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Professor Jane Anderson

Centenary Souvenir


Director of the Centre for the Study of Sexual Health & HIV, and Honorary Consultant Physician in HIV, London Professor Jane Anderson is a Consultant Physician at Homerton University Hospital and considered a key opinion leader in the field of HIV. Jane always wanted to be a doctor but did not do well in her A ‘levels and lost her provisional place at Guy’s in 1971. As a result, she trained as a nutritionist and gained her PhD in 1979.

Despite the fact that all of her friends had ‘proper’ jobs and thought her mad, Jane persevered with her ambition to become a doctor – her best career move. She qualified from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School in 1984, just at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic and has never looked back. She has been involved in the care of people with HIV ever since. Following training posts at Northwick Park, St. Mary’s and the Middlesex Hospitals, she was appointed a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Immunolog y at St. Ba r t holome w’s Hospit a l in 1990, and an Honorary Consultant Physician at Homerton University Hospital. With her colleagues, Jane established a dedicated HIV specialist unit, the first in East London. In 2004, Jane set up the Centre for the Study of Sexual Health and HIV at Homerton Hospital in Hackney, where she continues to work both as a clinician and researcher in HIV medicine. She has a special interest in the treatment and care of women with HIV of migrant and minority ethnic communities, and the psychosocial aspects of HIV care in the UK. Over the years Jane has met many women living with or affected by HIV, who have been patients, activists, teachers and colleagues. Their approach to life, with all its complications, has had an enormous influence on Jane, both professionally and personally. She was a member of the British HIV Association and took on the role of Chair of this organisation from 2011-2013. She stepped down when she was seconded to Public Health England’s National Health and Wellbeing Team as an Expert Adviser and Lead for HIV, Sexual and Reproductive Health from 2013-2016.

For over twenty years, Jane has successfully worked with some of the most vulnerable and hard to reach patient populations in east London and was deservedly awarded a CBE in 2015. She currently C h a i r s P u bl ic He a lt h England’s External Advisory Group for HIV, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Partnership Group for Sexual Assault Referral Centres. She represents London clinicians on the NHS England Clinical Reference Group for HIV and is Chair of the National AIDS Trust. Jane is also a Visiting Fellow at The King’s Fund and serves as a Court Assistant of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries in the City of London. She holds honorary appointments at St. Bartholomew’s, the London School of Medicine & Dentistry and at University College London. Despite her ma ny extraordinary achievements, Jane is most proud of the Jonathon Mann Centre for HIV at Homerton Hospital, which delivers an integrated clinical, social and peer support service to people with and affected by HIV. She is also enormously proud of her husband, a former barrister and TV wit, Clive Anderson, and their three children despite her regret that she has not spent enough time with them. She has learnt and understood the importance of enjoying the here and now – “time is a finite commodity, and it passes too fast,” she says. * Favourite Film: Dr Zhivago for love, loss, politics, history, visual beauty and stunning music that withstands the test of time * Three objects Jane cannot live without: Family photo album, Mobile phone, Kettle

Jane’s advice to junior doctors is “Do your utmost to separate the experience of being a doctor, which is (mostly) amazing, from the experience of being ‘in the system’ which may not be!”


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