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Harwood Hall: Taking Great Grapes and making Exceptional Wine

Harwood Hall’s award-winning range of wines is well-loved within New Zealand and abroad. They have, and rightly so, earned themselves a special place among Aotearoa’s classic modern wines. Created by their owners and acclaimed winemakers Digger Hennessy and Corey Hall, the range reflects the philosophy of the company - adventurous, down to earth and personable. Digger was born in Australia and graduated from the University of Adelaide with a degree in Oenology. After stints making wine in Australia and the US, he moved to Matua Valley Wines as winemaker, where he later appointed Corey. In 1998 Digger moved to Mount Riley, where he spent 10 years as Chief Winemaker before developing his own vineyard in Marlborough. Corey was born and raised in West Auckland. He trained as a winemaker with a chemistry degree from The University of Auckland and a postgraduate Oenology degree from the University of Adelaide. In 2006 Corey made the move from corporate winemaking at Matua Valley (part of the Treasury Wine Group) to launch his own brand Gem Wine with his wife Meg. In 2008 the boys joined forces to launch Hennessy Hall Wine Company which in part wholesales within the wine


industry and also produces their own brand Harwood Hall. Digger and his wife Debra live on the vineyard in Marlborough while Corey and his wife Meg live at the beach on the West Coast of Auckland. “As I live in Marlborough, I look after the growing of our own and lease blocks. Both Corey and I source extra fruit required from selected contacts we have garnered over our years at other companies. We discuss where we are heading with the style of each wine and we decide how to achieve this, usually over a beer. Sales wise it is all hands on deck, to move the product in an increasingly challenging marketplace.” explains Digger. Comparatively, Harwood Hall is a small company which means everyone is involved in all aspects of the business the growing, sourcing, making and selling of their wines.

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New Zealand's Best Dining Guide Issue 21  

New Zealand's Best Dining Guide Issue 21