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lose yourself in a magic city!! “As Newton

shows how the three physical laws are also applicable in romanntic relationships

“Pulqueria los Insurgentes” A place that you can’t miss. Best pulque city!! Hadcrefted Burguers in Rome

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Editorial Mexico city is one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of about 8.8 million. Tourism in Mexico City is an important economic activity in the capital, placed first nationally in terms of domestic and foreign arrivals to 12 million visiting tourists. For this reason is to let go! It is a magazine of great importance in the city. is trescendental show tourists to other places with historical grandeur, new options to enrich more nuetra city. Let go!! is a magazine that reveals points of interest and services that help to understand, live and enjoy city views, as well as a guide that offers a variety of choices in theater, restaurants, art, lifestyle, bars and nightclubs. This is our reason to invite them to get lost in this magical city.






Pulqueria “Los Insurgentes”

Hadcrefted Burguers in Rome

5 The Newton’s Theree Laws of Motion.


Art Galery


16 Carla Morrison

in the Casino Life



Hadcrefted Burguers in Rome A huge graffiti adorn the facade of the place, dishes, waved acetate discs, glasses, bottles perfectly cut in half, the tables, washing tubs, lighted lamps, sieves with spotlights. Of course, burgers and fries, the best I've had in a long time. This is "Hungry Bitch" and is in Rome. Opened on April 5 this year, this is a restaurant with a concept so different that not even Alan Rendon owner dares to "pigeonhole": “Bitch Hunger is informal. It’s not fast food. It has a little bar, but our strength is not beer. We offer very good service. Our foods are top quality, all fresh, all done at home, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, bread is baked. Everything is done at the time“, he said.

Bitch Hunger is the place to spend afriends, with your partner, with your family, with whom you want!

The burgers are so delicious offering that as Carla says Bermudez (restaurant partner): "Without exaggeration , there is no burger like that of us." Alan is responsible for designing each burger, imagine the flavors together, do a test, and if they like it, it stays. As the Pug stuffed, bacon, sauteed mushrooms or pickled eggplant and spinach grilled.




But if you prefer a vegetarian burger is the Portobello, portobello mushrooms obviously, with lettuce, tomato, onion and other ingredients that you like to add. You can also accompany beer or a delicious milkshake made with fresh fruit and excellent quality. Each food at a great price. Mondays from 18:00 to 22:00 hours, you can enjoy the promotion “Monday Pajama� to go to the restaurant in pajamas beers will have a 2x1. On Thursdays all day beers are the 3x2. Other amenities at home in Colonia Roma.

Dare to try the best burgers in Rome !

To give a plus to this site, there is a gallery with works of different artists that are on sale. "There are spaces for all the talent in the city. In the shops there are no spaces" say the partners. Bitch Hunger is the place to spend a nice time with your friends, with your partner, with your family, with whom you want!, As well as being of more underground and exquisite restaurants in the city can support the Mexican talent.

In Mexico as in the world beer is Corona



Colonia Roma is one of the most iconic Mexico City. Its architecture eclecticism are taking elements of the architecture of each period for the completion of a construction. There are also examples of the architecture of the belle ĂŠpoque and art nouveau and to a lesser extent, art deco and neo-colonial architecture, the latter originated in response to the above. These currently building artistic represent a wealth presented in different art galleries. The gallery Nina Menocal has been instrumental in the consolidation of contemporary Mexican art and a pioneer in Mexico in international art fairs more important.

Emily C-D art is an interdisciplinary artist , who divides his time between Baltimore and Mexico City . A process of exploration, collection, and appropriation of found materials and the spaces informs his work. The graffiti founded in 2007 portray a nostalgic way, a constant observation to society.


Vultures and revolve His work revolves around issues dealing with the representation of urban problems and marginal cultures within the context of unequal power relations and access to basic services taken for granted in the dominant society. Morris learned the various social codes and the urban underclass underworld, their spoken dialects and semiotics; their survival strategies, and the use of an aesthetic in its way to decorate and beautify their homes and environment intended to make them more humane and place of dignity.

Presence and absence are not antagonistic. Coexist at work and definition of Lozano-Hemmer when the heart rate of a visitor yesterday still beats today as light in the emblematic poetry Spiral Press. Over a period of time, people who are not known to share the same space, your heart beats tirelessly with the other, until it is replaced by a new presence. Presence and absence are not antagonistic. Coexist in the definition of work and Lozano-Hemmer when the rhythm of the heart of a visitor yesterday still beats today as light in the emblematic and poetic work Spiral Press.

Recent works demonstrate the intention of the artist to experiment with the concept of the virtual and the real: the shadow of a branch grows virtually becoming a threedimensional tree, independent from their appearance and come to life in a second artificial reality.


THE NEWTON’S THEREE LAWS OF MOTION. The contemporary pany South West Newton said, under of Stephanie

dance compresents As the direction Garcia

Crean analogy of man and his tempt to understand why love As Newton said, a staging that brings us closer to understanding human relationships.

T he three fundamental laws of mechanics of Isaac Newton are

carried on the proposed broadranging dance scene-humorous As Newton said, by contemporary dance company South West, under the direction of Stephanie Garcia in the Juarez Theater System Theaters Mexico City, where the moral precepts that determine how to establish a personal relationship, are planned from scientific reasoning. The three fundamental laws of mechanics and Newton's Laws of Motion posed the following: First Law or the Law of inertia: every body will remain at rest or uniform rectilinear motion unless a force acts on it; Second Law or Law of Force: the acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the net force acting on it and inversely proportional to its mass, and Third Law or Law of action and reaction: with all action takes always equal and opposite reaction. The director explained that from these orders, the company will guide the viewer through four characters or "moving lines with very specific features" that exhibit social clichĂŠs and stereotypes applied to the search for "better half", and what is expected personal relationships. “We take these premises, but also take into account what we thought and looked about real love as a force that moves the universe, not

about what is said about how to love or how they are supposed to be partners” explained. Based on this, he said, created this kind of analogy of the human being in motion and his attempt to understand why they love , because then “ to every action there is a reaction.” The company consists Southwest Lorena López Aguado , Hugo Martinez , Daniela and Juan Manuel Cano Rochin . The music is by Gogol Bordello , Designs Incredible scenery and Acapulco. Stephanie Garcia is a graduate of the National School of Classical and Contemporary Dance . He has worked with choreographers such as Francisco Illescas , Luis Bravo , Beatriz Madrid, Octavio Zeivy , Arturo Garrido , Esther Lopezllera , Laura Rocha , Magdalena brezzo , Alberto de Leon, Jaime Camarena and Victor Manuel Ruiz . He began his choreographic career in 2009 with the creation of two of them, and in 2011 he premiered his first film Crossing Over in the Hall of UNAM . His second is How to say Newton , premiered last year at the Dance Theatre , the Main Theater of Puebla and in the Black Box of the National Arts Centre.

CULTURALIA 14 Southwest Performing Arts B.C. consists of dancers, actors and visual artists who have sought to develop a profile involving other aspects that complement the artistic work in order to contribute to the consolidation , restructuring and professionalization of dance. It is an independent space without a general direction and heterarchical organizational approach. As I said Newton will be presented from 8 to October 30, Tuesday and Wednesday at 20:00 pm at the Teatro Benito Juarez (VillalongĂ­n 15, colony CualuhtĂŠmoc / Metrobus Reform). General admission of $ 122.00 with 50% discount to students, teachers and INAPAM. Box office: 5592 7389, Monday to Sunday from 16:00 to 20:00 hours.



he pulque, ancient beverage of Mexico, has been harassed and almost forbidden. The oldest beverage Mexico does not enjoy the protection of the health authorities, cultural and, indeed, it is considered a taboo drink. Relegated to rural areas where it is sold almost clandestinely, who want to make pulque, have to get in semi urban and rural communities of the Valley of Mexico. At the city‘s almost impossible to make pulque ordinarily as any liquor, except in the traditional pulque, dying out, with minimum standards of health and unpleasant, that is why the pulque is associated with unpleasant odors and impoverished environments. Los Insurgentes, new pulquería. It was 50 years that did not open a

pulqueria in Mexico City, says Gustavo Ruiz, one of the owners of the new establishment specializing in sacred drink, Los Insurgentes, Insur-

OVERNIGHT 17 gentes recently opened in the colony number 226 Rome: “There is a boom pulque among young people who are discovering. The pulque, frankly, is the only pre-Hispanic drink we know as the former taking. A drink that was not for everyone, but for the high priests and rulers, a connection with God Mayaguel and Aztec deities. It was a privilege to drink it” Pulque has the right to exist as any beverage. In the kitchen, anywhere, always be, no one has been rescued, protected only. Insurgents have a broad cultural program. “Our commitment is for the culture of pulque, invite musicians and artists in general to participate in the life of pulque, and as coeditors of the special issue of the Journal Generation pulque” he said.

It’s amazing how the government protects industry pulque as many families and rural communities. They are part of our identity, history and fundamental in the collective imagination of the construction of Mexican flavor. The cured and jars. The tlachiqueros, who obtain the mead of the maguey, and then ferment in jars, maintain not only an ancient tradition and craftsmanship to produce nectar, but every day, so mystical and professional identity endorse prehispanic cultures.

OVERNIGHT 18 camaraderie. A bar with all the liquors and juices for the teetotalers rich, hosts book launches, discs and plastic samples: all wrapped by the magic of pulque, now, drink protagonist of city life.


The pulquería Los Insurgentes receive Natural pulque barrels each week, a family centennial tlachiqueros the state of Tlaxcala, which heal with seasonal fruits. Only the master pulquero, nicknamed “El Loko” makes the cured: tuna queen (the home), mandarin, oatmeal, pineapple, guava and others. Some combinations, other creations, accompanied by appetizers, shrimp broth and great chilaquiles. From noon until two o’clock, youth and labor groups, frequent the old three-story house Insurgentes. On the ground floor makes the atmosphere a jukebox with music from all genres . In the first and second floor , each with independent music, the celebration comes every night a pleasant and camara-

Insurgentes 226 Col. Roma Norte Tel. 5207 0917 Timetable: From 13:00 onwards




Carla Morrison in the Casino Life For those who like we play casino life an excellent choice. Of its concept is an entertainment venue where gaming machines are the main attraction. Include sports book area where sports betting and horse and greyhound practiced permanently. Also offer a space for concerts and social events is the concert club, at this little place on the second floor of the casino, where new groups now called indie rock are presented such as carla morrisson who the last weekend showed up and we jump has interview here.

Carla, you have gone into music for a long time ... What can I say! One girl I know from my passion of all arts practiced you was always singing, fully express what I felt and brought inside to feel good sung in various groups. It was better with Babaluca where unwrapped me, but now as a solo artist, I’m facing me to a different world, alone. I’m not afraid, I’m ready, more than anything as my first EP Learning to learn. What inspires you when writing? Is there any particular topic? No special topic, but love is a super tasty topic and I address that more perhaps, but really the songs are me at any time, while doing

OVERNIGHT 21 any everyday thing of nowhere bam! comes to my head and run to record me, I’m super sensitive and I write a lot of everything it touches me and makes me feel. How was the recording process for learning to learn? As it was a process of two weeks, I left my band, I collected my feelings and some songs I had written in my solitude I had not shown anyone, the I improved and others were born days before recording, which incidentally I did not know would record until I was offered days earlier. It was super easy, but had many Finally, what can people expect from feelings watered was my purpose. It Learning to Learn and Carla Morriwas a new and strange but beautiful son? process because I was solo. Well expect more than what it is and already receiving my gear with Who produced it and where? an open heart and enjoy it. It is As I walked around, really everything. something that reflects me, my time Jordan, a friend of Audiomakers in and my changes. Phoenix, Arizona, only mastered it and gave him a pat under my supervision.


show time CULTURALIA






FORO ALICIA (Av. Cuauhtémoc 91-a Col. Roma)


De la Seda al olvido Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris. 20:30 h.

Los Victorios + Los Enfadosos +La Real Skazes + Dj Chico Che / 5:44 PM

Del. Miguel Hidalgo, Av. Mexico- Tacuba 1322 Aves y Cenizas

PASAGUERO SALON (Motolinea 16, Centro Historico) LOS AMIGOA INVISIBLES 22:00 h.

Thor Danse Compagnie. Clear Tears/Troubled Waters Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris. 19 h.

Del. Cuauhtémoc, Col. Roma, Hamburgo 34

THEATER Las Reformas torcidas de Dios Foro A Poco No, Teatro Cabaret. 20:00 h.

CARADURA (Nuevo León No. 73, 1er. piso, Colonia Condesa) Banda de Turistas / 10:00 PM A/ VISION 4. FESTIVAL MUTEC.MX The Brandt Brauer Frinck

Ensamble (Alemania)

La Muerte de Rojo



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