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Deal wiosna 2013

Warto Wiedzieć professional massage, as well. If you want to feel like a child

includes a blend of the most expensive cocoas and a gold

for a moment, special employees at a London hotel will read

spoon, which you can take home. There are some more

your favorite fairy - tales. Hilton hotel in Sao Paulo offers

good news for fans of junk food, the price of the most ex-

sky taxi. If you want to visit city center, but you don’t have

clusive hot-dog is slightly lower - $150. For those who de-

enough time being stuck in traffic jams, hotel’s helicopters

spise junk food, sushi might be perfect. For nearly $2 000

will bring you wherever you want. This is not the end of

(five pieces) Philippines restaurant serves sushi wrapped

luxurious services, while booking one of the Italian hotels,

in 24 - carat gold leaves, topped with caviar, pearls and

staff will ask you about your favorite aromas. They guaran-

served with diamonds. Unfortunately, they forgot to men-

tee that clients will always smell the chosen aroma during

tion what kind of fish is used, apparently that’s not what

their holidays. Swiss Lindner Hotel offers a cinema spa,

sushi is about.

while American Fitzpatrick Hotel offer rooms with special Gold liquid

furniture for dolls, for those who travel with kids.

If you eat in exclusive ways, you have to drink in exWealthy, rich and classic

clusive ways. $7 500 for a drink sounds true when you

Romantic billionaires can show off in a luxurious

order 55 year old Macallan whisky with ice from spe-

way, as well. A Mexican hotel has a service that provides

cial distillery and a bit of passionfruit, all prepared by

clients with arranging romantic meetings anytime they

qualified mixologist, served in diamond and gold glass.

want. So whenever you want to surprise a beloved per-

So far, only two drinks have been sold. The price of par-

son, hotel’s staff is willing to help you. For those who

tying with the stars is much higher. One of the most

want to demonstrate more “creativity”, a special first-date

expensive clubs in the world XS – Las Vegas serves a

package for only $34 000 had been prepared. Romantic

drink called “Ono”, which is a composition of champagne

24 - hour escape will begin at your doorstep, where you

and cognac. For ladies it is served in champagne glass

will be picked up by Bentley and taken to the harbor. Be-

which goes with gold necklace decorated with black pearl

fore boarding a luxury yacht that will take you to an exclu-

and diamond. For gentlemen it goes with gold cuff links.

sive fort, some champagne and appetizers will be served.

The price of a single drink comes to $10 000. It’s not

The fort itself is entirely surrounded by the sea, it has three

a surprise since stars such as Justin Timberlake and Par-

private dining rooms, three bars-including a rooftop cham-

is Hilton party there. What is more, in XS club you can

pagne bar, wine cellar, library, rooftop hot tub and sauna.

dance to live music played by world famous DJ’s like Da-

24 hours seem to be not enough, especially when you have

vid Guetta, Eric Prydz, Fedde Le Grand, and Will.I.Am.

so many goods available. You can choose from hot-tube Who is the richest?

bath on the roof top with a masseur on hand, delicious five course dinner (local oyster and freshly caught lobster are

As we look at all the ridiculously spent billions of

of course available) and relaxing in a super king-size bed

dollars, we can assume that in fact there are people who

with Egyptian cotton sheets. On your way back to civili-

have problems with counting the amount of money they

zation you will be given a voucher ($500 per person) for

possess. But where is the thin line between being rich

shopping spree. I bet that after this date not a single will

and being a fool is? Maybe you have crossed this border

say “no” to her man.

when you start spending $1 500 on a tennis ball can, $250 on a carbon fiber toilet seat, $7 600 on a leather,

Coins in stomach

gold and silver Monopoly set or $50 000 on a crocodile

When it comes to luxurious food, billionaire’s tongue

skin umbrella. But there are still more crazy things that

are not that easy to satisfy. While for every one of us, ham-

rich people do with their money. Some extremely rich

burger means a bun with beef and some veggies, for those

people build emergency rooms in their own homes to

who spend money with no regrets a price for a hamburger

avoid long lines at hospitals. Others buy a submarines to

can reach even $300! The reason why Le Burger Extrava-

visit the depths of the ocean, or install cash dispenser at

gant is so expensive is that it contains special kind of Jap-

their house. Finally, you can always throw paper planes

anese beef, fried on white truffle butter with a pinch of pa-

made out of money. As people say: “That man is the rich-

cific sea salt, cheddar, black truffles and golden caviar. Of

est whose pleasures are the cheapest.”

course we can’t forget about the gold toothpick on the top.

Katarzyna Tokarz

At the same restaurant a dessert for $25 000 is served. It



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Magazyn Deal XV  

XV numer magazynu Deal wydawanego przez SKN Inwestor działające przy Wydziale Ekonomiczno- Socjologicznym Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego.

Magazyn Deal XV  

XV numer magazynu Deal wydawanego przez SKN Inwestor działające przy Wydziale Ekonomiczno- Socjologicznym Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego.