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Volume 6, Issue 4 | December 2012



Doberman P M






eno R

All The Way Up & Beyond!

“Mindy” CH Abadie’s Crystal Vision,


Ch. Rolin’s No Reservations



Cedar Knoll

GCh. Gallants Double Oh Seven V Ciden GCH Steinway’s Paris Is Burning x Ch. Gallants Double Roses V Ciden

Seven Breeders: Mona Fasth & Cynthia L. Huckfeldt Owners: Douglas and Cheryl Jensen

Thank You Barbara Bender for Select Dog at the Regional and Connie Alexander for Award of Merit at the National.

December 2012

The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 3

RAUSCHUND N’ DARWIN’S FAMILY TRADITION GCH. Rauschund’s Aquila Marquis x CH. Rauschund N Fabert’s Beau Bisou


Bo is shown above winning the 12-18 AOAC class at the DPCA National under respected breeder-judge Mrs. Judith Brown, handled by Erin Cody, and pictured piloted by Marj Brooks under

Bo was bred by: CaroleAnn Havener, Francoise Allard and Robert Brousseau 4 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine

Bo is owned by: Darlene Young, Marilyn Altheide and Erin P. Cody October 2012

Rauschund’s Stacked & Packed Sire: BISS GCH CH Rauschund’s Aquila Marquis Dam: CH Rauschund N Fabert Beau Bisou, CGC, TDI

Sookie Reserve Winners Bitch at the National! Thank you judge Bonnie Clarke thanks for this honor. And to Elizabeth Barrett for all your hard work. Watch for Sookie with Elizabeth Barrett and Kathy Caton-Eiler

“Carole Ann thanks for my little red angel!”

Best of Breed from the classes! Thank you to judge Ms. Victoria M. Jordan and handler, Kathy Caton-Eiler

Congratulations to my litter brothers Bo and Draco on their class placements at the National!

December 2012

Owners: Sharon & Robert Bruno Traditions@

Breeders: Carole Havener, Francoise Allard & Robert Brousseau The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 5

6 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine

December 2012

December 2012

The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 7

8 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine

December 2012

December 2012

The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 9

10 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine

December 2012

GCh Heartwood’s Bark At The Moon, CGC, TT Aksel makes an impressive return to the ring! Aksel needed a job‌so we decided to put him to work by earning his Grand Championship. His first three weekends out he earned‌ 5 2 6 2


December 2012



Best Of Breeds Group 3 Best Opposite Sex Select Dog

We want to thank all the judges who acknowledged Aksel’s many qualities. In addition to his conformation recognition Aksel earned his AKC Temperament Testing title. Watch for our boy with his new friend and handler, Moe Miyagawa. The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 11


20 28 32 36

On The Cover . . . . . . . . 14

The Story of TIBURON DOBERMANS John and Addy Dolan SHEDDING LIGHT ON A HIDDEN DISEASE Dilated cardiomyopathy is the second most common acquired heart disease seen in dogs... By Katherine Unger Baillie

From The Publisher. . . . . 18 Greetings From Sunny Arizona by Nancy Jewell . . . . . . . 35 Who Dat? . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Litter Announcements . . . 57 This & That . . . . . . . . . . 57


Top Twenty Conformation Stats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Top Twenty Agility Stats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Top Twenty Obedience Stats


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Rates & Deadlines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Business Card Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60 Index of Advertised Dogs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61


36 12 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine

Index of Advertisers . . . . 61

32 December 2012

Shadeko’s Pistolero V Aludra


FLASH! New litter! CH Aludra’s lues Memphis B ko’s x CH Shade ms When Drea ru Come T e December 2012

sire: CH Shadeko’s Twist N Shout

dam: Aludra’s Sunburst

Pistol leaves the 6-9 mos class pointed with his breeder/owner. Shadeko breeder/owner/handler Pat and Gene Reinhardt

Aludra Rebecca Roter co-breeder/co-owner The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 13

Dylan, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your work as an exemplary handler. The “Best in Show” win will be most memorable! Your talents and accomplishments especially at this year’s National were evident in your TOP TWENTY WIN with Dakota. This award makes you the youngest handler in the breeds’ history to achieve this goal.

“Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.” This milestone is just the beginning of a bright future where your expertise and dedication to the breed are sure to be recognized. You have done an excellent job and recognition of your talents is well deserved. Best wishes for your continued success! Sincerely, Shari & Bob 14 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine

December 2012


TOP TWENTY WINNER BIS MBISS GCH FRANCESCA’S HOUSE OF BLUES We would like to thank the judges, fellow exhibitors, and supporters of Dakota for helping make his amazing show career unforgettable! Dakota has promising offspring already pointed in the show ring and several litters expected to be born in the up coming months. A very special THANK YOU to the Top Twenty, Regional and National judges Ms. Barbara Bender, Mrs. Esther Urso, Mr. Ken Herrmann, and Ms. Connie Alexander for these most prestigious wins!


DAKOTA Breeder Shari Demitrowicz Francesca Dobermans 708- 481- 5101 Owner Robert Hennessey December 2012

The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 15

ADAMAS Dobermans congratulates littermates…

CH ADAMAS Shake It Up MX, AXJ, XF, RN, ROM Payton earned an Award of Merit at the 2012 DPCA Regional Specialty. Thank you judge, Barbara Bender! Payton is working on her Grand Championship. She will be bred in 2013. Inquiries to ADAMAS Dobermans.

CH ADAMAS Shake Your Tail Feathers CGC under Michelle Billings. She is training in obedience and rally. Breeder/Co-Owner Elizabeth Barrett Payton’s Owner Kimberly Langley Cedar Springs, MI Phoenix’s Owner Sharon Yankay Watha, NC 16 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine

December 2012

Encore’s Funny Girl v ADAMAS GCh Demira’s Far and Away of ADAMAS CDX, RA, ROM x CH Caleb’s Undeniable V Encore

Segen won the Bred By Exhibitor Black Bitch class at the National under Bonnie Linnell Clark, placed 2nd at the Regional under Barbara Bender and 3rd in Futurity under Estaban Farias. Watch for her in the Southeast shown by Margie Lentini and Elizabeth Barrett. Segen congratulates her sire “Tattoo” for earning his CDX at the National! Congratulations to all of the attending ADAMAS dogs and their owners for their class wins, class placements, qualifying scores and special honors! December 2012

Breeder Beverly Seiestad Encore Dobermans Co-Breeder/Co-Owner Elizabeth Barrett Owner Margie Lentini The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 17


FROM THE PUBLISHER It behoves me to speak about the “elephant in the room”, meaning the December issue mailing in January. I am extremely sorry this has occurred. There were multiple reasons for the delays in production, from moving to illness to accidents none of which I will go into. I do however want to assure you I am very dedicated to producing the best Doberman magazine out there and we are doing everything we can to make sure the production schedule is back on track. On behalf of the magazine staff and myself I would like to express condolences to June and Tony Pinto on the loss of their grandson in the Sandy Hook school tragedy. Words are so inadequate at this time, but perhaps every little bit helps. Many great dogs have been lost recently — Agador, Monty and now Blue. I knew Blue personally and can attest to his wonderful temperament and great showmanship. He was a wonderful ambassador for the breed as well as a top producer. Our sympathies to Mary Dependhal, his breeder and owner and to Karin Fox who handled him to Top Twenty status and just recently to Best of Breed as a veteran in Waukesha, WI this summer. 2013 will bring more performance and health articles as well as the popular Doberman History column (which will be back in February!). If there are articles you would like to see or contribute please send me an email at Suggestions for features and articles are always welcome, after all this magazine is produced for you! Here’s to wishing everyone a fun, profitable and winning 2013! ‘Til next time....









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18 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine

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December 2012

a l l e B

multi best in show

multi best in specialty

Gch tiburon ariel bella Dona BISS CH Ravenswoods Azure Sky, RA x BIS BISS CH Aquarius’ Garbo V Tiburon

@photo by The Winning Image

Thank you judge

Thank you judge

Thank you judge

John and Addy, Words can’t even begin to tell you how truly honored and grateful we are to the both of you for your trust in us with Bella. You have been amazing as breeders and friends and for that, I can never express how much your kindness has meant to us. You have helped fulfill a dream we had in getting a Top 20 Girl and we certainly are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Bella and for the both of you. Your expert “eye” is what started this breeding and you both should be very proud of what you have accomplished thus far in all the very successful Tiburon babies that are out there! Congratulations to you both and again, thank you for making our “DREAMS” come true! Breeders: JoHn DolAn and SAllI GoRmAn owners: TommY and mElInDA moYER ESTEBAn and JEnnIfER fARIAS Assisted by: ABIGAIl ADAmS December 2012

The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 23

TIBURON CALL IN THE CAVALRY BISS Ch Tiburon Arsenal x BPIS Ch Baystar’s Charlie’s Angels

y d d Te

“Believe you can, and you’re half way there.”

John and Addy, we will never be able to adequately express just how grateful we are to have been given the opportunity to add this stunning puppy to our family. You have been tremendous resources in our journey so far, and we hope to make you and the rest of the Tiburon family proud. Thank you for everything and more.


24 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine

December 2012

TIBURON’S COLLATERAL DAMAGE BISS Ch Tiburon Arsenal x BPIS Ch Baystar’s Charlie’s Angels DOB: 4/20/12

e c n a h C



Best Puppy in Show under Ms Carol Richards at just 6 months old!

FLASH! Winners Dog for a 4 POINT MAJOR

Dear John and Addy Dolan, I would like to thank you for my beautiful puppy Chance, he is one of a kind and just a love. I could not ask for a more perfect puppy. We hope to make the Tiburon family proud. Owner handled by Leah Ramsey December 2012

The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 25

l i r p A

TIBURON CALENDAR GIRL BISS Ch Tiburon Arsenal x BPIS Ch Baystar’s Charlie’s Angels

We would like to thank John and Addy Dolan for this very special little girl ... April has brought so much joy and love to our home. Look for April to hit the show ring Summer of 2013...!!!

Bred by JOHN and ADDY DOLAN Handled exclusively by ESTEBAN FARIAS Owned and Loved by MERCER and VIOLET HARRINGTON 26 | The Doberman Pinscher Magazine

December 2012

e i b r a B


BISS Ch Tiburon Arsenal x BPIS Ch Baystar’s Charlie’s Angels

We would like to once again thank John and Addy Dolan for ANOTHER very special girl. We are forever grateful for their trust, kindness and friendship and feel very blessed to have another “TIBURON” girl added to our home!

Look for Barbie and Esteban to be hitting the ring this winter!!!

Breeder – JOHN DOLAN Owners – MELINDA and TOMMY MOYER December 2012

Handler – ESTEBAN FARIAS The Doberman Pinscher Magazine | 27


From Rainy's family -Beverly, Jerry, Kathy, David and Judy L. To You and Yours He is the reason for the season Many blessings in the new year.

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