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Gluten-free dining programme better for business Coeliacs across New Zealand are enjoying a bigger slice of our food scene, thanks to the growing success of a gluten-free dining project.

The Dining Out Programme (DOP), created by Coeliac New Zealand, has already been adopted by top restaurants, university residence halls and large food chains. More than 160 locations have signed up to the programme, which provides accreditation, training and promotion for businesses that can guarantee at least some meals are gluten-free. “While it’s been fantastically liberating for our community, it’s also delivering significant numbers of customers to the hospitality industry,” says, Coeliac New Zealand (CNZ) general manager Dana Alexander. For some coeliacs the presence of even a small amount of gluten from a crosscontaminated cooking utensil can cause real illness. However that doesn’t mean they don’t want to eat out, and now as more restaurants become accredited with

the DoP they can do so safely.” Alexander says demand for coeliac safe gluten-free food is growing, as prevalence of the disease increases and more people choose to avoid gluten for other health and lifestyle reasons. National food chain HELL Pizza experienced double digit growth of its gluten-free offerings after joining the programme but fine dining establishments are also realising the benefits of signing up. “When someone with coeliac disease feels safe eating out, they’ll bring their family and friends along too and that’s great for business.

She says while many restaurants cater for food allergies, mistakes are often made by staff who were inadequately trained and unaware that a slip-up on their part could cause major health issues. The programme provides an independent endorsement and a simple, online staff training programme to ensure gluten-free food is produced and served safely. Accredited businesses are listed on the CNZ website and will be promoted as part of its ‘GF Dining Out Club’ which is under development. FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE EMAIL: DOP@COELIAC.ORG.NZ, OR VISIT COELIAC.ORG.NZ/FOOD-INDUSTRY/ DINING-OUT-PROGRAMME TO

“Tourists are also seeking assurance they won’t be unintentionally ‘glutened’ when dining away from home and this programme offers exactly that peace of mind.”




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New Zealand's Best Dining Guide Issue 21  

New Zealand's Best Dining Guide Issue 21