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Chevalier Floatels: More Than Just Floating Accommodation

Much More than just accoMModation

Commissioned by Chevalier Floatels, written by, Tom Oomkens Striving for superior levels of comfort in self-supporting offshore accommodation


FFSHORE LIVING quarters, in the widest sense of the term, are a primary necessity for offshore oil platforms and wind parks. After a long shift and many hours of work, crews/ staff need to relax in a safe and comfortable environment. Moreover, because good crews/ staffs are increasingly difficult to source, efforts have to be made to achieve the highest levels of comfort inside the accommodation facilities. To meet the needs of today’s crews, accommodations have to be spacious and pleasantly decorated in a modern style with light colours. The finish of the interior, choice of furniture, selection of fabrics and quality of carpentry, all have to be a very high standard. At the same time, considerable attention has to be paid to the minimisation of noise and vibration, thus making the living spaces very quiet and comfortable. To complete the package, this is to be supported by sophisticated ‘state of the art’ internet, gaming and audio/TV/movie facilities, fitted in all cabins. Call it the demand for ‘a home away from home . . .’ In the offshore energy market there is one additional challenge, as most employees do not have a maritime background, but are skilled technicians in ‘land based’ specialisms, like electro technical or civil engineers. These people are not used to experiencing the ‘charm’ of water based accommodation or transport. Especially with the growing European market for wind energy in mind, Chevalier Floatels develop and design concepts for ‘next generation’ staff accommodation and transportation to offshore energy installations to meet all these requirements.

The Roots and Philosophy of Chevalier Floatels Chevalier Floatels have successfully built, owned and operated floating accommodation units and accommodation vessels since the early 2000s to

the satisfaction of top-flight clients. Their unique expertise is in developing new concepts for floating accommodations. In the last decade, they have developed a wide range of floating accommodation, ranging from floating prisons for governments up to worker accommodation barges and five star floating hotels with full facilities. Whilst at first Chevalier Floatels ‘just’ designed and built a complete range of floating accommodations for third parties, the company soon decided to develop their own fleet. Chevalier’s first client, in 2003, was the Dutch Ministry of Defence to whom they supplied floating accommodations for Asylum seekers and floating prisons. Within five years of that, they started developing their own fleet of five floatels for the oil industry in Kazakhstan. These vessels accommodated about 300 guests each and were employed in the demanding environment of the Caspian Sea. Since their inception, it has always been Chevalier Floatels’ ethos that their vessels should be more than just ‘floating accommodation’ or ‘means of transport’. The well-being, comfort and safety of the crew and technical staff on board is paramount. However, there is also significant focus on reducing operating costs (including fuel), environmental aspects and reliability. Chevalier Floatels believe in focussing on what they do best: developing and managing floating accommodation facilities. Other expertise and skills are outsourced. This means vessel management, catering and maintenance are all sourced from reputable companies, ensuring that Chevalier Floatels remains focussed only on their core business: ‘satisfaction of the customers’. An experienced and well-trained crew complement the high standards of the CF fleet and make sure the stay on board is safe and comfortable, thus providing ‘the home away from home!’

DP2 Service Support Vessels Gezina and Galyna with Ampelmann heave compensated gangways and 48 guest cabins

Floatel Sans Vitesse with 101 Cabins with en suite bathrooms

Floatel Kalmar with 220 cabins

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