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Graciella Colmenares She gives the lowdown on what goes into making a fashion show.


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A Teacher. A Designer. Find out from her how to succeed in and out of school.

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brAinstorm Every creative idea starts with a brainstorm.

The word brainstorm means a lot to an art student. It is the moment when the creative juices start to flow and the process of coming up with that one amazing idea that is brought to light. For us, this word and this process is a binding concept that brings all creatives together. With that in mind, we welcome you to brAinstorm, the magazine. Here you can read about everything that has to do with the creative process and the Ai student lifestyle. Enjoy.


Gedalya Krycer Chelsey Ruckdaschel

Photography Graciella Colmenares Mel Dadulla Gedalya Krycer


Gedalya Krycer Chelsey Ruckdaschel


Graciella Colmenares Gedalya Krycer Autumn Meyers Cheri L. Norton Jenae Ribeiro Chelsey Ruckdaschel

Fashion Liaison Graciella Colmenares







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By - Chelsey Ruckdaschel and Graciella Colmenares


Graciella Colmenares


Fashion Retail and Managment


Summer 2015

Years at Ai 2 year

Graciella Colmenares



Aaron Baguinon


Fashion Retail and Managment


Summer 2015

Years at Ai 1 year

Fashion is a universal language that speaks

You can wear them rolled up with heels or sneakers, and

A: Tomboy Bohemian

and appeals to both genders. It is a statement

you are good to go! They make you feel comfortable, effort-

of expression that shows the world what you think

less, and cute – and I’m talking about the jeans, ladies, not

What’s a current trend you do not like in men’s wear?

is a trend and if it delivers the “it” factor. The twist

the boyfriend! ;-)

to fashion, however, is that it is viewed by both genders differently.

Who do you think is a great designer for men’s wear?

We have conducted a fashion-based experiment

G: I really like Valentino Garavani’s designs for men’s

(shall we say) that will take you inside the mind of

wear. His suits are amazing to me, but he does an awesome

both genders to get an insight of how fashion relates

job with his casual wear too.

to them and what they think fashion is. We sat down with Graciella Colmenares and Aaron Baguinon who both attend The Art Institute of Las Vegas located in Henderson as fashion majors.

men’s wear!

A: To be honest, this question is tricky to answer because I’m not a very judgmental person when it comes to fashion. I’m all about wearing whatever you want to wear, but I wouldn’t mind seeing anything Ed Hardy/Affliction/MMA fall off the face of the Earth. #sorryimnotsorry

Who do you think is a great designer for women’s wear?

What’s a current trend you do not like in women’s wear?

G: I’m caught between Charlotte Taylor and Burberry

G: As much as I adore lace, I can’t stand it when a girl wears too much of it in separate pieces, such as lace shorts with a lace crop top. It should be kept to one article of clothing, paired with something other than lace.

A: Hands down, Tom Ford - I love what he is doing in

What is a trend in men’s wear that you like?

Prorsum. I like Charlotte Taylor because of the bold prints

Graciella: A trend I like in menswear is that more prints

luxurious the garments look.

are being incorporated onto their garments, such as florals, bold stripes, and abstract shapes.

Aaron: Right now, the trend that I’m really digging for men is the jogger pant. I’m all about comfort, without looking sloppy. With the jogger pant, you get the best of both worlds; they are like wearing pajamas in public; however, they are more socially acceptable.

What is a trend in women’s wear that you like? G: One of the trends I like in women’s wear are floral dresses. I think a floral dress makes a girl look more feminine and make them feel pretty.

A: The trend that I am in love with for women is the worn out boyfriend jeans. I love when women can pull off men’s wear, and the boyfriend jean should be a closet staple.

G: Tight pants that almost look like leggings on a dude is unattractive.

on the garments, and Burberry Prorsum because of how

A: I would have to go with Alice + Olivia. Their aesthetic is feminine with a twist of fantasy and playfulness. It’s cute!

A: Easy. UGG boots in the summer. Enough said.

Which brand has the best selection for female apparel?

If you were stuck alone on an island, what is something you would be grateful for?

G: I like the UO brands: Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie. A: Free People Which brand has the best selection for male apparel?

G: I’d be grateful for no more bills to pay! A: I would be grateful for not having to share my WIFI with anyone, assuming that there will be WIFI on this island.

G: Again, I would have to say Urban Outfitters has great men’s wear, along with H&M. A: Topman Which male celebrity do you think dresses really well? G: I think Bradley Cooper wins this title. He wear casual and formal apparel really well and picks such great pieces for his closet. A: David Beckham Which female celebrity do you think dresses really well? G: Blake Lively has grown more into her skin as a fashionista and has impressed me with not only her red carpet looks, but her casual everyday looks as well. A: Vanessa Hudgens What style would you keep alive in men’s wear forever? G: I would keep the business casual look alive forever. However, I think this type of style is a staple in all men’s closets, that it won’t ever go away. A: Casual Grunge What style would you keep alive in women’s wear forever? G: I really like the bohemian-gypsy look. I know it’s not a style everyone can pull off, but I love the free-flowing spirit behind this style.

Photography by - Gedalya Krycer



face We asked the students of Ai what they thought fashion was to them and what it means to them. This is what they had to say...

fashion students Marisol Perez (Fashion Retail and Management) “Fashion is a way to express yourself in a creative and unique way. To me, fashion is a business card. It’s a way for people to see who I am and what I represent.”

Gabrielle Nix (Fashion Retail and Management) “Fashion to me in general is uniqueness and individual personality, whether it’s with clothes or personality. Fashion to me means being unique.”

Labron Gantt (Fashion Retail and Management) “Fashion from my perspective is character. It shows a sense of character, style, taking care of yourself. It means freedom and self-expression to me. It means doing what makes you feel good, wearing what makes you feel comfortable as an individual. To me it’s feeling comfortable in what you wear regardless of what others may think.”



vs fashion

students non-fashion students Interviews by: Cheri Norton, Graciella Colmenares Photography by: Graciella Colmenares

non-fashion students Ben Sahagun (Photography) “Fashion is what people wear that’s trendy and what the future trends could be. It depends on where you live in the world and varies from place to place. It depends on people’s culture. Fashion to me is a person’s outfit, but the real fashion is about who is wearing that outfit, which brings out their personality.”

Ingrid Choi (Graphic Design) “Fashion is a culture, a group of people that dress to show the nature of what they do and their personality. To me, fashion doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to be updated. As long as you’re well groomed, it shows you respect yourself and care about how you look. You don’t have to wear expensive pieces to show off that you’re fashionable.”

Arda Mahserejian (Photography) “Most people think that fashion is a designer brand, a well-known name, or stuff you see on the runway. But to me, fashion doesn’t have to be a well-known name. It can be anything that looks interesting and cool.”


What’s in your closet? “Leopard print flats, because the neutral colors in the print can match with anything: jeans, skirts, different colored t-shirts.”

Atiya Clemente Fashion Retail & Management

“A floral dress is important to have in your closet because a girl can’t wear pants every single day.”

Saisunee Piriyasathirakul Graphic Design

“A good cover-up, like a sweater or a kimono, because it’s always good to go on tanks and shirts.”

Alyssa Bascon Film

“A comfortable pair of jeans that fit you well because they are versatile”

Ingrid Choi Graphic Design

“A pair of sneakers because they’re convenient and comfortable. Plus, they match with different color palettes.”

Alexis Revis Fashion Retail & Management

“A black or navy blazer, because it’s easy to combine with any color.”

Antonio Quiles-Corona Graphic Design

“A suit. I don’t understand why guys don’t have one or two suits in their closet. It looks professional.”

Andrew Valde Animation

“A lightweight neutral colored linen jacket for something you can pair with jeans or pants.”

Francisco Castillo Graphic Design

“A neutral colored tank top to pair with anything.”

Gedalya Krycer Graphic Design




SPRING 2014 STUDENT ACTIVITIES CLUB FAIR Get involved on campus!

Student Lounge 12-1pm & 5-6pm

Intro to 3D Studio MAX Introduction to the world of 3D & the basics of 3DS MAX

Li Harmon 12-1 pm RM E. 133 or 134

Fashion for Art Council. Open to all majors. 12-1pm Fashion Design Studio (RM. W239) To request accommodations related to a disability for these events, contact Student and/or Academic Services or to the program organizer Sallie Palmer in advance at (702)992-8550.

meet amy

bond Interview by: Cheri Norton and Graciella Colmenares

Photography by: Gedalya Krycer

Amy Bond, a fashion design and fashion retail management instructor, has been teaching at the Art Institute of Las Vegas for over a year now. She started out teaching at the California Design College where she taught for eight years. We sat down with her and got a sense of who she is as an instructor as well as a designer.

1. What are some examples of the classes you teach? AB: The classes I teach are Sewing, Pattern Making, this quarter, and Technical Drawing. Technical Drawing will be taught by Tiki and myself, using Photoshop and Illustrator, we’re very excited about teaching this class, it hasn’t ever been offered. 2. Can students take any of the classes in Fashion Design as an elective, for majors other than fashion? AB: You can take Sewing 101 and be of any program, as an elective, it’s based on the number of the sewing machines available, there are 12 basic sewing machines, that’s how many students can sign up per class. 3. We hear that you are also a designer and that you make your own clothing. How did you get started doing that? AB: It’s a mystery to this day. I taught myself how to sew, that was around fifth and sixth grade. I lived in a small town in Pennsylvania, and they just did not capture my personal style in anyway, shape or form and no one in my family sewed.


4. What was the 1st class you took to become a designer? AB: I graduated in 1992, with my BFA in Fashion Design. I tested out of my 1st sewing class. I shouldn’t have, it just made me cocky. So 2nd level sewing course was my 1st class. Where I spent the rest of my college years unlearning what I had taught myself That’s why they shouldn’t have let me test out of Sewing 1. 5. What are some things that you did in order to make yourself successful? AB: It’s a lot of risks; I took a lot of risks. I followed a fairly conventional route after my BFA, working for other designers, worked really hard; did what ever was asked of me. But then at one point I decided it was time to go. I quit my job and my boyfriend at that time, (who is now my husband), we both quit our jobs and within two weeks, we got a U-Haul, put my two cats and his dog in it and just drove to Los Angles from Pennsylvania. We did this with no jobs and no place to live, to start a fashion company. And we did. That was our goal. You have to be young or without responsibilities.

6. What kind of style do you incorporate into your collections? AB: I tend to be geometrically inspired so most of my collections have a lot of complex shapes. I’m inspired a lot by fine art that’s what usually drives me. When I do mood boards it’s usually from fine art, I just have stacks and stacks of fine art magazines, I go through them and rip stuff out, that’s usually where I start. 7. What kinds of things inspire you to make your collections? AB: When I look at something like this, (geometric circles), what I saw in that, was bead work. That lead me to go and get the beads, to start playing with creating my own fabric out of bead work, which is what this is, (4x4 inch fabric and beads square). Once I have finished the piece, I’m done. If asked what shoes do you want, I don’t care, what kind of jewelry, I don’t care, I’ve done my part.

8. How do you juggle your busy schedule? AB: When we were juggling the business, it was only the two of us, so we would take turns doing whatever needed to be done. When our daughter was born, we would have to go back and forth with her. 9. You have your Masters Degree, would you go back for anything else? AB: I would go back for Academic Administration or something like that. I like school; I’m dorky that way. 10. What are some words of wisdom you can give to students in order for them to be successful at the Art Institute and in their future careers? AB: Critical self-analysis. [laughs] Perseverance certainly, and realism. Unfortunately just because you dream

it, it doesn’t come true. Love does not conqueror everything. You can’t eat passion. Just because you dream it doesn’t mean you can make it. You have to be realistic about what your skills are. And in fashion it’s broad, you can specialize, you can find out if you’re a very technical person and that can lead you to a pattern making kind of direction. Or find out you’re a very creative person, that can lead to trend forecasting, fashion show production, there are a lot of divisions within that, but if you’re not realistic and say, “I want to be a designer of my own fashion collection” and you really don’t have the skills, you’re just wasting your own time. It takes a lot of good hard questions, and listening to your mentors, that’s what everybody is here for. 11. Can you spot the students that are making it? What is it that they do? That they’ve made it on your

list, that they will probably make it? AB: It’s usually the perseverance, they’re the ones that constantly show up, the ones that constantly try and ask questions. I think any teacher in any field would say the same thing. The students that show up, the students who ask questions, the students who do their homework, the ones who participate and the ones who are willing to change. Like, “you didn’t do this right, or would you be willing to approach this project from a different direction?” If instead they say, “no, that’s just how I see it!” or “Oh, ok, maybe I could do it this way.” And that adds another layer to their experience if they are willing to at least try it out. 12. If you could work with any designer, who would it be? AB: I’d probably hang out with Coco

When I look at something like this,

(geometric circles),

what I saw in that, was beadwork. Chanel. Who wouldn’t want to spend a couple of weeks with Carl Lagerfeld, one of my favorites, I would be able to comfortably work with Alber Elbaez. Nicholas Ghesquiere, also... this could go on forever [and she laughs]. 13. What are three things that you think a women and a man should have in their closet? AB: A pair of sox, underwear and a pair of pants. I took the question very literally. 14. What is your favorite style to wear? AB: I wear button down shirts, classic sports wear, tailored pants. Not a lot of fashion risks myself. Other designers wear, black or look like they just rolled out of bed. However, their work speaks for them, not their wardrobe.

15. What is a recent/current trend you don’t like? AB: Gosh, there are so many! Neon lace. 16. If you could vacation anywhere in the world, money not being an issue, where would you go? Why? AB: The entire content of Europe, of course. Because it is the pinnacle of all style and, it’s Europe.

17. When you’re not teaching or designing, what do like to do on your down time? AB: [laughs] My what?? What I’m doing with my free time right now is freelancing, which is wackier. I use to read for pleasure, stopped due to the work. I do like to cook, also rollerblading, but it’s been awhile for the rollerblading.

18. What is your ultimate goal in life? AB: Currently I’m overtaken by ants, therefore the elephant is still fuzzy, but he’s in the room, just fuzzy grey. I know I’ve gotten distracted by that, it’s bummed me out. I’m trying to build this business, I’m about to a new open a studio downtown which is very exciting. I’ve had this space for two months; it’s cleaned out, just sitting there, vacant. So the space is there, I have the clients, I think I know what I want to do, but I keep taking on all these projects that sideline me. Just took on a sample making project, do I really want to be a sample maker; this is kind of stupid, when I really want to be a designer. Originally it was going to be a design development studio, and I would use it as a place of fashion resource.

Clients could come to me and I would be doing what I’m doing now as a freelance. I could do designing for the clients or make patterns and samples or I could do correction patterns or I could do sourcing. I’m working with other designers helping their business grow. But I’m a designer, not just a pattern maker. So I’m starting to gravitate away from all the services and thinking, hey, I have this amazing space, why am I not trying to build up my collection? It’s that same thing as, you’re 27 and moving across country, I know why I’m not starting my collection, I know what I need that I don’t have, I know what it takes today Ultimate goal in life? Happiness.


Student Spotlight: Autumn Meyers is an Ai student who is on track to graduate in 2016. She will receive a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Fashion Retail Management. She has been a pillar in the fashion department while attending the Art Institute of Las Vegas and has had a great experience so far during her years attending classes. We sat down with her to get her opinion on a few things about Ai and about what she plans to do after graduation.

What’s been your most favorite class since being a student here at AI? AM: My most favorite class has been taking presentation and techniques. I choose this one not because the teacher is fresh and funny but because he has a creative eye and his work inspires me to get more creative. I used to look at the norm in fashion classes and see it just as designers and brand names but with his class you have the creative liberty to make yellow lizard skin shoes with patent leather skirt for designing fashion croquis. I wouldn’t recommend it but why not be crazy and go out of the box. I learned how to use technology to create your personal brand and enhance it. I love Photoshop, so this class was just perfect already. Also it seems like I’m excelling and learning more than just handbags and what Beyoncé’s favorite color is. Of course I care for all those things but this class taught me how to really think out of the box and stay creative. What’s been the most complicated class you’ve taken so far? AM: The most complicated class I have taken so far would be the event production class. I kind of despised it because we have so many personalities and different characters of people all coming together and trying to make an event work. It was frustrating because I fought so much trying to get my voice heard but then I gave up a bit and decided to go along with the ideas. The event turned out excellent, however, I wish I had expressed my voice and my ideas more. I think that’s the hardest thing about group projects. We have to fight for our ideas to prevail and if no one agrees you just have to go along with what the team wants and swallow your pride. I know that’s what our future industry jobs will entail so it’s an early life lesson.


One of the best things about being a fashion student is ____________? AM: I used to have all my friends ask me to style them and find their outfits for dinners or just going out. I would be confused at why would they keep asking me. I soon then realized they look to you for that advice because being a fashion major is kind of a badge for you. They want you to show them how and what to wear and what styles to try out. I kind of love that part besides all the learning about branding and trend forecasting. I love having people ask me for fashion advice because it makes me seem a bit relevant to this fashion world. As a fashion student here at AI, we’ve been on some pretty interesting field trips. What so far has been your most favorite place to visit? AM: The industry talk at the Stitch Factory was my favorite of all because during that time in life I was pretty much over school and wanting to quit on all I had done and just go to UNLV. It was one of my classes where I had kept skipping because I was over it and one day the professor announced we were going to an industry talk at the stitch factory and then I said, “Oh I won’t go.” My friend volunteered to take me and I did go and was a little sour but then the group of people came up and started talking and I felt a sense of inspiration from all of their stories. They discussed the fails and success they have made while obtaining their fashion dreams. I will never forget what the Model/ designer said, “ I cried to myself and just wanted to give up until my mother had to pull me out of bed and told me to stop whining and try again.” She discussed her fails while building her swimsuit line and I kind of had a relatable moment. I seen that as a sign to shut up crying and quitting and to get up and make history happen. We hear you have your own fashion blog. Tell us a little bit about it. AM: Oh gosh, this fashion blog started off as different names from sensei in the closet, closet guru, and so many crazy more. I had no idea what I was doing while designing the template and I remember I asked one of the teachers to take a look and tell me her opinion. She was beyond brutal. I almost gave up until a friend told me, “what does she know, she wears Forever 21.” I then took her criticism and rebuilt it all. I changed my name to City Girl Desert Doll because I was born in a small city called Syracuse in New York. The city was all I knew from baby to tween years and then I moved to this desert and it changed me in a way.

Autumn Meyers Interview by: Graciella Colmenares

The doll means I started wearing dresses and skirts and make up. I was a tomboy growing up so that’s why I say desert doll. Being in Las Vegas made me more of a girly girl. So after that I had to start posting posts that people cared about and I started on my style Diaries because fashion is what I love so why not post my outfits and intakes on companies. I introduced myself as a blogger at the Magic 2013 summer convention and soon people were asking me to do reviews and buzzing and emails flew in. I never felt so important before. Now I rebranded myself and people ask me to do company reviews and I do email interviews. People love my crazy creative photo shoots with my best friend / Photography major Clinton Wilder. I just received emails to after mix and mingles for upcoming MAGIC events and published in two different magazines. Now this one! I couldn’t figure out why this is happening but I know someone has plans for me and I am happy to keep writing and staying blessed. What has your experience at AI been like? AM: Well, if I had to say two words to describe all of it I would say mind blowing. I came to this school fresh minded and straight from high school where everyone thought and told me my dreams would make no money or never get me anywhere. I was picked on a lot in high school because I talked about these dreams I had and everyone used to say you’re too ambitious and you’re too nice to make it in fashion. For a short moment in time close to graduation I almost went away to UNR (University of Reno) because I was quitting due to all the negative vibes.

What is your next step after graduation? AM: I am I believe super ambitious because I want to after I graduate of course I want to travel, but work with different companies such as Nasty gal for example. I want to contribute to building more their brand by working on their social media outlets, writing some of the articles they post and publish, helping build their brand even higher. I want to have my hands in the creative department if I could. My next step is building my own brand of cafe boutiques because my two loves are clothes and coffee. I know loads about coffee as much as I know about shoes. It’s pretty funny how this obsession is how people remember me. They tell me, “ You’re always with a cup of coffee you should just own a Starbucks.” I took that and thought hmm, not a Starbucks but a cafe with more of a street urban Boho feel. Of course after that while building my little brand of boutiques and cafes, I want to go back to school for designing Jewelry. I always loved making headpieces, little bracelets, and earrings and it would be awesome to have two degrees under my belt. See, told you I was ambitious. What are three tips for success that you would give in your field? AM: Three tips I would say would be 1. To never think your dreams are too big, that’s just you being afraid! 2. Go out there with a smile and conquer it the best you can, if you fail wipe those tears and get up again. 3. You will have haters and naysayers, that just means you are doing it right then. I started saying all these things to myself when I wanted to quit and give it all up and I knew I came too far to quit so why stop now.

Something happened to me where I didn’t submit that application and instead used my graduation money to submit my application to AI and then I did it. I came here shy and awkward and easily influenced that everyone was my friend. Soon then I learned on my own that we are all competing to do great in this industry. So I learned some people will love to see you grow as a person and some will never want you to have what they are afraid to obtain. I went from being shy and silent to smiling and making sure my voice gets heard and that landed me so many of the opportunities in my life. It’s been like I said a mind blowing experience because it taught me my foundation of who I truly am and how I can truly express myself and be taken seriously. It allowed me to see my dreams are not too big to obtain, it may take a little work but I can do it.


Karissa Whited Interview by: Graciella Colmenares and Chelsey Ruckdaschel

Karissa Whited is an Ai Alumni who recently graduated in March of 2014. She received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Graphic Design. She did a lot while attending the Art Institute of Las Vegas and had a great experience during her years attending classes. Right after graduating, she moved the Seattle to pursue a career in graphic design. We sat down with her to get her opinion on a few things about Ai and about her career now that she is a recent graduate.

As a student, who was your favorite teacher? KW: Paul Thens and Laurie Nickerson were my favorite instructors while attending Ai. They are very No BS kind of instructors, which now being out of school, I appreciate. They were also the most informative and helpful. Paul Thens was there for me on an educational and a personal level from the very first day I attended Ai. He helped me through the rough patches of learning Illustrator all the way to reviewing my portfolio when I graduated. I absolutely adored Laurie because she was quirky and fun, BUT she also was all about teaching us the industry and showing us how things really worked. When I attended Ai, some of these instructors have a fantasy land of extending deadlines or approving late work. Laurie and Paul were the only instructors who gave a glimpse of career reality. Which class at the Art Institute did you like the most? KW: I liked 3D and Package Design the most. Just because it was an opportunity to break away from flat 2D and print design work. I was able to prototype and test my designs and make them into something other than a PDF presentation. Now looking back, those were some of the most important classes you could take at Ai because when you start working, projects are always changing and new. One day I work on apparel for Amazon then today I am designing boxes for a product that I need to have LED lights embedded to the sides of the box. When you think you know everything when you graduate, guess again and be prepared to get thrown to the wolves on some projects and know everyday you are going to learn something new. What’s your fondest memory of being a student at the Art Institute? KW: Being apart of AIGA and going to the meet and greet events were some of the best things I did at Ai. I think just being proactively involved going to AIGA seminars I benefited from the most as well. I met such great people that I still keep in contact with today. Connections are crucial in this industry!



Was there something you wish you could have done differently while at the Art Institute?

KW: I wish I had put more time into my Portfolio from my first year on. The instructors tell you to focus on your portfolio from your very first quarter and I guess I had this complex like, “Oh there’s a class for that, whatever I’ll get there then worry about it.” If I could go back and slap myself back into reality I would. Because as much time as you get in Portfolio Prep and Presentation it’s not enough. Everything you should do should be a potential portfolio piece. There is nothing worse than getting to portfolio and not being happy with your work or having the feeling that you need to create items from scratch for certain categories. Produce work you would be happy with showing to potential employers, ALWAYS. What were some clubs that you were involved with while you were a student?

KW: AIGA, NAPP, and Adobe. AIGA I was involved with on campus, after just a few months I loved it and became a student board member. AIGA is how I got my internship, which was an amazing experience. I worked on Pacific Rim, Godzilla, and iFrankenstein. I also worked with major brands like Double Tree, Twitter, Zappos, and pretty much every company in DTLV. I would have NEVER gotten that internship without AIGA and networking myself. NAPP is an organization for photographers, but since I went to school for photography before attending Ai I had a foot in the door with this organization. They actually have scholarships where you can win a full pass to the Photoshop World convention, and I would apply and receive it every year. Again, another opportunity to market yourself, network and LEARN. Adobe was another cool thing to do. They have a student rep program where you get Adobe CC for free for a few months. You take some webinars and they give you all this Adobe swag to be able to pass around at your school and even throw your own seminar or sorts on your campus. Really cool, and if any of you want to learn how to be apart of these organizations, get my info from Chelsey Ruckdaschel and e-mail me! What are some words of wisdom given by a peer/teacher that you have carried with you into your career? KW: Paul Thens once told me,“Everything I learned, I didn’t learn from Ai.” Let me be clear, this is not a statement to bash Ai in anyway. This has more behind it than what may come across. Ai is a great school, BUT you get out of it what you put into it. If you are just attending the classes, not making connections, and turning in work you slapped together the night before or even right before class, you are not going to get very far in this


theAi alumni

KW: I think taking the time to learn to 3D print on my own free time was the biggest accomplishment for me. I saw this new technology and dove right in. It was the best thing I could have done for myself, because now they are talking about 4D printing. Crazy, right?

everything. I design clothes, packaging, pool tables, cufflinks ( did some for GM bigwigs a few weeks ago, random!), but you get the idea. It’s something new everyday. I don’t have a set schedule. I wake up at 9, rollover and work from my bed. Let’s just say I have it made and I don’t plan on leaving this job anytime soon. I also do freelance work when given. I actually just got an email from Dan Embry yesterday who wanted me to partner on a job with him that he just bid on. So that was really cool, I was honored Dan would even consider working with me. I also am a contract freelance designer for BuzzBee Ad Agency. Basically, I get work when their main staff is too busy and I get the jobs they can’t fit in. Which just this month it was some Xbox One advertising and marketing materials. AND, I also have my own Etsy shop open now. On my downtime I create minimalist posters for the pop-culture of today. So Doctor Who, Hannibal, X-Men, you name it! I also take custom order for business card, wedding invites, pretty much anything.

What was the hardest project you were given as a graphic design student?

Looking back on your experience, how did the Art Institute prepare you for your career?

KW: PORTFOLIO. That in itself was hard for me because I had to mature as a designer and really look back at my work and was like, “I actually turned this in for a grade???????!!!!!!!!” It was a lot of back and forth with myself trying to figure out how I can effectively display my style and my work that conveyed who I am as a designer best also be good enough to get me a job. That’s your ultimate goal, is to graduate and to establish a career, and I was so wrapped up in just passing classes and graduating I would forget that at the end of all of this, you have to get a job! Those students loans aren’t going to pay themselves back, haha!

KW: Ai gave me the basic skills I needed to get out and get on my feet to establish a job. Which again, that’s your ultimate goal. I think Ai got me where I needed to be all in all, but I know I worked hard to where I was when I graduated. Again, you get what you put into it.

industry. Ai is a place where you have to emerge yourself to really learn and grow as an artist. Because I was apart of AIGA and networked and had amazing internship opportunities is where I learned the most. Once you leave school, you learn even more. For me, Ai was like the safe nest before reality. I thought I was prepared for the industry and I had everything in the bag. I was so wrong. I am learning new design tricks everyday and pushing myself as a designer every single day. It’s true, everything I am learning now that is crucial to working no one ever taught us at Ai. What do you think was your biggest accomplishment while you were a student?

You graduated in March of this year, tell us about what you do now.

Where do you see yourself in five years? KW: I have no idea. My life and work just takes me in crazy directions and right now I love it. I’m sure when I become more of an adult of sorts I’ll want something more corporate. Haha, yeah right. But in all seriousness, I just hope I am still working and love my job.

KW: Right now I do SEVERAL jobs. My daily grind is working with a company called Lapgevity here in Seattle. The website isn’t the most glorious if you so choose to look it up, I am actually in the process of trying to get my CEO to spruce it up. Basically, I work from home. It’s really cool. There is an office I can go to if I so choose, but my company loves me enough that they trust me enough to get my work done and meet deadlines and not micro manage me from an office. Which you will come to find out is AWESOME. At Lapgevity I do a little bit of everything. Last week I did some clothing designs and swag designs for this new Xbox game called Watchdog. It’s supposed to be some super new game that came out or is coming out and Microsoft-Xbox is launching an entire apparel line for the game. I also just did this really cool design for Microsoft for the corporate office, I designed a pool table and pool ball sets for the new Surface 3 tablet that they are going to release. I do a little bit of





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TAKE ACTION! Story By: Jenae Hightower Photography by: Gedalya Krycer

Raise Your Voice, For Choice. The U.S. Department of Education has proposed new rules that will affect federal financial aid and may limit choices for the types of programs in which you are interested and the schools you may attend. These regulations could impact millions of Americans. Jenae Hightower, an interior design student at the Art Institute of Las Vegas, wrote the following article that outlines the issue at hand and talks about her opinion on the matter If you wish to share your story, visit www. to learn more about the rule and to locate your elected officials. 15

A few months ago I was informed by the school’s

This proposed “Gainful Employment “ rule would make

administration that the Gainful Employment Rule is

entire programs ineligible for Title IV federal student

going to affect future students in the schools they choose

financial aid if they fail to meet two arbitrary

and the amount of federal aid that’s given to them. I

measurements derived from a debt to – income ratio

decided to go and research exactly what’s going on and

and loan default rates.

come to a conclusion on my research. Essentially the proposed rule will limit choices and I wanted to hear both parties so I can come to a

education access for students, while expanding the skills

sound understanding on exactly what’s going on. After

gap across the country. While considering the rule,

a month of research and talking to people this is what

the public has opportunity to provide critical feedback

I found out. To set the platform I will give you an

during an open “Comment Period”. The “Gainful

unbiased opinion on what is taking place with our

Employment” proposed rule was published on March

educational preferences.

26, 2014 and allows for a 60 day open public comment period concluding on May 27, 2014. In short, the

The Obama Administration released final regulations

Department of Education’s proposed Gainful

requiring career college programs to better prepare

Employment rule will limit educational and economic

students for “gainful employment” or risk losing access

opportunities for millions of Americans.

to Federal student aid. While many career college

Essentially the proposed rule will limit choices and education access for students, while expanding the skills gap across the country.

programs are helping to prepare America’s workforce

Specifically, this rule will have a particularly adverse

for the jobs of the future, far too many students at these

effect on degree programs offered to low-income,

schools are taking on unsustainable debt in exchange

minority, women, working adult, and other undeserved

for degrees and certificates that fail to help them get the

populations. This will result in reduced access, less

jobs they need or were promised. These regulations are

opportunity, and fewer choices for students.

designed to ramp up over the next four years, giving college’s time to reform while protecting students and

In July I will be at the Institution of my choosing the

their families from exploitative programs.

Art Institute of Las Vegas. I have found that they have touched in all the areas that I will need to advance my

“These new regulations will help ensure that students

future endeavors. I have been an Interior Decorator

at these schools are getting what they pay for: solid

for ten years after attending AILV I will become

preparation for a good job,” Secretary of Education

an Interior Designer and accepted by the Design

Arne Duncan said. “We’re giving career colleges every

Community. I know that they teach the basics and

opportunity to reform themselves but we’re not letting

are extremely experienced of Interior Design.

them off the hook, because too many vulnerable students are being hurt,” Duncan continued. To qualify

My conclusion, after researching both sides I came to

for Federal aid, the law requires that most for-profit

acknowledge you can be taught everything you know in

programs and certificate programs at nonprofit

your field, you can learn all the programs, be versed in

and public institutions prepare students for gainful

knowledge and education but if the student takes what

employment in a recognized occupation.

they know and does not apply a sense of determination and a willingness for advancement than the greatest

Under the regulations introduced today, a program

educational institution does not fail them but the

would be considered to lead to gainful employment if it

unwillingness to succeed will cause their demise

meets at least one of the following three metrics: at least 35 percent of former students are repaying their loans

If you sit around after you have a diploma then how

(defined as reducing the loan balance by at least $1);

can one blame the educational system? Mind you there

the estimated annual loan payment of a typical graduate

are wretched teachers but they come once in a while

does not exceed 30 percent of his or her discretionary

the great ones are there to see you grow and help you

income; or the estimated annual loan payment of a

advance in life. . The old saying comes to mind, “You

typical graduate does not exceed 12 percent of his or

can give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to

her total earnings.

fish and he eats for a lifetime.” I know determination, being persistent and consistent is going to land me a job.

While the regulations apply to occupational training programs at all types of institutions, for-profit programs

Not everybody will find a job immediately upon

are most likely to leave their students with

graduation I would advise dropping off resumes well in

unaffordable debts and poor employment prospects.

advance, intern so you can be hired later, start early for

For the Educator’s view point I received the facts that

job opportunities so you can have a direction once you

are detailed in the next few paragraphs.

have graduated.

The U.S. Department of Education has proposed a new Gainful Employment rule that would again limit educational and economic opportunities for students or faculty / staff members of The Art Institute of Las Vegas.


Blog This! featuring Autumn Meyers & her blog City Girl Desert Doll

I started writing this blog because I went through Instagram and saw so many people posting photos that were fashion bloggers. I thought about wanting to make and create one for myself. I thought it was a fun way to express how I felt about different things and try to find how to voice that opinion. Whenever I would talk I would feel that my voice was not being heard, so I decided to blog it and see if anyone ever listened to what I had to say. It took awhile after loads of ideas and concepts of what and how to go with it. I wanted to find something that described me as an individual and person growing in this "fashion world." So then after loads of researching and analyzing other amazing fashion blogs I learned how to design the template myself and add a little spin into it. Most fashion bloggers would write about their outfits and the free clothes they received. I wanted to do something different where I would review companies and personally interview what their contribution was to the fashion world.

tend to look at my photos and think, "oh lord why am I so fat or why did I make that face." I think that the hardest part is knowing how to have confidence. Some days I'm a little exuberant bubble of sunshine. Other days I'm really malicious and evil towards self-image and myself. I have to remember at the end of the day beauty is in every form and not just in the magazines. That was hard for myself for a bit. Now I have more fun with my photos and remember to smile and be brave. I know people want to see realistic girls giving style tips and advice and not these super paid to be perfect woman. It's a bit of reassurance to myself. It allows me to grow more as a blogger and be able to truly relate to my readers. I love when people leave these comments saying, "oh that helped me with finding the right jeans for my curves too."

I wanted to post why I wore the things I wore to show people my style was not established. To show it's fun to mess around until you find your signature theme.

One of the other perks is, I love when companies to send me clothing because I talked about their company in my last post. It does make me feel like; “oh I'm making people happy�. Honestly, all I really am doing is just having fun with all of this. I had many occurrences in life where everyone seemed to be against it or to stop me but I found my way back again because this is my baby.

I am usually my harshest critic when writing my blog because I

I built these ideas from dreams and from wishes. I wanted to wake


up and stop dreaming and make them reality. I love doing what I do, and if fame comes with it then I'm happy with that. For now, I know people enjoy reading it and looking at what I see as fashion. That's what honestly makes me happy. So for now, there is no way I am going to stop it. I have many fashion inspirations but as for favorite blogs I use these ladies as style inspiration when I want to play with my outfit. I would use this as my top four list of blogs to visit if you are feeling, girly prepster, hard core grunge, urban luxury, and bohemian rocker.

Recommended blogs by Autumn 1. This blog features fashion enthusiast Aimee Song and her blog is daily inspirations of how to dress casual and on trend while looking feminine and girly. She posts her adventures when traveling to different fashion weeks such as Fashion Week Paris and New York. She gives amazing detail on what she is wearing and why she recommends it. 2. This site features New York street Grunge fashion lady named Luanna. She takes brands with controversy and edge and makes them into this stylish edgy punk princess look. She does not over do it by adding super Gothic items into her clothing. She makes them

fashionable by adding pieces you would see at Aldo or featured in Teen Vogue. 3. This blog is the urban luxury that Kanye describes in all of his songs and this blogger Jenelle says he is one of her inspirations. She is always in the latest street gear and wears it with gorgeous heels from Jeffery Campbell. She makes the urban trend look less hood and higher end. She is my favorite for the urban street wear trend. 4. This blogger named Nicole, is a Vintage buyer for Gypsy Warrior, which is an Boho rocker boutique in New Jersey. She is definitely artsy and has a vintage boho vibe to her. I love when she pairs her many metal rings with her signature wide brimmed hat. She makes distress tees absolutely trendy. The style she has is edgy and artsy all in one. She takes vintage names and pairs them with fame brands like Nasty Gal or Motel Rocks. If you are ever in a style rut and want to experiment then try out some of these sites and find your style. you can always play dress up with fashion. It’s made to be fun and confident for you. Take risks and make statements.



12-1PM 5-6PM





Y A N D R IO S T U A I E U TE NT Y SATPPREC IME T A S HU5-6PM ID T R A R T AIanine D F E GM & E R G O E 2-1P M P zz A O F e P B ast M S! G U SHOPM 1 S 6 E S E K & 5- 3 R A m R O-1p CL O M 4 Y! A D























W 2-1P 1



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Check out the best “Outfits Of The Day” from this quarter.

us s Baug Jacque duction ro Audio P


ae Carmich Kahoku m Fil

Antonio Quies Graphic -Corona Design

Kyle San tos Film

Ted L Graph amisere ic De sign

ahan Jackie McM Culinary

Alexis Escobar DFVP


Ingrid Choi Graphic Design

Arda Mahse rejian Photography

ders Asheley San ign Graphic Des




INTR ay O TO with 3

D Studio M a P A WORKSHOP RT 2 -x 12-1P M



12-1pM & 5-6pm


Introd RM E u .133 the ba ction to th e wor sics o ld of 3 f the 3 D and DS M AX.

Bring in yours and/or your parent’s 2013 Tax Return. Feel free to come in, complete your FAFSA and get your FAFSA questions answered.

y a d s r Thu



Friday Fashion

Friday 12-1pm

-1 E. 144

Congratulations students! Family are welcome to attend.

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Fashion Design

y a sd

Studio (W.239)


’ s ca


e u T

k n ru g

D rivinness D ware m A p 1 t 2 n 1 tude nge S


Drink and drive lose your lives! You are harming your lives as well as others. Play a game to increase the awareness of drunk driving!



BOOK Check out some great memories from the previous quarter.


(Top) Hair styling and (Left) Makeup application at the Container Park Fashion Show. (Photographed by Gedalya Krycer)



(O.P.) Getting ready. (Top Left) Dress by Ai Instructor Tiki (Top Right) Winner of the Container Park Fashion Show. (Bottom) Group Shot of models. (Photographed by Gedalya Krycer)


(O.P.) Friendship! (Top) Fashion Director Sarah and community partner Winky Wu. (Left) Designer Vaugn and Model Graciella. (Photographed by Gedalya Krycer)




(O.P.) Ai film student Andrew Dang recording behind the scenes at the Aveda/Ai Fashion Show. (Left) Fashion Designer Aaron Baguinon with model. (Middle) Runway (Right) Ai Models - (L) Graciella Colmenares and (R) Jasmine Bell. (Bottom) Avada Institute / Ai fashion Show (Photographed by Mel Dadulla)



OUTREACH At the Art Institute we are committed to our community. Our students and faculty work closely with outside organizations to spread the goodness of art for all to see. We are a driving force with the help of community leaders, business owners and fashion pioneers to make Las Vegas a better and more beautiful place.

“What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?� — Winston Churchill 29

container park

Story By: Graciella Colmenares Photography by: Gedalya Krycer

FASHION SHOW The Container Park Fashion Show, a competition where fashion students of the Art

As exciting as it was to have a behind the scenes look at the preparation of the show,

Institute teamed up with tenants of Container Park, to design and create dresses that

being able to showcase one of the designs was just as much fun! Art Institute student,

strongly represented the stores and their merchandise. This competition also gave

Matu Cleaver, was partnered with tenants of Tennessee Loveless and BluMarble,

AI fashion students the opportunity to showcase their talents, while also challenging

where she designed and created two dresses that depicted each store in an imaginative

their knowledge of apparel construction by using some not so basic elements. Some

and fun way. I was able to work with Matu and help show-off one of the designs by

of these materials included kettle corn, pieces of glass, burlap, hand drawn artwork,

participating as her model for the show.

and even scarves and watches. The dress I wore was inspired by the store BluMarble, a retailer that repurposes glass At the event, a panel of judges chose two winners, awarding two students for their

bottles and creates beautiful merchandise, such as jewelry, drinking glasses, and vases.

hard work and creativity. Also, audience members were able to vote for their favorite

The store was thrilled to work with Matu, providing her with pieces of glass rims

designs, giving one winner the “Best in Show” award. This interactive event took

from bottles to use for her dress. Matu then proceeded to create a two-piece garment

fashion shows to a different level, and it’s all thanks to one company who made this

consisting of a corset inspired top with a matching circle skirt, both made of

event possible: Winky Designs.

burlap and lining.

Winky Designs, a local watch brand created by owner, Winky Wu, brought this

Matu came up with the idea to sew pieces of glass on the front of the corset and

fashion show to life. Winky and her team dedicated their time to successfully create

stagger a few pieces at the top of the skirt. She also created a bracelet made out of

an event that looked effortlessly put together. However, as a volunteer of this

wine corks to add a matching accessory to the outfit. I was so proud to wear such

awesome event, I can say first hand that a lot of time and preparation was done to

a beautiful piece for the fashion show. Although she may not have won an award

make this the spectacular show it was!

during the competition, I give her props for having the extra energy to still create her dresses for the show despite her busy schedule. She helped make this whole

The Container Park show was the first fashion show of the year that I was able to

experience for me even more fun than I imagined and can’t wait to see what other

participate in, where I was active as both a volunteer and a model. As a volunteer,

designs she will come up with next.

I was assigned by Winky and her team to help prepare for the show. One thing I did was help come up with ideas to execute a proper voting system for our audience.

Over all, the Container Park fashion show was a great experience, both behind and

I also assisted the team with other tasks, such as contacting models for information

in front of the scenes. A big thank you to Winky Designs for hosting this event and

about their dresses and helping sew part of the Winky Designs dress for the

involving our students! The Winky Designs team put in a lot effort to this show and

competition. As a fashion major, it was a fun experience to help out the team

I’m grateful to have been part of the process. It will for sure go down in the books!

and see the hard work it took to create this event.


Safe House Fashion Show Go behind the scenes with Graciella and see what it takes to put on an amazing charity fashion show. Story By: Graciella Colmenares Photography by: Gedalya Krycer, Unknown

As a fashion student here at the Art Institute,

This year, Safe House wanted to incorporate

that Safe House worked with called The

ballrooms. Along with Sabreena and Aaron,

I am always looking for ways to build my

a fashion show that would somehow fit

Giving Store. The Giving Store is similar to

I also had help from FRM students Autumn

resume and my portfolio. Whether if it’s

the theme of what they stood for as an

a Salvation Army, where they willingly take

Meyers and Tamara Croft. Aaron, Autumn,

volunteering my time as a peer mentor, giving

organization. After brainstorming out some

donations from the community. Also, Safe

and Tee were in charge of any back stage help,

my input about fashion for a blog, or creating

ideas, I came up with the concept called

House takes their unused clothing from the

which consisted of making sure the models

something for a school project, I try to put a

“Empowering Women through the Ages”,

shelter and donates them to the Giving Store

showed up, that they got through hair and

100 percent into it all, with the sole purpose

where models would dress up as historical

so they can sell it for profit. Excited to see

makeup, helping them fit into their outfits,

to mentally collect my accomplishments and

female figures that helped revolutionize

what treasures we would find in the store,

and accommodate their models with

proudly list them down on paper.

women’s rights. After creating an outline of

Annette set up a day with the owner where

anything else.

the event and compiling a list of historical

we could go in and pick things out.

But it wasn’t until recently that I was

women, it was time to get to work!

reminded of something: That even as a

In order to eliminate confusion, I assigned With the help of Sabreena and FRM students

Aaron, Autumn, and Tee each six models to

fashion major, the work I do isn’t just about

The Preparation

Aaron Baguinon and Atiya Clemente,

work with throughout the show. This made

putting something down on my resume

To plan this show successfully, I worked

we rummaged through racks of clothing,

the process of monitoring the backstage area

for everyone to see, but to really enjoy the

closely with Safe House’s Outreach

shelves of shoes, and glass cases of jewelry

stress-free and a lot easier for them.

experiences I have and learn from them.

Coordinator, Annette Scott and their student

until our outfits were set and ready for the

intern, Sabreena Hassim. Being a Women’s

show. A week before show time, Sabreena

For the show, we had the pleasure of working

Back in March of this year, my fashion

Studies major, Annette was very helpful in

and I had asked our models to meet at the

with some very talented people. A production

director, Sara Brinckerhoff, had encouraged

picking out which women in history made a

Giving Store for their final fittings.

company named GlamSquad702 was in

me to coordinate a fashion show for a

great impact on society.

non-profit organization called Safe House.

charge of setting up the Safe House event. Our models ranged from workers of the

They also provided make-up artists and hair

I gladly accepted the role and thought how

The list included inspiring women such as

Safe House shelter, workers of the Safe

dressers for the fashion show portion

great it would be to put “Fashion Show

Madam CJ Walker, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa

House office, and volunteer students and

of the event.

Coordinator” down in my resume.

Parks, and Malala Yousafzai . With a total of

friends from the Art Institute. As each model

18 volunteer models, we picked out historical

came in to try on their outfit, anticipation

Our models were thrilled to have their hair

Later on, I did more research and found that

women that each model represented the best.

and excitement built up, making me more

and make-up done, which really put the look

Safe House was an organization that took in

After drawing up the final list, it was time to

confident that this fashion show was going

together for every model. Another person

and helped battered women, children, and

pick out clothing and accessories.

to be a hit.

we were able to work with was a lady named

on Mother’s Day weekend called Pretty in

At first, we weren’t sure which stores

It’s Showtime!

Trunk Show Specials. Coni runs an online

Pink. This fundraiser is a luncheon where

would be best to work with for the show.

May 9th was finally here and my team and

retail store where she sells beautifully made

they feature a guest speaker, silent auction,

After weighing our options, we decided it

I were ready to go. The event took place at

jewelry, handbags, and scarves. She also

and some form of entertainment.

would be best to partner with a thrift store

the M Resort Spa and Casino in one of the

believes in giving back to the community, so

Coni Meyers, the founder and owner of

men. Every year, Safe House hosts a luncheon


she works with non-profit organizations like

were considered an empowering woman.

many grinning faces in the audience. I felt

I’ve always been taught to do what I love

Safe House for any events. Coni was kind

As this was happening, we had Deejay

so accomplished at what we had done and

and to love what I do. The Safe House fashion

enough to loan our models accessories for the

Montello, a former Art Institute Audio

felt proud of the team that made the event

show reminded me why I decided to get into

show, which really put the perfect touches on

student, play his own mix of songs that

successful. Afterwards, we received numerous

the fashion industry. Even though clothing,

every outfit.

really set the mood for the show. After a few

compliments about the show and how great

shoes, and accessories are a big part of my

Once models were put through hair and

practices, we all headed backstage, where our

it looked. It was then that I realized that the

major, it’s also about the experience, and that

make-up, it was time for a quick dress

models ate a quick lunch provided by the

show was over, that it was successful, and that

goes with any job field you are in.

rehearsal before the doors opened.

hotel. After 45 minutes of relaxation, it was

all the hard work I did paid off. This experience refreshed my mind, made

time for our models to get into their outfits We had our models lined up in a specific

and accessories.

order, where they each took turns walking

I also realized that this was a way for me to

me fall in love with connecting with people

see first-hand what planning a fashion show

all over again, and reminded me that I make

the runway. Sabreena and I were chosen to

The Aftermath

was really like. Although I can honestly say

my own experiences by how hard I work.

emcee the fashion show, so when every model

The show was a success! Each model walked

that I had a lot of ups and downs during

This experience isn’t just something I can

walked down the catwalk, we both took turns

down the runway with smiles on their faces

the preparation of this show, I will take it

put down on my resume, but a wonderful

explaining to our audience which historical

to the beat of the upbeat music. At the

as a learning experience and apply what I’ve

memory that I will treasure for the rest

figure they were representing and why they

end, we received a round of applause from

learned into the next fashion show I do.

of my life.


$$$ Afford 1


3 4 5 (1) Bralette Lace Crop Top - $20.00 (2) Forever 21 Lady Lace Maxi Skirt - $27.80 (3) Mossimo Weave Crossbody Handbag w/Fringe - $12.00 (4) H&M Cuff Bracelet - $9.95 (5) Mix No. 6 Lacey Wedge Sandal - $34.94


dable Chic 1


Photo credits belong’s to each items respected company.



4 (1) H&M Cotton Tank Top - $5.95 (2) Destroyed Denim Cutoff Short - $29.99 (3) On The Byas Marcus Printed Pocket Short Sleeve Woven Shirt - $34.95 (4) Classic Club Sunglasses - $14.00 (5) World Cup Plisol Sneaker - $24.00


Head-To-Toe Photography and Story by: Gedalya Krycer

Ta nk H& To $1 M p 0

s n Jea rget Ta 35 $

Ch Sh arl oe ott s $1 e Ru 2 sse


Total - $57

Ever wonder which shirt looks great with your jeans? Or what types of shoes goes well with your favorite dress? Well find out the answers here as we break down great outfits for guys and gals.

T-S Old hir Na t $1 vy 5

s n Jea illy’s T 40 $

Foo Van tL s $5 ocke 0 r

Total - $105


WTFa?! What The Fashion

Is that really a trend?? Students weigh in on what trends they hate the most. By: Graciella Colmenares

“When girls wear sweats.”

“Men that wear ripped jeans. No, no, no!”


Robert Hicks Audio

Sindelly Ovdonez Digital Photography

Jamal Wilson Game Art Design

“Giant sunglasses.”

“Baggy pants, but still wears a belt.”

“Mens cut off shorts! ICK!!”

Andrew Valde Animation

Melissa Dadulla Digital Photography

Kiera Moore Digital Photography


“When guys wear floral clothes/hats.”


Joseph D’Amora Audio Production

Saisunee Piriyasathirakul Graphic Design

Lisette Nunez Graphic Design

“Thick knitted sweaters.”

“When they wear shorts with long socks.”

“Mini dresses.”

Elias Gomez Culinary

Danielle Sykes Culinary

Alan Becker Interior Design


a z z i P

r o f l e c x E M y r -5:30p a 0 3 : 4 n i e with th ans R M E . 2 4 1 CSulD A Y e D E & U t n T e Presid PM | Rm E. 144-146 -6

Open Q&A

cipe to cost re Learn how with Chef cel using ex

izza. elicious p d y jo n e while you in charge le p o e p h the




12-1pm &

4 k e W- AeCTIVITI2ES8-Aprialy 2 M

Y A D S R U T H m

s t c e f f E 12-1p r e t Af rkshop W.237 Wo

is used in t i w o h d s an er Effect. t f A f o c i Bas stry Learn theion graphics indu the mot

Y A I D R F osting

C e p i c Re 0pm | Rm E. 240 3

: 2 1 m a 0 3 11:

To request accommodations related to a disability for these events, contact Student and/or Academic Services or to the program organizer Sallie Palmer in advance at (702)992-8550.

your work Vuong Tran

Fashion Design

Story By: Graciella Colmenares

Most students of the Art Institute usually have this mindset when it comes to school: Go to class, learn, graduate, and never look back. However, some students find that after graduation, going back to school and gaining another degree isn’t such a bad idea. Fashion Retail & Management alumni student, Vuong Tran is back at AI, but this time, he’s taking what he’s learned as an FRM student and enrolled himself in a major where he can use what he’s learned while also learning more about his field: Fashion Design.

Now, as a design student, Vuong has decided to put all he has learned about the fashion business and use it in his new major. “Learning about the business first is helpful with designing. It helps with calculating out construction costs for a garment, the science of textiles, and marketing. I can now actually use what I learned and apply it to what I’m learning to do now.”

Vuong has loved drawing since he was three years old. Although his father discouraged his skills, his mother encouraged it, allowing Vuong to practice his talent. “I would draw and my father would yell at me to stop drawing. My Mom would tell my Dad to leave me alone and let me draw.” As Vuong grew up, he developed his artistic skills while also developing a strong interest in the arts. In the beginning of 2009, he made a decision to mold his craft and enrolled at the Art Institute of Las Vegas as a Media Arts and Animation student.

It also has helped him in his extracurricular activities, such as design competitions. Vuong has participated in two different competitions in the past two quarters where his talents have been put to use. Back in February, he signed up for a shoe designing competition called the “Pencil Master Class Competition”, where 10 participants from four different states were chosen to take a 2 week master class. In the classes, participants were challenged to come up with a shoe design that would wow their audience at the fashion buyer’s convention, MAGIC, held here in Las Vegas. Their work was then displayed during the convention, where one winner was chosen.

Although his work was admired, Vuong felt that the major didn’t suit him the way he thought it would. After two quarters, he switched out of Animation and entered the Interior Design program. However, he found that Interior Design also didn’t hold his interest. Unsure about his next step, Vuong realized something. Although drawing was his skill, he also had a talent for something else. “People would tell me that they thought I was a fashion student because I dressed so nice. They would say ‘Why don’t you enroll in the fashion program’. So I did.”

During the 2 weeks of work, Vuong brainstormed ideas on what kind of shoe he should make. (1) He created a design brief, which includes the entire breakdown of what brand the shoe would be, the inspiration of the shoe, what the shoe would do, what it would be made out of, and its target demographic. The shoe Vuong imagined was a bootie shoe with an interchangeable heel that would let a woman go from wearing a 5 inch heel to a 2 inch heel. “I wanted to create something that would change how women wear shoes.”

At the end of 2009, Vuong became a Fashion Retail and Management student, where he learned about the business side of fashion, such as marketing, sales, business planning, and merchandising. After three and a half years of studying, Vuong graduated from the FRM program, but decided that he wanted to go back to school and learn about the design aspect in fashion. “I was going to enroll as a student at AIDT and major in their design program, but then I heard AI finally started their Fashion Design program. I enrolled here right away.”

After laying out the plan, it was time to get to work. (2) Vuong drew out sketches, where progression could be seen picture after picture. After figuring out his final image, he created a prototype, which was displayed during the MAGIC show. This particular competition taught Vuong a lot. “I don’t think I ever had to think about a shoe so much in my entire life. However, it was a great process to go through because I learned what it was like to really create a design and work with it.”


Another event Vuong participated in was a collaboration competition held by the Stitch Factory and Chaser Brand called the “Made in Downtown Las Vegas”. This competition allowed any emerging designers in the Las Vegas area to create a piece that encompassed the cool and modern style of Bungalow Clothing. One lucky winner would be given the opportunity to have their winning garment manufactured at Stitch Factory and sold in stores for Bungalow’s 2014 Holiday collection. The winning designer would then be paid for every piece sold in the store.

“I learned not to give up, to not be intimidated. I learned to keep going, pursue my passion with a level headed attitude.” When asked about his favorite designers and artists, Vuong enthusiastically talks about fashion designer Alexander Mc Queen and artist Jee Young Lee. “I love how McQueen combines art and fashion so beautifully together. I admire Jee Young Lee because she creates amazing 3-D art that inspires me. Both of them are not only creative thinkers, but they’re also business savvy. They know what it’s like to be in the art business. They’re smart about what they do.”

With the help of Fashion Design teacher Amy Bond, Vuong created a garment that he thought encompassed what the brand was looking for. (3) “I wanted my garment to have an urban style to it, yet still look sophisticated and have high fashion flair. So I decided to create a jacket out of synthetic leather with gold metal embellishments, like zippers and buttons.” It took two days to create the garment, where Vuong and Amy created the bodice, the collar, arm sleeves, and back skirt of the leather jacket.

With knowledge about the fashion business under his own belt and being on a journey to gain more understanding of the design aspect of fashion, Vuong hopes to create an apparel line of his own someday. “I definitely want to create garments for the runway and develop 3 fashion brands.” His ultimate goal as a designer? “I want to revolutionize clothes.” With his determination and passionate spirit for design, Vuong Tran is sure to reach this goal in the near future.

(4) “I learned a lot from Amy and I’m thankful for her help on the project.” Although Vuong did not win any of these competitions, he is grateful for the experiences. “I do these competitions because it strengthens my craft as a designer and challenges me to work hard.” He also learned a few good lessons along the way.



BRAND: Nina Shoes PROJECT: Design an adjustable heel for fashionable women PRICE: $190 DISTRIBUTION:Nordstrom, Macy’s, Zappos CONSUMER:



1.Business Women 2.Active Mom

1. Comfort 2. Heel Slip

1. Strobel Tech. 2. Built in Heel Grip



1.Furry Boot 2.City Winter

1. Bald Eagle 2.



1. Adjustable Heel 2. Weight on Heel COLOR:

1.Nappa Leather(Upper) 1. Black 2. White 2.Calf Leather(Sole)





theWritten process featuring

Jocelyn Lopez

Every morning I paint on a new canvas, as I open my eyes and look out

I have a rule when I choose my accessories; I either pile up on bracelets/

the window I think and analyze about the person I want to portray

bangles, rings, necklaces or earrings; never all at once. It is definitely

today, who do I want to inspire, and want I want to accomplish.

like make-up you want to focus on one part, either eyes or lips.

I am my own canvas, I have the opportunity to dress in the colors I

I absolutely love accessories and you should invest on having a wide

want, accessories I love, and the shoes I adore. But it all starts off with

variety of them.

my mentality as the famous Coco Chanel put it ¨fashion has to with the ideas, the way we live, what is happening¨.

When it comes to shoes I either go with basic black or whites, these past few years I have fallen in love with nude colored shoes. I would

I express myself through my style like any individual but it is a process

definitely invest in shoes you can match with anything, but also splurge

I build up until the last piece of my outfit. We have the opportunity

on fun colored ones. These are perfect when you wear blacks, and you

each day to create a new piece of art; I believe it is a direct reflection of

can focus all the color on your accessories and jewelry. During spring/

our mood and personality. So every morning I paint my canvas, I wake

summer I am all about open-toe shoes, flats, sandals and gladiators.

up and the first thing I check is the weather, it really depends on how

I would prefer not to use flip-flops only when at the beach or pool.

the day is that will set my mood and color scheme. Of course if its sunny

But you can also wear combat boots during the summer just make sure

vs. cloudy, when it is said to be sunny I prefer the bright colors and

to balance your outfit out.

dresses. I want to have fun with my outfit, these past couple of years I have really invested in dresses and skirts. I am embracing my

Have fun with your outfit, I like to mix and match clothing from

feminine side and being as girly as possible. So any opportunity I get to

different seasons For me my outfit is a direct reflection of how I am

wear a dress I will take it.

feeling that day, when I want to look and feel preppy I’d wear a white button-up, dark cardigan, dark denim and white flats or sandals.

To the contrary if it’s cloudy and chilly I choose an outfit more-simple,

My accessories would be simple, white studs and a simple long necklace.

but never boring. I would choose a neutral colored dress and throw on

When I want to look girly and leave an impression I’d wear a dress or

a fun cardigan or jacket. I believe you should never downplay your

blouse that would make me stand out. If it’s a blouse I would contrast it

outfit no matter what, always dress up like you are walking on the

with a dark denim.

runway. Your canvas is your body so it should always start off with the basics, I choose which garment I want to be the center of my painting.

Let’s say my blouse is a fun colored blouse and has two basic colors;

Dress, blouse, jeans or t-shirt, etc. These are the building blocks of my

I’d choose one of the colors to focus on my accessories. The style and cut

outfit and from here I choose what I want to represent.

of your garment should help you to decide which accessories you should play out. My main objective is to have my outfit be a complete reflection

The fabric and print of them are also important, if its a basic or solid

of what I want the world to perceive about me but also about making

color you can focus on fun accessories to play up your outfit and if it

me feel good and confident, it is my finished canvas.

already has a fun print or color you can keep your accessories simple. Want to share the process behind your creations? Submit your work to Sarah Brinckerhoff in Academic Affairs. For more info email -


Week 6 - MAY 12-16 -

MONDAY | 12-1&5-6PM



WEEK THURSDAY| | W237. 12-1PM ANIMATED with Randolf

How to hold your audience captive with an animated short. Learn the basics of story arc and how it is used in animations.


Bring in you and your parent’s 2013 Tax Return. Feel free to come in, complete your FAFSA and get your FAFSA questions answered.

12-1&5-6PM\RM E250 11:30AM-12:30PM . E241 EXCEL FOR

CULINARY Learn how to cost recipe using Excel with Chef.







To request accommodations related to a disability for these events, contact Student and/or Academic Services or to the program organizer Sallie Palmer in advance at (702)992-8550.

Job Board Listing For more information contact Nick Willden at Career Services. - 702.992.8538

Tix4Tonight Sales Associates Home Depot - Eastern & Serene Sales Associates and seasonal employees West Elm Part time and seasonal employees TopShop Seasonal employees The M Resort Various full and part time positions around the Las Vegas area Chipotle Part time and full time cashiers and food workers Lucky Brand - Miracle Mile Shops Sales Associates H&M - Town Square Part time sales associates Charming Charlie - Tivoli Sales Associates


Volunteer Opportunities For more information contact Nick Willden at Career Services. - 702.992.8538

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Every creative idea starts with a brainstorm.

2350 Corporate Circle, Henderson, Nevada 89074 702.369.9944 |

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