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Low price doesn’t mean Chinese Cuisine. I found we have top Western restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Indian restaurants in Auckland and I went to most of these top restaurants. The more top restaurants I’ve been to, the more I believe that we definitely can have this Chinese fine dining in Auckland. It’s taken a while to let the market get to know we are here, but I believe in this multicultural friendly country where, everyone has the same concept of best cuisine and fine dining’ so I love to put all my passion and all my culinary skills into Red Wall 1939, and I believe the food will tell. Many Westerners are afraid to try unusual a al ar s l ke ee a d fis eads re these ingredients just in street food or do o fi d s fi e d ‘Red Wall 1939’s roots are based on Chinese State Banquet dining which is a style reserved for dignitaries and royalty. State Banquet dining – and specifically for Chairman Mao –is what my Grandfather did for most of his career. For example, when Mao invited presidents, politicians or celebrities from other countries to dine with him, my grandfather had to consider each of the guests’ hobbies, religions, nutrition and preferences, and then create a menu fusing creativity with traditional

culinary methods and formal styles of dining. Just like the English royalty banquets in Buckingham Palace there wouldn’t be any feet and heads for the royalty family. Dishes in a State Banquet are based on the eight different types of authentic Chinese cooking methods: Sichuan (川菜 Chuān Cài), Shandong (鲁菜 Lǔ Cài), Jiangsu (苏菜 Sū Cài), Zhejiang (浙菜 Zhè Cài), Anhui (徽菜 Huī Cài), Guangdong (粤菜 Yuè Cài), Fujian (闽菜 Mǐn Cài), and Hunan (湘菜 Xiāng Cài). Desserts have also been an issue for many o sa ale es a o ela ora e o these pastries you speak of? ‘Red Wall 1939’s roots are based on Chinese State Banquet dining which is a style reserved for dignitaries and royalty. Guests can enjoy a ‘Bobo Feast’ (Chinese High Tea) for lunch, where the pastry recipes date back thousands of year’s. Royal recipes that were previously served to emperors and their royal families in Beijing’s Forbidden Palace. Back in ancient times, the Royal family got two separate kitchens, one for their formal meal and the other one called ‘BoBo Kitchen’, only prepared the tea items for the royal family. There are hundreds and hundreds of different types of sweet and savoury items and as well as these we have the dairy BOBO, consisting of over a hundred types of dairy BOBO


recipes custom designed for the royal family. What the royal families get served really depends on the different seasons ,different genders, different weather and different tea matching. For my childhood, my grandfather always made some cakes or puddings for me creating such a sweet memory, so I created a dessert in our BOBO Yan called ‘sweet almond memories’. When my local friend tasted it, he mentioned that it reminded him of the almond icing sugar on his grandmother’s Christmas cake, so it is amazing that my creations bring joy to the guests. When you combine family, history, pride, fine dining, beauty and legacy you know you have something special. From generations of tradition and protocol, culinary genius and service, this restaurant really is like no other. A true International experience on our own shores and teaching us more about Eastern ways. It’s regal, its delectable and its authentic, but you must book well in advance and as I keep telling you, the wait is so worth it.

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