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The best bistro by the Bay BEING A RESIDENT OF THE BAYS FOR TWO DECADES I AM VERY FAMILIAR WITH THE FAMILY OWNED RESTAURANT ANNABELLE’S. Don’t let the name deter you, it isn’t prissy or offering archaic fare but it’s fresh, modern and welcoming and caters to all tastes with a vast menu that includes incredible cuts of meat and delectable seafood. Susan, owner and Maître D, has been providing memorable dining since she took ownership in 1998. Winner of the NZ Beef & Lamb Excellence Award since 2006, they take their meat dishes very seriously. Susan tells me “Kiwis love their beef and lamb and we know it’s a family favourite, so we always have the best cuts and offer seasonal changes that keep our customers coming back.” And come back they do, just speak to any bays resident and they all know Annabelle’s and Susan well. With the meals described as delightful, delectable and scrumptious it is essential you book to ensure a table on a busy night. Apart from the popular meat and seafood dishes, Annabelle’s actually start their menu with breakfast and all your favourites are there. Eggs Benedict, paleo options, and a popular choice, their corn and feta fritters, served with a yummy soft poached egg and lifted with a fresh green pesto. The perfect balance of sweet, tangy, earthy and herbaceous avours that create a delicious mouthful. This is a must try for diners. Annabelle’s also provide a special kids menu making it a perfect family outing with the beach and the playground only a few steps away. Following the breakfast and brunch crowd are the lunch goers and this spot is a bustling hive of activity come lunch hour. It may

have something to do with their clever menu options for 1 or 2 or the tapas style to share. I don’t know about you but with these finger licking options, I don’t think I would want to share. Starting with crowd favourites, crispy prawns and pork wontons, need I say more? Pork belly bao buns and duck spring rolls are where we start to divide the taste buds but trust me the e plosion of avour in your mouth is memorable. Then of course there’s their dinner service where there’s something for truly everyone. Clevedon coast oysters and west coast whitebait plus crumbed soft-shell crab take seafood lovers to a new height of ecstasy. Offered in classic subtle avours to let the seafood shine and the garlic drizzle down the chin, always pleasing the masses. So last but certainly not least is the dessert menu. Whether you want to have one to yourself, share or just grab a spoonful from someone’s bowl, they start with true kiwi favourites. Cheesecake served with Chantilly cream, sticky date pudding with toffee sauce, double chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and classic Bailey’s crème Brule with pistachio biscotti. And one of my favourites, the delicious waf es with warm sweet berry compote, a tart raspberry sorbet and uffy crisp edge, complimented by a nice strong espresso coffee – who would want anything else? A menu for any time of the day, produce and avours that make your palette dance, wonderful service with a family and local air, a view to die for and dishes to please everyone’s taste. Annabelle’s just went to number one on your restaurant list, don’t forget to book!


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