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What do you want to reach?

ou are finishing studies on the „specialization of the future”, improving knowledge of

Now you know who are you and what are you spe-

languages, participating in numerous cours-

cialized in, but what is your goal? Strategy without a goal

es and workshops, gaining first experience,

is only a collection of ideas without covering. If you do

planning your future. Everything is done according to

not know where you are heading, you will never arrive

the trite scheme. The point is that, following this same

there. Define which is your sector, which mean – what

route, you are not differentiating yourself from the mass

do you want to do? Think to whom are you creating your

of your competitors, while searching for a work. We are

message, so – whom do you want to charm with your im-

living in a globalized world where we have to distinguish

age (trade, company, person), but also, how are you go-

ourselves. The question is how?

ing to communicate. Sending thousands of CVs, without

Think who are you, what do you like and what

a goal, is not a way for getting your dream job. Remem-

you are good at, get to know what your colleagues

ber that you are promoting yourself and that you want to

think about you, but also, what you want to achieve,

“sell” your time and work.

be a bRAnD!

and then – create your brand! Treat yourself as a product, service, valuable object, that should be promoted. Thanks to this, you have bigger chance to be chosen for an interview. Who are you? Recall all the courses, workshops, and all your experience and create clear and consistent curriculum vitae of your abilities. What do you like, what are you good at, and what are your strength and your weaknesses. Do not forget to describe your personality, and define what

Nowadays, being good at your profession is not enough. It’s not enough to exist and wait for appreciation – if you want to be noticed you have to be outstanding! In the century of the Internet, the clue is to distinguish yourself, be original and create your own brand!

you are bringing to the team. Are you bringing negative attitude to the job atmosphere, are you a leading or following, are you able to adapt and to be part of the group? Write down all your passions and interests as well as your achievements. You have to let them know who are you, what is your product that you are promoting. Think what distinguishes you from other candidates they are seeking for the same jobs position as you. You are writing feuilletons, you won a prize in a nationwide contest, organized a concert, or maybe you were in a newspaper? Use it!

Time to create your image! Which image are you creating?

While creating your image, think about the slo-

Nowadays, reputation is an important thing, for

gan that will characterize yourself. It is worth to plan

you can easily verify it on the Internet. So what is your

your “visual identification”, what are colors and which

reputation? You have to check, what people are thinking

photo, that will be appearing on your Social Media. It

about your work as well as your personality. Ask your

is also crucial to plan your own story. Nowadays, sto-

friends, colleagues; check what image you are creating

rytelling is being more and more popular – it can help

in Social Media. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are

you to present yourself in an interesting manner, as

aware of the possible consequences of photos and infor-

someone worth attention. Imagine that you are in an

mation that they are posting in social network. Poten-

elevator situated in the building of the company that

tial employers are searching for informal information

you would like to work for. Suddenly, CEO of the com-

about you. The Internet is a strong tool, by which you

pany entered the elevator. Jump of adrenaline. Brain

can also build your reputation. It’s important to take

storm. What to do? This kind of opportunity does not

care about your image.

happen every day. It is a perfect scenario – you are


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Magazyn Deal XV  

XV numer magazynu Deal wydawanego przez SKN Inwestor działające przy Wydziale Ekonomiczno- Socjologicznym Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego.

Magazyn Deal XV  

XV numer magazynu Deal wydawanego przez SKN Inwestor działające przy Wydziale Ekonomiczno- Socjologicznym Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego.