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Miss Su-Anna Boddy

Centenary Souvenir


(Retired) Consultant Paediatric Urologist, London Miss Su-Anna Boddy is the seventh woman but the first mother to be elected (and re-elected) as one of the then twenty-six Council Members of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS). Su-Anna is the daughter of two Oxford geography graduates. Her father was a headmaster and her mother was the head of an orphanage. It was the pastoral care that she observed in their roles that inspired her to become a doctor.

In fact, her mother suggested that Su-Anna reads poetry to take the pain out of childbirth. Having given birth to two children, Su-Anna has learnt that having an epidural is far better. Having qualified from St Bartholomew’s Hospital (Barts) Medical School in 1976, Su-Anna was inspired by Dick Fiddian, a Consultant General Surgeon in Luton, to become a surgeon. She started her postgraduate surgical training in and around London and obtained her RCS Fellowship in 1983. She then trained in paediatric surgery after both Su-Anna and her husband worked for Philip Ransley, a Consultant Paediatric Urologist at The Hospital For Sick Children Great Ormond Street, who inspired them both to become Paediatric Urologists. Her specialist training was in London, Birmingham and Leeds. Su-Anna’s best career decision was to withdraw from an interview for a Senior Registrar (SR) post in Leeds. Both Su-Anna and her husband were finishing their research posts in London and applying for SR jobs. Her husband had applied for a job in Sheffield but did not get it. Thus, they both applied to Leeds, and she was called for an interview. They decided that it was not ideal for their marriage for her to work in Leeds and for him to continue his research in London. Consequently, Su-Anna withdrew from the Leeds interview. But Leeds were a step ahead and offered her a part-time job, which would be centrally funded, so that they could offer her husband the full-time post, thus getting two for the price of one! Su-Anna did not go. Instead, she got an SR post in Birmingham. Su-Anna was appointed Consultant Paediatric Urologist at St George’s Hospital in London and worked there until she retired at the end of 2015. One of her main interests was improving the quality of life for children with severe disability and continence problems through multidisciplinary team care. She also invented an operation to correct hypospadias, which is now utilised worldwide. She is most proud of being part of improving outcomes for spina bifida patients. At the RCS, Su-Anna is Chair of the Children’s Surgical Forum, a pan-specialty body dedicated to the improvement of surgical services for children. Over her time on Council, she has had many diverse roles including Medical Lead for the Patient Liaison Group, the College’s Revalidation Implementation Committee and has been involved with Quality Assuring Courses for Continuing Professional Development and Internal Services and Education. She was Chair of Opportunities in Surgery, including

Women in Surgery, which supports the College in making surgery an attractive specialty for women. Su-Anna was the first Flexible Training Advisor to the College and worked with the Department of Health as Chair of the Intercollegiate Committee for Improving Working Lives of Doctors. She worked with NHS Employers and the Department of Health launching the Certificate of Fitness for Honorary Activity, thereby allowing consultants to work in different Trusts without the previous bureaucracy. Su-Anna has been described as a Type A ‘high speed’ personality and will continue with her signature role model image as Bouncy Boddy, in the bright dresses, black toenails and break neck heels, helping more women break the glass ceiling. * Favourite Song: Love is Just a Four Letter Word by Joan Baez * Three objects Su-Anna cannot live without: My pearls (necklace and earrings), Black nail polish, Mobile phone

Su-Anna’s advice to junior doctors is “Work hard and play hard and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way (unchanged despite what is happening).”


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