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Innovative access options Rampworx is renowned for designing and building its own high quality aluminium ramps, which customers can be assured provide the highest level of safety, and also provides other safe access solutions for homes and businesses. Much of its business is for clients of ACC and Ministry of Health. Rampworx was officially formed in 2012, but has been designing and building ramps under the Alloy Metalworx name since July 2000. John Bloemendal says the company offers a range of patented ramps and access solutions, made out of aluminium, timber and rubber.


Rampworx’s Gripsert was used to replace the deteriorating ramp surface at the Arataki Visitors Centre in the Waitakere Ranges

Their modular design makes them easy to install and remove, and they’re ideal for rental housing or temporary use. “The systems are totally designed by me and quite a number of them are patented,” he says. “They’re modular and can be reused and recycled.”

Patented ramp systems Rampworx offers its own Gripsert brand of timber and aluminium planks, which are used for building permanent timber ramps and steps. The aluminium strips improve grip on timber surfaces, reducing the risk of slipping and falling in wet or icy conditions. The company also offers a Gripsert timber and aluminium combination ramp, which is a cost-effective long term option.


Gripsert was chosen by the Port of Marlborough to resurface the Picton Coathanger Bridge. It was recommended by Opus as a safe option for the steep gradient of the bridge

The system features Gripsert’s aluminium strips on timber planks built within an aluminium ramp frame. It is available in 1m or 1.2m width, with 75mm frames and handrails. Gripsert has been used extensively by the Auckland City Council, Ministry of Education, ACC and Ministry of Health. A significant job

Rampworx also offers Retrogrip safety tread, which involves aluminium strips fitted between existing slippery timber planks, boardwalks and steps, and is fastened with stainless steel nails. Tread is cut to length and is easy to install. Rampworx also manufactures aluminium or rubber threshold ramps for internal and external use for low steps, decks, doorways and ranch sliders. Its new products still under development include anti-slip, glow-in-the-dark stair nosing, and a digger ramp prototype. Bloemendal says while recent years have been difficult due to the economic recession, the 2014 financial year was the best year to date, with AMW Fabrication and Rampworx experiencing a 30 percent growth. “Separating the two companies has made them both work better. We’ve been able to run with less staff, as we can switch them from one company to the other as we need them.”

Safety is number one

The Rampworx modular aluminium ramp system, designed and manufactured in New Zealand, was the starting point for John and Dianne Bloemendal’s successful business in 2000


Rampworx designs and builds residential aluminium ramping systems for people with illnesses or disabilities who use wheelchairs, walking frames and scooters.

was using Gripsert for the resurfacing of the Picton Marina ‘Coathanger’ Bridge several years ago.

Rampworx’s range of safe access solutions for the home or business includes: • Aluminium wheelchair ramps for temporary or long term use

Rampworx customers can be assured their aluminium or timber ramp is built to the highest possible safety standards.

• Doorway threshold ramps in rubber or aluminium

John Bloemendal says he and his wife Dianne are focussed on providing safe products to people with permanent or temporary disabilities.

• Retrogrip safety tread for existing ramps that are slippery

All of Rampworx’s ramp systems are load tested and slip tested according to New Zealand standards. “They’re made from high quality marinegrade aluminium, quality stainless steel and New Zealand timber. Our ramps meet all requirements for width, height and handrails; they are safe,” he says. “They’re built out of good quality materials and they last a long time.”

• Rental service nationwide

• Gripsert timber planks to build timber ramps, steps and boardwalks. Rampworx and AMW Fabrication 30 Airdrie Road Ranui Auckland T (09) 832 3727 E admin@amwfab.co.nz www.rampworx.co.nz www.amwfab.co.nz — Advertising Feature

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