacki church(XII-century building;town-Gdańsk) Filling hole in special brick’s form on main door portal.

3.”Stara winiarnia”-hotel(Czopowa,Rycerska street; town-Gdańsk) Filling hole in bricks,hand-making a new bricks. Coloristic integration repaired bricks with all building. A lute color’s selecting.

A wall by Rycerska street before renovation.

After renovation

A wall by Czopowa street before renovation.

After renovation


4.Private possesion(town-Gdynia) Renovating of woods window frame,take off old paint,grimaling and polish up,lute the hole and paiting. Without photo

5.Old building on Polanki street in Gdańsk Cleaning sandstone. Without photo

6.Tenement house (Długa street;town Gdańsk) Shading scrach-work(sgraffito)on front elevation,desalinate the wall in the cellar using water compress. Shading stucco-work (the lions).


7.Tenement house (Wróbla street;Gdańsk) Filling hole in stuccoworks using lute. Colouring and shading stuccoworks.

8.Tenement house(Łąkowa street,Gdańsk) Filling hole stuccoworks using plaster of Paris and specialistic mortar,shaping missing parts of stuccowork, shaping a cornice and a corner. Filling empty space inside stuccowork and behind using injection).

The house looked like this brown one on the left ,before rebuilding.

After renovation

After renovation

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