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The new-look Country Clubs THE ONLY THING CLOSE TO AN ‘ALL-AMERICAN’ COUNTRY CLUB IN NEW ZEALAND WAS THE LOCAL TENNIS CLUB AND IF I ASKED YOU IF YOU WANTED TO HANG OUT WITH A WHOLE LOT OF GYM BUNNIES AT A SOCIAL EVENT, I’M SURE MOST OF YOU WOULD HAVE SAID NO. But fitness, personal health and well-being, has taken a massive left turn and an even more gigantic leap forward thanks to Ne ten Clubs. With health issues on the rise, obesity issues on the rise, stress levels on the rise and many seeking alternative diet options such as vegan, keto and fasting and when you don’t have time to work out but need to look after yourself, or do in-fact have serious fitness goals, there is a new player in town Based on the uber-successful model of lifestyle clubs in the , avid loyd and his son the ne t generation of lifestyle club owner brought the concept into the latest trends and e pertise and launched it into Australia and now in New Zealand. Think of Ne t en Clubs like a one stop shop for someone who wants a holistic approach to well-being both inside and out. With a variety of activities available, 12 tennis courts, si pools, a fully remodelled ergonomic gym and state of the art spin rooms, they have personal trainers P.T on hand to assist you or fully engage to write personalised programs according to your fitness or weight loss goals.

The club is family orientated with programmes not only for all fitness levels but for both the young and the more mature, so mum could be in a spin class, while dad’s in the gym and the kids are in the pool or perhaps in one of the new classes recently added for teenagers, which focus on educating them on how to look after their body, mind and soul. Invaluable information is available about nutrition, calories, stress and an iety, strength and muscle building. Created by the ym anager Sam, who works with all ages, but is currently focused on youth fitness, these new programmes have been a runaway success and a wonderful balance to today’s media focus on unhealthy body images. They also have holiday programmes which are perfect for keeping the kids active during their holidays and which also give the parents a constructive activity to engage the kids in. Also coinciding with the school holidays, is their ever-popular 8-week body transformation programmes. Four times a year breaking for the holidays, there is a 0 programme that encompasses supervised training, nutrition plans, mind-work and meditation. This is NOT bootcamp This is for those who know they need to change where they are at and is tailored to each person’s unique physical fitness and limitations.

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