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BORED WITH YOUR WARDROBE Three Ways to Make One Item Feel New Again

STANDING APART FROM THE NOISE Interview with DJ Swiss About His Passion for Music

MY LITTLE FOURTEEN-YEAR RELATIONSHIP How I got into the Fashion Industry


Spring 2012

Editor in Chief ie Kwak Min Jung Jam

Style Editor King-Houis RaphaĂŤlle

Feature Editor Lila Habermann Writers Malika Begum, Emily Rosenberg, Skylar La Torre-Couch

Stylists off, , Rachel Sim Connie Fan tkof, Alison Che tcheon Emily McCu Makeup an, Jamie Shulm es, Llan Stephanie omas, h Saneika T Sara Hagey Art Director Michael Simon

Web Editor Katie Kuo Bloggers , Lindsey Danielle A-Smith ahas, Cohen, Rana El-N Johnny Pham

Layout Staff Jennifer Abovich, Emily Bi, Jasmine Cohen, Justina Ho

Photo Director Jiye Lee

Internal Affair s Director Stephanie L lanes

Photographers Cindy Park, Charlotte Watts

Internal Affair s Staff Haemin Shim , Jiyoung Lim, Jamie Sh ulman Director External Affairs oi Jacqueline Ch

Copy Editor Elizabeth Scott Copy Staff Mary Nguyen

Staff External Affairs zmyne Reem Krisht, Ja Jeong Dodd, Suemin

BUBBLE Spring 2012


Editor’s Note

Time sure flies—our third issue is already here! In order to strengthen our bonds with the Emory community, Bubble has enlarged its inner workings and created an Internal Affairs committee. Hoping to increase interaction with our readers, we participated in on-campus activities such as Wonderful Wednesday and hosted makeup workshops. Apart from these changes in campus involvement, the magazine itself has undergone some changes (you might have already noticed!) as well as our blog. Our magazine now contains even more articles and photo shoots in order to accommodate all the great and innovative ideas that our staff members and readers came up with last semester. Our blog has been updated and we now have a proper domain ( for our readers to gain access to. In terms of the content, Bubble has openly welcomed this coming spring season by integrating the season’s spirits into our photo shoots and articles. We’ve included several “How-Tos” examining the current fashion trends for makeup and clothing appropriate for the new season. We’ve also introduced several notable on-campus figures, such as fashionable Emory faculty members and the famous DJ Swiss. Last but not least, this new issue includes an interview with one of our very own esteemed Bubble members, an Emory graduate, who jumped into the fashion industry. There have been several changes in terms of the changing season—Bubble’s interactive involvement with the Emory community, modifications to our inner workings, and new additions to our issue. Another change that we are facing is the parting of our own Bubble editors this spring. On behalf of the entire Bubble team, I’d like to thank these editors for all their hard work and devotion to Bubble this year. They will truly be missed! I’d like to dedicate this issue to them. To all our readers, as always, please enjoy this semester’s issue and we’ll see you again next semester! Min Jung Jamie Kwak



Spring 2012

Classy Spring Makeup Makeup Guide for the Spring and Summer

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Spring 2012

Prime lids with base or eye shadow primer

Add a champagne color eye shadow on the lid and a medium brown color on the crease and outer corner of the eye Add a shimmery highlight eye shadow (peral ivory here) on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye Use the same medium brown eye shadow as before under your lash line Fill in your brows and set with a clear brow gel

Use a cream or liquid liner to the upper lash line for a thick cat eye effect Add false lashes for a dramatic effect (optional)

Add mascara to the upper and lower lash line Add a subtle and light application of blush. Finally, add a matching bright lipstick (here Cassy is wearing bright pink fuchisa).









Makeup artist: Stephanie Llanes Nail designer: Anna Perlmutter Stylists: Raph채elle King-Houis, Emily McCutcheon Photographer: Jiye Lee, Charlotte Watts Sponsors: Kupcake Kutie Cosmetics & Ooh La La Fashion Boutique BUBBLE Spring 2012






cat eye



fake lashes

Model: Cassandra Novick Earrings: from Ooh La La, pearl and diamond earrings by Sophia Fashion, $23


Spring 2012


final touches: blush & lipstick

BUBBLE Spring 2012


Kardashian Smokey Eye

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Prime lids with base Add a brown cream color on the eyelid and lightly into the crease to make the color pop and last longer Apply a warm rose color to the lids

Apply a matte light brown on and slightly above the crease (this is a base color) Apply a darker warm brown on top of the matte base color. Then apply a dark brown or charcoal color to the crease, concentrating on the outer corner of your eye (apply lightly and build color intensity to desired choice) and BLEND BLEND BLEND! Apply a highlight color on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye Apply the darker warm brown eye shadow on the lower lash line Fill in your brows and set with a clear brow gel Use a cream pencil or liquid liner to the upper lash line and go over it with a black matte eye shadow to last longer (optional)


Spring 2012

Apply false lashes for a dramatic effect (optional). Add mascara to the upper and lower lash line. Contour face with a matte brown bronzer and add pink blush. Finish with a nude lip liner and nude pink lipstick.








color pop





BUBBLE Spring 2012



lower lash


upper lash

Model: Kamila Matiz-Gihwala Earrings: from Ooh La La, leather earrings are a handmade original by Spoiled Diva, $33


Spring 2012


brow gel




final touches: blush & lipstick

BUBBLE Spring BUBBLE Spring 20122012 13 00

t s r Bu Spring in Atlanta started early this year, which means now is the time to get fully equipped with the latest fashion trends for spring and summer. Naturally, when we think of spring, we think color—bright colors! And, that is exactly what this season is all about! Put away those jackets and leggings, because it’s time to add a splash of color to your everyday look! Whether you’re going for casual, professional, or a night out, there are a few trends that are must-have’s in your spring wardrobe. Runways predicted a particular trend and Emory co-eds are quick to catch on: neutral colors with bright, even neon, accessories is the hot trend on campus as the weather warms up. Next time you leave your room, opt for a fun yet casual


Spring 2012



look by throwing on a colorful scarf over your usual jean shorts, white t-shirt and sandals. If you’re going for an interview, try a beige or ivory dress paired with brightly colored heels for a professional and glamorous first impression. Hair accessories also go a long way, from headbands to hair wraps; there is no limit to the variety available. A messy braid combined with a colorful headband can add a touch of sophistication to this traditionally playful spring hairstyle. When going for a night out, don’t let yourself get stuck in the LBD rut. There is never a better time than spring to try

an ultra chic look fit for any

mixing different prints, colors,

out a new look. Pair a nude


and silhouettes to achieve the

chiffon blouse with a black mini

Spring and summer are the

perfect new you for the new

and heels for a classy night out

times to be creative and try new

season. Don’t be afraid to rip

on the town. Limiting yourself

things. Sticking to a neutral

out a page of Vogue and take

style-wise keeps you from

staple, like a dress or blouse,

it to the thrift store to make

discovering new looks. It is

and layering on the color is the

a new look, or dip into a new

always good to try on various

perfect way to achieve a look

trend you’ve been waiting to

things before picking one outfit

that you can reinvent for every

try. Burst into Spring at Emory

that is just right for the night

occasion. Bright accessories are

the right way and express

you have planned. Redbridges

the perfect way to polish your

yourself—be original and have

the gap between classy and

look, or spice it up, depending

fun with your look using a few

sexy, so pair a red top with

on the occasion. Spring fashion

of these hints. ■ Malika Begum

black jeans and nude heels for

is all about having fun, so try

BUBBLE Spring 2012


f o t u O g n i t t e G e l b b u B y r o m E the How to Use the Emory Experience Shuttles to Your Fashion Advantage

One of the most common complaints among Emory students is that it’s too difficult to visit all the shops around Atlanta. Although Atlanta is more difficult to get around than a major metropolis like New York City, thanks to the Emory Experience shuttle and a few unique Cliff routes, there are ways to discover the fashion boutiques Atlanta does have to offer. New stores and special events are always popping up around the city, and most often at the


Spring 2012

neighborhoods and shopping centers within the reach of these free bus rides. Saturday evenings are the times when the Emory Experience buses head out to shopping conglomerates like Atlantic Station, boutique-lined streets of Virginia Highlands and the more independent enclaves like Little Five Points. Before you arrive at Woodruff Circle, here are some highlights from each of these locales to visit during your next Experience!

Atlantic Station If you’re from a smaller city or town, make sure to skim through the overflowing racks at H&M. This trendy fashion retailer is known for its inexpensive, yet good-quality basics, as well as collaborative collections with fashion designers. This March, the store is featuring a Marni collection based on the house’s signature

bright dotted patterns. Walking around, you can also find a few unknown names at the corners of the larger chain stores. Pinkheart is one of these “chainless” boutiques, selling inexpensive but unique jewelry and accessories. They even sell a few boldly printed clothing items. If you need an inexpensive pair of heels or a

bright clutch, take some time to look around this small but wellstocked store. Before you return to campus, stop by Kilwin’s for a bag of candy or ice cream. Everything there is made in the store, including the waffle cones spinning out like crêpes by the front window.

BUBBLE Spring 2012


Little Five Points You can easily spend too much on a vintage pair of boots in this neighborhood, which is famous for its authentic thrift stores. Luckily, there are more than a couple stores selling vintage goods along Moreland Avenue. Rag-o-Rama is one of the best thrift stores you’ll find here, or even in Atlanta. The workers do a great job organizing a massive collection of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. For those who have never gone thrifting before, the prices and quality of the clothes for sale here is hard to find anywhere else. Little Five is also a great place to find bizarre but fun stores that wouldn’t be the same in a normal shopping mall. At BangOn, the concept of making your own clothes starts to turn into a genius idea. You can look


Spring 2012

through scrapbooks of images and quotations, pick one, and print it on a custom T-shirt. As a last stop, even if you’re not one to buy yourself marabou feather tops, look around the Psycho Sisters consignment store. After ten minutes or so, you’ll understand why this closet of costumes does so well in a neighborhood with its own Halloween parade. After a day of shopping, or at least browsing, around the eclectic intersection of Moreland and Euclid Avenues, try a cup of the famously strong brews at Aurora Coffee. This is undeniably the oldest coffee shop in the neighborhood, as you will see from the loyal customers and the store’s signature logo adorning a shelf of coffee mugs.

is already famous in Atlanta and New York for his simple, yet well-made line of clothing. His combination of flattering cuts and silhouettes with bright colors mirrors the techniques of popular lines like BCBG Max Azria. The namesake line, set next to the pieces from up-andcoming designers, will doubtless catch your eye as you walk by the storefront. Virginia Highlands may include a clothing splurge or two, but the trip here alone is certainly worth the free shuttle ride, which usually occurs once a semester. The best part about shopping here is that even if you don’t have success at the stores, you’ll still have a chance to try a French macaroon or éclair at the original Alon’s Bakery. ■ Emily Rosenberg The stores on this street are charming and definitely worth a look, if not a splurge. If you like independent boutiques, take a chance to walk along the sidewalk and window-shop. Most travel guides will tell you that Mitzi & Romano, along with its smaller shoe store Mitzi’s Shoebox, is the most popular store along the intersection of Virginia and Highland Avenues. Both are pricey, but the quality and style are worth it. Free People, the brand you may know as the boutique cousin of retail stores Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, is a major draw before you start exploring some of the lesser known brands in Mitzi & Romano. Bill Hallman is another Atlanta icon that has made its home in the Virginia Highlands. Hallman

Virginia Highlands

BUBBLE Spring 2012



SPRING 1 Accessory,

3 Ways Makeup: Jamie Shulman and Sara Hagey Stylists: Alison Chetkof, Connie Fan, Raph채elle King-Houis, Emily McCutcheon, and Rachel Simoff Photographers: Charlotte Watts, Jiye Lee, Cindy Park Sponsored by Rollick and Evolve Boutique


Spring 2012

Models (left): Yemesrach Tadesse, Jessica Wahi, Eleanor Spencer

BUBBLE Spring 2012



Spring 2012

Rollick, Galaxyan Woven Silver Scorpion Choker, $265 Rollick, Rollick Breezy Boatneck Top, $55 H&M Maxi Dress Rollick, Rollick Beaded Bangles, $15 Evolve Boutique, Lou Zeldis Little Mirror Ring, $99

BUBBLE Spring 2012


Rollick, Galaxyan Woven Silver Scorpion Choker, $265 Rollick, Rollick Electric Maxi Dress, $115 Evolve Boutique, Lou Zeldis Little Mirror Ring, $99

Rollick, Galaxyan Woven Silver Scorpion Choker, $265 Rollick, Rollick Knit Vest, $58 Evolve Boutique, Lou Zeldis Little Mirror Ring, $99 Evolve Boutique, Relic Ring, $22 Evolve Boutique, Sari Bracelet, $42


Spring 2012

Forever 21 Tribal Print Scarf (worn as scarf ), $10.80 Forever 21 Tunic Rollick, Herringbone Shell Bangle, $15 Linea Pelle, Skinny Studded Stackables in Amethyst, $25 each GoJane, Suede Cutout Bootie, $38.95

BUBBLE Spring 2012


Forever 21 Tribal Print Scarf (worn as top), $10.80 Forever 21 Chandelier Earrings Linea Pelle Skinny Studded Stackables in Amethyst, $25 each Zara, Skinny Jeans in Coral, $49 Dune Boutique (London), Black Ballet Flat with Bow, $100

Forever 21 Tribal Print Scarf (worn as headband), $10.80 Anthropologie, Blouse, $78 Forever 21 Checkered Shirt Zara, Denim Shorts, $49 Nordstrom, Attilio Giusti Leombruni Ballerina Flat, $310 Rollick, Herringbone Shell Bangle, $15


Spring 2012

Seven Silver Seas belt from Maggie Valley, NC Free People, Honey Textured Tube Top, $38 Evolve Boutique, Relic Ring, $22 Forever 21 Floral Print Peplum Skirt Rollick, Galaxyan Woven Stainless Steel Trumpet Flower Necklace, $325

BUBBLE Spring 2012


Seven Silver Seas belt from Maggie Valley, NC Evolve Boutique, Indie Ella Giselle Cowl, $56 H&M, Leather Skirt in Dark Brown, $24.95 Nordstrom, Chandelier Earrings Free People, Stacked Metal Bracelet Linea Pelle, Skinny Studded Stackables in Natural, $25 each

Seven Silver Seas Belt from Maggie Valley, NC Rollick, Rollick Gradient Dress, $72 Gold hamsa necklace American Eagle Outfitters, Layered Bead Necklace, $17.50 Free People, DV by Dolce Vita Wedge

The Aroma and Ess Students Through If you’re a member of the Emory community, you may have a difficult time counting the number of cups of coffee you’ve gone through since the start of the semester. Coffee is an integral part of college life—we drink it in social settings, and it is frequently our drink of choice during an exam period. On February


Spring 2012

25th, the student-initiated nonprofit organization Action 4 Words dedicated an evening of Ethiopian fashion, culture and celebration to the drink that keeps us invigorated and motivated on a daily basis. This organization’s selfdescribed mission is “to affect community-driven change through equal

opportunity for children, in education and quality of life.” Its members work with existing infrastructures to provide educational tools to students in Ethiopia by raising public awareness and funds to build schools and provide children with books. Action 4 Words’ Ethiopian Coffee and Culture Celebration successfully achieved its fundraising goal while catering to our love for coffee and fashion. After a welcoming meet and greet session where guests interacted with the organization’s members and a screening of the documentary Black Gold, Action 4 Words surprised its attendees with a rich and vibrant fashion show. The Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters’ warehouse where the event was held transformed into an animated runway, where models showcased a wide array of styles ranging from traditional to modern, all set

sence of Ethiopia: h Food and Fashion to the exhilarating rhythm of portion, the dresses changed Ethiopian music. in length and were made from new materials. The The first styles to make host opted for one of these their appearances on the more contemporary pieces, runway were distinctly wearing a knee-length dress traditional—they stood in pastel and rose gold hues. out for their sheer white, cotton-like material called The event felt shemma, A-line silhouettes, exceptionally meaningful and pops of color above due to the obvious level the lower hem or in the of passion and dedication center of the dress. Models invested in the cause. The accessorized traditional models in the fashion show clothing with metallic danced and entertained bangles and shawls made the entire audience—some from the same fabric as even followed the Ethiopian the dresses. As the fashion custom of showing their show continued, the color gratitude by placing spectrum gradually shifted dollar bills on the dancers from more traditional colors foreheads during their such as white, green, yellow performance! But Action 4 or red to pastel and metallic Word’s evening of coffee and shades. Dresses that fell culture also made us feel into a category somewhere a part of something larger between traditional and than ourselves by exposing modern were made from the us to the fashion and same fabrics as traditional customs of a different part of Ethiopian dresses, only the world. tinted in bright turquoise or ■ Raphaëlle King-Houis yellow. As the fashion show transitioned into its modern BUBBLE Spring 2012



Spring 2012

■ Skylar La Torre-Couch

BUBBLE Spring 2012


DJ Swiss: Standing Apart from the Noise Jonah Kupperstock has been sharing his love of music with those around him ever since he can remember. Known to his friends and fans as DJ Swiss, Kupperstock has come a long way from the mashups he first put together on a $15 mixer.

in the United States, he considers himself Swiss at heart. “I’ve always had Swiss as a nickname, so then DJ Swiss was just natural; that was pretty much guaranteed to be my name.”

Now his gigs consist of everything from Emory social functions to 1500 person warehouse raves in New York City. The DJ and I sat down to dish on everything from getting paid in beer to why music really is his drug, but most importantly how for him it’s all about Love. Jonah rolled up to our interview on his bike—blue and adorned with red and white DJ Swiss stickers. He smiled when I pointed them out. “The Swiss mobile,” he said, laughing. When I asked about the nickname’s origin, he said that although he was the first of his family to be born

Jonah’s career as a DJ seemed to come about just as naturally. His enthusiasm for the music he loves and his desire to share it with others are what took him down the path that would eventually lead him to becoming a DJ. He says, “I was always the friend who made the playlists for parties and loved throwing parties. People would come to me for new music and I love showing people new music, finding new music, I just love music in general. From there it was just a natural progression into DJing.” Though it began as something he did just for fun, Jonah’s friends


Spring 2012

eventually took notice of his undeniable musical talent and encouraged him to take his hobby more seriously. “I would mess around in my room [in Beta Theta Pi] and everyone would always support me and be like ‘Yo, you’re so good!’ and I would just be like ‘yeah, its fun.’ But then the guys started offering me a six-pack of beer or something to DJ one of their parties and I was like ‘yeah, I’ll do it’ and that’s where it all started.” The brothers of Beta Theta Pi aren’t the only friends he credits for the exceeding number of gigs he has racked up throughout his years at Emory. “For that I’ve got to give a shout out to my fans. Honestly its 100% them. Everyone is always looking out for me, it’s so beautiful,” he said with a smile. “They’re the ones who get me gigs, who talk to social chairs for me, I haven’t even had to do too much work because the people who like my music really are great people. [The success] really is all my fans. I know every DJ says that and it’s so cliché, but it’s so cool to see people—even when I’m just walking across campus and they’ll high five me and say ‘hey, that was a great show last Friday.” During his interview, Jonah’s main goal came across loud and clear: to take the love he gets from his fans and give it right back to them through his music. He talked about the shirts he made (Red tanks that seem to be popping up all over campus with Jonah’s slogan, MUSIC IS MY DRUG/ DJ SWISS IS MY DEALER, pictured). “The reason why I got the shirts is because people wanted to support me, and I wanted to give them a way

to support me. I bought the shirts for $9.87 each and sold them for $10 because I’m not trying to profit off my fans. They’re everything for me.” While talking about the slogan on his shirt, Jonah explains that although drugs and music have long been associated with one another, that’s not what the shirt is about. “The reason why I chose MUSIC IS MY DRUG as my slogan is I feel like it really does apply to me and I do hold it to be true. Because, really, what are drugs? They’re something that can change your feelings, make you feel something that you wouldn’t normally be feeling, and that’s what music is to me. When I get out of a test and I just did horribly, and I put on my headphones and listen to some Sander Van Doom or something, I just can’t do anything but smile. Music is my drug, I’m addicted to it.” Jonah’s graciousness, humility, and love of music are characteristics that, for him, define electronic music. “In my mind, every genre has a feeling to it, and I see EDM (electronic dance music) as having a very happy and energetic feeling. Which fits me personally and that’s why I like to play it.” The feeling is not limited to the music alone, explains Kupperstock, the fashion and culture surrounding the genre are all about the love of music. “It’s such a broad genre, there are so many different kinds of artists out there. As far as the fashion, it’s the same thing: you do your own thing. There’s no proper way to dance to it, there’s no proper way to dress when you go to an EDM (electronic dance music) festival, you just be yourself. There are no brand names, no nothing like that. It’s just you and you’re in your own little zone: you do what you want, everything else comes along with that. I think it’s defining our generation.” ■ Lila Habermann

BUBBLE Spring 2012


Amaan Lakhani and Sunny Yue T-shirt from Switzerland Old Navy Shirt, $20 PacSun, Bullhead Dillon Skinny Stretch Original Twill Pants in Maroon, $39.50 Envy, Swoon Blazer in Green, $68 Envy, Naked Zebra Pleated Top with Necktie in Orange, $45 H&M Peplum Skirt


Spring 2012

Stylists: Ali Chetkof, Connie Fan, Raphäelle King-Houis, Emily McCutcheon, and Rachel Simoff Makeup Artists: Jamie Shulman and Saneika Thomas Photographers: Jiye Lee, Cindy Park Models: Amaan Lakhani, Michelle Choi, Raphaëlle King-Houis, Sunny Yue, and Victoria Roisman

Your Closet is a Canvas

BUBBLE Spring 2012


Amaan Lakhani Murano Checked Sportshirt

Location/Artwork: Emory Visual Arts Gallery, Contemporary Mandala: New Audiences, New Forms exhibit featuring Faith McClure


Spring 2012

Sunny Yue Rory Beca Top Dress from South Korea Lila Boutique, gold cuff with yellow stone, $18 Lila Boutique, turquoise and orange ring, $20 Steve Madden, DEVIAATE Mary Jane platform in Red Suede, $109.95

Location/Artwork: {Poem88}, Living Color exhibit featuring new work by Julia Kjelgaard and Mehmet Dogu BUBBLE Spring 2012


Michelle Choi Urban Outfitters, Sparkle & Fade Ponte Blazer in Ivory, $59 Envy, Uniq geometric top, $38 Envy, Pixie Dust High Waisted Shorts in Red, $39.95 Diesel Sandals

Location/Artwork: Emory Visual Arts Gallery, Contemporary Mandala: New Audiences, New Forms exhibit featuring Don Cooper


Spring 2012

Victoria Roisman Lila Boutique, Purple Stone Pendant, $26 Urban Outfitters, Truly Madly Deeply Skull Reflect Dip-Dyed Tee, $34 Envy, Freeway High Waisted Ribbed Skirt in Highlighter Yellow, $68 Nasty Gal, Gallista Platform in Yellow, $155

Location/Artwork: {Poem88}, Living Color exhibit featuring new work by Julia Kjelgaard and Mehmet Dogu BUBBLE Spring 2012


RaphaĂŤlle King-Houis Lila Boutique, tricolor dress by Peppermint, $48 Necklace from JewelMint Envy, Messeca Sling Back Platform in Coral, $129


Spring 2012

Victoria Roisman Lila Boutique, Collective Concepts tribal print romper, $85 Lila Boutique, Big Buddha chevron print oversized clutch, $75 Target, Mossimo Paisley Platform Pumps in Gold Glitter, $29.99

Location/Artwork: {Poem88}, Living Color exhibit featuring new work by Julia Kjelgaard and Mehmet Dogu BUBBLE Spring 2012


I believe I was always interested in fashion but didn’t realize it until my freshman year at Emory. After surviving the first year, I needed an excuse to spend the summer in Korea, but I didn’t want to take classes. Therefore, the solution was to find an internship. This is when I started to seriously think about my future career. Unlike deciding my major, figuring out what I other than academics, which want to do for living was we all know how much surprisingly easy. I think the Emory students love. This is passion was always in me why I am very thankful for all because as a kid because the current staff on board, my father was in the fashion for continuing on with magazine business for ten Bubble, but especially to years, and I religiously read those who started this with his monthly magazine since me last year. I was eight years old. My father and I

Just My Little Fourteen-Year Relationship I must say that it is strange to be introducing myself again on Bubble, but in a good way. After a year of absence, I am glad to be a part of it again—at least as a one-time writer! Just as a short introduction, my name is Jamie Lee and I’m originally from Korea. At Emory, I majored in Economics and minored in Visual Arts. Last school year, I started Bubble with a group of friends and am very proud to see it growing so rapidly! ‘Proud’ is not strong enough of a word to explain my feelings for what Bubble has become in one short year. I know how much work goes on behind the pages and the difficulty for full time students to dedicate their time to something


Spring 2012

used to joke that I should be his successor for that company since I was the only one so interested in the magazine among my family members.

unprofessional it was and I am a bit embarrassed, but it worked at the time. Later, I heard from a fellow intern that the editor-in-chief hired me because she never saw anyone more passionate

as well. During the filming, I bought and took care of a parrot name Stewart, snapped behind the scene photos, organized a party, bought 23 tickets from Seoul to New York, interviewed

I believe I was always interested in fashion but didn’t realize it until my freshman year at Emory. Naturally, my first couple internships were in the fashion magazine industry: One at Elle Girl in Korea and another at Teen Vogue in New York. Unlike what most people think, I didn’t find my first job through job listings nor through my father, but I found it through television. At the time, there was a reality television show in Korea and Editor-in-Chief of Elle Girl magazine was one of the judges. On one episode, I found out they had a fairly private blog where all the editors posted interesting tidbits about fashion. On the Editor-in-Chief’s page, I ‘begged’ for an internship. Now I realize how

nor more eager for an internship. Luckily, there was no Editor-in-Chief’s assistant at the time so I became the temporary assistant, but it was more like ‘everyone’s assistant’. Unlike other interns who were assigned in one department (fashion, beauty, feature, or art), I got a chance to dip my toes everywhere. One day, I was on photo shoots assisting fashion editors, and the next I was shuffling through a pile of beauty products, looking for the “right” red lipstick. There was another reality television show being filmed with a group of singers so I got a chance to peek in on television production

Alexander Wang, made celebrity friends, and ran around everywhere from the office to New York streets doing whatever the producers and/or editors needed me to do. The following summer, I got my first internship in the states at Teen Vogue. This time, I was a fashion intern, which involves lots of running around with a bunch of clothes on your hands. We had to keep track of all the samples, and we get A LOT of them. Thus, filing and organizing were my duties. I also got a chance to assist in a couple of the photo shoots, which BUBBLE Spring 2012


is always fun even though they tend to last all day long and end around midnight.

but here I was in charge of five brands by myself. As you can imagine, it was one of the busiest internship experiences I had but it was exciting as well.

helped me prepare for my career.

Some people say ‘do After that, I had two what you love’ and others more internships in public say ‘don’t do what you love relations. At Yves Saint because you’ll start do dislike it’. I am a firm believer in the first. I also think that you should work because you love it, not because you need it. However, loving to shop and loving fashion are different stories. Unlike what many fashion insiders say, I believe fashion industry indeed is glamorous. It’s only hidden behind all the hard work you need to do before Laurent on New York City’s Before starting Bubble, seeing a hint of the glamour. famous 5th Avenue, my I had these internship I think I saw more interns duty as an intern involved experiences and wanted to decide to leave than to stay maintaining the showroom do something during the in the industry. Of course, in its best condition, tabbing school year and not solely there are also people like magazines for any YSL during the summer. Since me who not only decide to products, compiling Excel there were not many fashion stay but also fall in love the files, answering emails and internships available, I whole industry. making coffee runs. There decided to find something was one week where the to do within the school. I If you also think fashion YSL Paris team, including also wanted to experience is your path, then trust your Stefano Pilati, came to New the other side of the ladder heart and start researching York for the presentation of (from lowly fashion intern for internships. I believe the Cruise Collection and I to Editor-in-Chief ) in a it’s the best way to start. was allowed to help out with smaller environment before You can also experience event planning as well. Last pursuing a job in the real most of the areas you can year, I interned at a fashion world. I had to be sure that experience in internships PR firm in Korea, which was I really loved the magazine by joining Bubble of course. a lot different from interning industry because even And, last but not least, at a PR department within after two summers in the happy one-year anniversary a brand. At YSL, there were industry; I have to say that to Bubble!!! ■ Jamie Lee five interns for one brand, my experience with Bubble

I was a fashion intern, which involves lots of running around with a bunch of clothes on your hands.


Spring 2012

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Fashion Forward Faculty

Everyday at Emory, I see many students dressed in the latest fashions. This has become a norm, but only recently did I notice that not only does Emory have fashionable students, but the faculty are equally up to par. So, I sat these fashion forward faculty down and we had a chat over chai, and in that brief interval, my misconception about the way faculty dress was addressed. The two people I chose to interview were Emily Sankey, from the Office of Student Leadership and Services and James Francois,


Spring 2012

from the Office of Multicultural Programs and Services. Over the past couple semester, I have gotten to know each of these individuals on a very personal level, but I never thought to inquire about the way they dress. Until now! After inquiring about their fashion do’s and don’ts I got to know these two individuals on a deeper, more spiritual level. So, the interview began with James Francois, He began by talking about his general style

and the types of clothing he likes to wear, “I can’t really describe my style - It changes from day to day”. If you’re familiar with Francois, then you know that he does not show up to school unless he has an entire suit on. When I asked him what his favorite brand of clothing was, he responded by saying, “When I was younger, I liked Banana Republic, but at this point of my life, I don’t really care much for brands. But, I do like French cuffed attire, so the Donald Trump collection seems to meet those needs.”

Next, I asked Francois about his morning routine, how does one go about picking what to wear every morning? And the simple response was, “I just look in my closet and grab the cleanest and closest thing”. I guess his high fashion style just comes naturally. Afterwards, I interviewed Emily Sankey, who is always seen with a big smile here on campus and has a natural bubbly personality is one of my favorite people. And when I met with her

to take her pictures, she dressed to match her personality. Bright and Cheerful. And I asked Emily to describe her style, she said “classy and fun”. Her favorite brand to wear is J. Crew and her favorite store is Anthropologie, she enjoys trying new things and looks. When I asked Emily who her fashion icon was, she immediately responded with, “Quinn Fabray (Dianna Argon) from Glee. She always has the cutest outfits on the show.” I can definitely see that Quinn Fabray has a big impact on Emily’s closet.

Next, I asked Emily if she thought Emory was a fashionable campus, and she said, “Alot of people here have beautiful clothes Emory definitely has style.” Emily, who is usually always seen in a beautiful skirt or dress expresses that the way you dress gives you a level of confidence and “it’s always important to look your best so you can feel your best.” I agree 100%, Emily. Fashion isn’t only about trendy looks on the runway - it’s about expression. ■ Malika Begum

BUBBLE Spring 2012


s u p e r m u a t C p a C

Photos by Cindy Park Charlotte Watts Jiye Lee

Simi Aladade Sophomore Pre-Med

Tichelle Porch

Freshman Pre-med


Spring 2012

Malcolm Tariq Senior English

June Zhu Freshman Music and Pre-Business

Lauren Caroline Porcello Ladov

with Wee Thomas Senior Film Studies

Freshman Pre-Business



Freshman Economics and Pre-business

Senior Visual Arts and Art History



BUBBLE Spring 2012



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Spring 2012


A message from our graduating editors…you will truly be missed!

Being a part of Bubble Magazine and watching it grow each semester has, without a doubt, bee n one of the greatest joys in my years at Emory. I felt tremendous ly inspired by the talent and passion invested in this magazine, and wish to carry that same level of dedication with me after gradua tion. Thank you to the students, faculty, and readers who share our love for fashion and for making Bubble Magazine possible! Raphäelle King-Houis (Style Editor)

I want to thank Jamie Lee for introducing me to this great opportunity, and to all the Bubble editors (especially Michael!) and staff members for working together :) Sara, Tess, Cindy, and Charlie, thank you so much for all your effort and inputs to Bubble. I loved every minute of our photo shoots. It really helped me understand what I truly love, and gave me the courage to pursue photography. It has been a great journey! Jiye Lee (Photo Director)

I am so lucky to have be en with Bubble since its very first issue in Fall 2010. Watching the maga zine grow into a well es tablished, campuswide read publication ha s been an awesome expe rience. In all of my positions at Bubble, from writer to web editor to copy editor, I have been able to meet so ma ny amazing people. I am confident that they will continue to accomp lish great things with th e ma gazine after the seniors are gone. Lila Habermann (Feature


duating by! I can’t believe I will be gra wn flo e hav rs yea r fou st pa e Th ector rking as Bubble Magazine’s Dir in less than a month’s time. Wo the ing See a fun learning experience. of External Affairs has been I’m and w issue has been delightful, magazine grow with each ne e! of Bubble Magazin excited for the bright future s Director)

air Jacqueline Choi (External Aff

BUBBLE Spring 2012



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Bubble Magazine Spring 2012  

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