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Ina shares with us ‘I believe that if you want to know not only yourself better but your partner, travel with them. When you travel, you are out of your comfort zone, so you get the chance to see how the other half behaves in situation that are out of their control. You learn the do’s and don’ts faster than living together!’ Also this was Ina’s first time living with another person other than a family member. Sometimes she found herself thinking how ama ing it is, that two different beings with no ties of blood could co-e ist in a relationship without losing their own identities. Ina goes on to share, ‘Don’t get me wrong, I know that most people would say that’s love but come on, love is not always the answer when it comes to a longterm relationship. There are so many other elements needed in it, especially if both of them work in the same environment. Love mi t be t e c err on t e top but t e foundation fi ured in m case is to respect the other, knowing that they do their best and can have a hell of a lot of fun. From the start of our relationship, we agreed that we would work hard but also appreciate the company of each other and enjoy life.’

It’s this promise and est for fun and passion for travel that has taken the pair to countries and 94 cities and they tell me they have only just begun. But how do they do it you say with two busy businesses to run and all their money invested. Well Ina prides herself on doing research and finding out all the best deals and looking in places you might not have ever thought of She tells me you don’t need to be e tremely rich to enjoy regular travel and you don’t have to go to the most e pensive hotels or choose the supreme suites, as you’re often not in them for long ou also don’t have to travel on the most e pensive airline or only during the peak season. Think outside the square. Ina tells me to also not rely on company taglines like owest airfares guaranteed’ or massive search engine websites. es, they might have the cheapest on that day or quite often they don’t but they usually come with very limiting conditions leaving no e ibility. oing into a travel agent allows agents to link ights on one booking through their wholesale network, saving a lot of money rather than purchasing individual tickets.

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Eye Collector's Edition 1  

Eye Collector's Edition 1