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Issue 4: Summer 2018

Editor Letter Say hello to Magazine 43: Issue 4 Summer Edition. We are an online, independent and print-on-demand publication which aims to promote contemporary art to the masses, and inspire others through art where it could be seen in a quarterly basis. We focus on bringing to light emerging artists, musicians, and writers to show their work to an international audience.

Martina Marie Manalo

Michael Vincent Manalo

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2 | Magazine 43

Visuals Design Founder

Yan Yan Wong, Fancy Garden 1, Acrylic and Paint Marker on canvas, 90x120 cm, 2017 Magazine 43 | 3

Bury Me Behind The Baseboard Illustration for this book,, 2018

Bury Me Behind The Baseboard, Illustration for this book,, 2018 4 | Magazine 43

Bury Me Behind The Baseboard, Illustration for this book, 2018



lexandra Stump, is a young illustrator and designer of books from Moscow, Russia. Stump is curerntly studying at the Moscow State University of Printing Arts as her third course. Alexandra started drawing when she was a child and then soon bloomed as her professionShe works with illustrations in different styles---from watercolors to collages and I is always in search of something new.

Magazine 43 | 5

Oblivio, Computer Drawing, 10x7in, 2018

Moving On Regardless, Oil PaintCanvas, and Charcoal on Canvas, 100x70cm, 2017 Not Beautiful, Not Convenient, Acrylic, Underwear, 200x200cm, 2017

6 | Magazine 43

Grayboy, Computer Drawing, 9x10in, 2018



lyona Khristianova, is a 16 year old, 10th grade student from Moscow, Russia. Having a lot of different hobbies, drawing portrratis has been one of her favourties because of it having way to see a lot of different people, and each of which is special. “They inspire me”, Alyona says. For a lifetime they experience an infinite number of emotions, so she wants to perpetuate some of them. Everyone in the world is unique and priceless, and we must never forget not only the beauty of nature, but also of man. “All my life I’ve been studying different kinds of art: from vocal to writing, but fine art is for me the brightest way of conveying emotions. With the help of drawing, I can express what I feel and mentally get closer to other people.” claims this young and talented artist.

Vanity, Computer Drawing, 10x7in, 2018 Magazine 43 | 7

Do Not Fall, Photography, 10x15cm, 2017



he was born in St. Petersburg in 1983 and graduated Institute of Arts of The Moscow State University of (2009-2016). She graduated from many courses in computer graphics in Moscow. Anastasia is currently an illustrator in TASS, Exante, Deep Knowledge Ventures, Art Director in companies Dadata, InStat. In 2017 she founded a school of illustration DzenSpace and became awardee of the contest “Megapolis: Perestroika” and “La Revolution” of Russian Art Park. In 2018 she was an awardee of the contest “Arte Laguna Prize” in section digital graphics.

8 | Magazine 43

On the Wave, Photography, 10x15cm, 2017

Do Not Fall, Photography, 10x15cm, 2017

Magazine 43 | 9



nastasia Kuznetsova (b.1986, Ufa, Russia) - a painting artist. Studied Textile at the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. Participant of many group exhibitions in Russia and the USA. She is a member of Union of Russian Artists. Her style is characterised by the use of monochrome,--a lot of empty space and symbolism of details. Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.�

Attraction, Tempera on Canvas, 70x50cm, 2017

10 | Magazine 43

Four, Tempera on Canvas, 100x100m, 2013

Magazine 43 | 11



rt Morrill is a multidisciplinary artist whose work includes painting, sculpture, video, sound, and installation often juxtaposing new and found materials. His current series of paintings though formal explorations, arise from his son’s experience of recovering from open heart surgery. In a celebratory way, they feature layers cut away, dug out, and shaped to reveal more layers, materials, and textures. He earned a BFA from Brigham Young University in 2013 and a MFA from the Mount Royal School of Art at Maryland Institute College of Art in 2015. He currently lives in Utah with his wife and four children.

Chevrons, Acrylic, MDF, Cardboard, Modeling compound, 6x6x2.5, 2016

12 | Magazine 43

Crumpled 2, Acrylic, MDF, Cardboard, Modeling compound, 6x6x2, 2016

ABSM (fistula), Acrylic, Yarn, and Modeling Compound on MDF, 12x12x4, 2017

Magazine 43 | 13



oscow artist, with the pseudonym Borg loves to draw fantasies, taking images of her pictures surrounding reality, in her own imagination. Working on inspiration and according to her, when feelings get a little bit overwhelming, she takes a sheet, and the process takes over completely---a beautiful picture is to be born. For Borg, it Iis like meditation---a way to escape, to be herself.

Parade of Planets, Drawing, 30x45cm, 2014

14 | Magazine 43

Surreal Dreams, Drawing, 30x45cm, 2014

Magazine 43 | 15

Passages VI, 24x24in, 2015



atherine Eaton Skinner grew up in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by the fresh and salt waters, majestic mountains, and old growth forests. She received her BA in Biology from Stanford University while simultaneously studying painting with Bay Area Figurative painters Nathan Oliveira and Frank Lobdell. Working 20 years as a biological illustrator, Skinner specialized in the ecological integration of marine invertebrates and algae of the Pacific Coast. She presently divides her time between her studios in Seattle and Santa Fe, working as a multidisciplinary artist: painting, encaustic, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Public collections include The University of Washington’s Henry Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, Museum of Northwest Art, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Swedish Orthopedic Hospital, and the Seattle University’s Seeds of Compassion Collection. 16 | Magazine 43

Passages III, 24x24in, 2015

Passages VI, 24x24in, 2015

Magazine 43 | 17

frozen frames of dreams memories being rewritten spiral layers on shell shadows trace shadows unraveled threads of relics vestiges of time tantric moon reflects collision of elements a winter wind waits Catherine Eaton Skinner 2015

when the grass lies still a certain time of day when the wind holds its breath when the grass lies still bathed in red light blue shadow burrowing below dark roots of memory over quiet hills through leaden skies on the whispering wings of black birds the wind exhales the grass begins to stir waiting curious changed I come home Catherine Eaton Skinner 2018

18 | Magazine 43

Stacks I, 24x24in, 2017

Magazine 43 | 19

1. Why do you do what you do? As a child when I picked up my first pencil and crayon, I began to draw. It became clear I was able to reproduce what I saw and on the path of an illustrator/artist. My first twenty years as a professional artist began at Stanford University, illustrating for the Biology department, and later, marine invertebrates and algae for field guides, books and research papers. When I began to paint again in my mid-thirties, I began in earnest and now work full time in two studios, Seattle and Santa Fe. This is where my heart is. 2. As an artist, what do you think is your role in society? I have found that I see differently than most non-artists. I also am a photographer, often with a long lens, as it allows me to get closer without being noticed. One instance in a Japanese temple, I saw red handprints left on a wall behind the entrance wooden door. As I took photos I found people coming to see what they were missing and then somewhat perplexed as to why I was interested. I feel my role is to gift the opportunity for others to observe more deeply this amazing world.. 3. Do you believe that artists or art has the power to change the world? Power is not a word that I would use, especially in these times of so many world problems that seem to happen without our individual control. However, artists and our art certainly open ways into the problems we face as humans, but also more importantly into the spiritual places in ourselves and the connections between us. 4. Describe your art in 5 words Intuitive, soulful, tactile, exploratory, authentic. 5.Who or what inspires you to do your craft? When I began traveling to the East Asia over twenty years ago, I immediately felt an internal response to the people and their history. I began working on how we mark sacred space, what is that place, what do we bring to it and what would we hope to take away with us. This has led to the exploration in multiple series, using both objective and non-objective means to provoke meditative states of mind and transform the viewer’s observations. Repetition and grids, especially using the ritual, symbolic number 108 have brought an explosion of creativity for me to invent and realize new works. 6. What is the biggest challenge you’ve experienced being an artist? The challenge is the decision of reigning in what I can accomplish and still have the work remain within my boundaries, that I am present and mindful while the work is being completed.

20 | Magazine 43

At the same time, I want to allow myself to explore new directions that may not come to fruition for a few years. Working continually in a variety of mediums opens up the cross-pollination between them. With the process to complete projects and work, many new ideas come to my mind. 7. Have you always wanted to be an artist? Why or why not? I thought seriously about going into medicine like my father, but I was discouraged by him and my professors, as it was very much a man’s world. The art however was always my passion, and I often was running from a bio-chemistry lab to the artist studios. Even raising three children on a farm, I maintained some hand in drawing and painting. 8. How is your personality reflected in your work? I am a positive person, tending toward observation, quiet, and listening. I write poetry often for my statements about my work. I have my own spiritual practice, found over the years but not inscribed by my family. I grew up surrounded by trees, birds and a natural world that I still have around me. The five elements – space, air and sky, water, earth and fire – come into play always in my work, whether abstraction or more representational. 9. Being in the art scene for quite a while, kindly share any advice you could give to young and inspiring artists. I can only pass on what I was told by my mentors. You must do the work; if you only dabble, showing up occasionally to do your art, you will not be there when something happens. Keep good records of your process and where and when work moves to another place. Work on paper and materials not too precious to explore. Allow yourself to play. If you are always thinking what and where a piece will sell you are not engaged in the actual making. Be present. As it should be about the making of the work. Listen to what others have to say, then do what is in your heart.

Teelun I Diptych, BarbedWire, 72x96x2in, 2015

Magazine 43 | 21

Ghosts of the Railway Part 1, Mixed Media on Paper, 23.5x29cm, 2016

Ghosts of the Railway Part 2 , Mixed Media on Paper, 23.5x29cm, 2016

22 | Magazine 43

Live not Live shuttle, Pencil on Paper, 59x42cm, 2018

Ghosts of the Railway Part 3, Mixed Media on Paper, 23.5x29cm, 2016



I was born and grew up in Kaliningrad – the western part of Russian Federation. Simple life near the Baltic Sea in a separated old Prussian town gave me a strong feeling of loneliness, connection with nature and mystical perception of reality. You can easily find all these themes in my works. My favorite technique in art is mixed media. It gives me a lot of opportunities to explain my inner world by drawing. I also draw caricatures. You can check them out on my web site El-arte. ru I try to participate in every interesting art activity and exhibition.

Magazine 43 | 23

Begging For Salvation, 30x30cm, 2018

Rest From The Inner War, 30x30cm, 2017 24 | Magazine 43

Blind Forgiveness, 30x30cm, 2017



mitry Fesechko is an artist from Moscow, Russia. He started his artist career as an abstract painter, then for some years was absorbed in surrealism and symbolism, taking part in exhibitions in Russia and the EU. He also worked as a digital illustrator for some time but abandoned it focusing entirely on traditional oil painting. He has studied classical multilayer technique that takes its origin from old masters of the past. Today Dmitry is working in genres closer to life like still life, landscapes and a psychological project ÂŤBeggars and SaintsÂť.

Burning Youth, 30x30cm, 2017 Magazine 43 | 25



Graphic artist living and working in Saint-Petersburg. Several years ago Ekaterina became interested in print graphics, attracted by the variety of graphic techniques, opportunities to experiment and the fact that result in the printing process is not always predictable. Getting especially nterested in watercolor monotype, is a unique print graphics, where we can get only one unique print. The color, graphics and printing process are important in this technique. The main thing is that all these three components were successful. Fedulova tries to find new opportunities to experiment, and often make watercolors herself, mix pigments and continue to work. Drawing inspiration for her works from the surrounding world: from slow walks in the park and the views from the windows, from the beauty of nature, flowers and herbs.

Long Walk, Watercolor Monotype, 50x60cm, 2016 26 | Magazine 43

November, Watercolor Monotype, 50x60cm, 2015

Magazine 43 | 27

Flamenco, Tempera Paints, 21x29.7cm, 2015

28 | Magazine 43



I was born from a family of painters and craftsmen. From early childhood, I was surrounded by a very creative atmosphere--books about art, brushes and paint. There are 3 topics that enthrall and bring passion in me--biology, medicine and painting. My inner painter, hwoever, won the battle. Nowadays I illustrate books for kids, biology textbooks for students, perform design for polygraphic production, developing the design for various websites and do painting. Apart from that, I love to draw not only with the brush, but with the power of the word. I’m writing articles, essays, stories, curious notes about life and therefore create slogans for companies. Art is my passion, my world and my lifestyle. It makes me feel free. Art helps me to understand and feel nature. Art helps me to see only the best in people. Art taught me to communicate with the world through the prism of LOVE. It is impossible to become an artist one day. Artists are only born!

IG: shkrabla18

Bittern On A Nest, Watercolor, Mixed-media, 24x16cm, 2018

Magazine 43 | 29

Golgotha, Sculpture Installation, Plaster, Wood & Paper, 2017



lena Morshinina comes from a from a small town in Russia called, Orenburg. She graduated as a painter and ever since has payed attention to art. At this moment, however, Morshinina has found passion in photography as she tries to create pictures where a person and environment looks like painting, but not typically a portrait. Elena says passionately, “I have always been inspired by creative people--People for whom have the desire and think that “to create” and “to breathe” is the same thing”.

IG: dress_n_draw

30 | Magazine 43

Magazine 43 | 31

VIKA (Am.2.o.M.), Oil on Canvas, 100x80cm, 2017



ilipp Rabachev is a photographer based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Rabachev’s goal has always been to show possibility of composition through his photographs, to catch a unique light. He believes that he could show a fresh view to the modern art of photography. Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 120x90cm, 2017 32 | Magazine 43

DREAM, Photography, 2017

F.M. 1891 IN LINE, Photography, 2018

VLAD (Am.2.o.M.), Photography, 2018

Magazine 43 | 33



“In my works I display emotions, feelings, waving of the world.”- says the artist Selina Irina, who graduated from art school № 1 in the city of Astrakhan. The artist’s paintings have repeatedly drawn literary almanacs and individual books of writers and poets. And also exhibited in Russian and international exhibitions, printed in international catalogs and stored in private collections.

In Space, Ink ,29.7x21cm. 2016

34 | Magazine 43

Gathering Myself, Ink ,29.7x21cm. 2016

Magazine 43 | 35

The Running Man, Digital Art, 2018

36 | Magazine 43

Spots, Digital Art, 2018



t 35, Lenoir recently discovered his love for digital art from experimental doodling on his smartphone until he finally made up his mind to create more digital abstract art. According to Jay, art to him is a meditative form of expression and escapism--escaping reality and into dreams.

IG: @artsyjabs Magazine 43 | 37



Julia Burja is based in Würzburg, Germany, where she works in the youth cultural center. She graduated from the Academy of Arts, with a Bachelor’s degree in Web and Graphic Design. She enjoys being involved in art projects and exhibitions and would like to work for a fashion magazine one day or even create her own clothing collection with prints. “I believe, that artists are always on the front line. They lead the masses. Hopefully, there will be more people in the arts, and their impact will increase, and people will look at the world more broadly.”

Sofa, Computer Graphics, 50x70cm, 2017

Girl With The Rose, Computer Graphics, 50x70cm, 2018 38 | Magazine 43

Cactus, Computer Graphics, 50x70cm, 2017

Girl Berlin Wall, Computer Graphics, 50x70cm, 2018

Magazine 43 | 39

Moving Up, Wood, Oil colors, Pencil, Paper, 120x50cm, 2017

1. What has brought or led you into painting? As far as I remember, I have always been fascinated by colour. In whatever shape or form, I have been attracted by it. Now more so than ever, I am most intrigued by naturally occurring colours. And painting became a way of expressing my interpretation and appreciate for it. When I created my own brand in 2013, I wanted to showcase the interplay between colours and emotions. And finger painting became my choice of communication. It precisely touches on raw emotions and enables the flow and combining of colours instinctively. Each composition is a delicate dance with varying degrees of intensity. The ultimate aim is to complete an art piece which is of delightful balance.

40 | Magazine 43

Mouse, Wood, Oil colors, Pencil, Paper, 120x50cm, 2017



hen Justin decided to embark on this colour journey, he didn’t know what it would be like. Having been at it for 5 years, as a self-taught artist promoting his own artwork, he has met what seemed like insurmountable challenges. Yet these challenges have only made him even more determined to prove his point. That in Hong Kong, one can be a dedicated full-time artist and transcend the traditional and typical. Justin continues his mission of finger painting the colours of the World in all its glory. Being inspired through his travels and nature, he will be better at his craft and to inspire others to engage in their own passion. Magazine 43 | 41

2. As an artist who does events such as “live painting”, does it bring you any pressure on the set? Why or why not? I am always nervous before each “live” painting performance. In someways I am like a chef, stage actor or singer where I play to my audience. Because my brand’s DNA is “ONLY ONE” thus each time I compose my work, it’s a unique piece of work. There’s no practice set. It is like the saying, “You don’t fear what you don’t know”. It is very similar to that. When I am finger painting on stage, I am completely absorbed by the process. I don’t know what the final composition is which is why I love the process.” 3. The title and feel of your works are very optimistic, but sometimes the artist’s creation may or maybe not reflect his/her personality. Would you therefore say that you are a very optimistic person, or these are all just your subconscious? I am by nature an optimistic person. When I look back at my boarding school days, University life, Corporate career, they were rather pressurising. Yet, I often search for alternative ways of approaching a challenge. Like being a full time self-taught artist with a showroom at one of the most expensive buildings in Hong Kong. It’s a challenge I place upon myself. I have to constantly remind myself to be both gutsy and optimistic to survive in and continue with this career. 4. Being the only artist in the family while everyone else are in the corporate world or professional fields, has changing career paths ever crossed your mind? I moved around a lot during my Corporate career. I worked and lived in Canada, Australia, Singapore, China and finally settled down in Hong Kong. Change has always been part of me. I like the challenge of being in a new environment. As I get bored easily, I often look for new ways of progressing my career. Changing career paths though is difficult, yet it comes with equal rewards. 5. Do you think it is a MUST for an artist to be good and well celebrated to go to an art school? Why or why not? What I believe is most important for any student to go into art school is for them to be passionate about artistic creation and expression. An artist doesn’t have to be good in order for them to go, because an art school develops an artists skill set and knowledge turning them into great artists.

42 | Magazine 43

Double Happiness, Oil colors, Pencil, Paper, 120x50cm, 2017

6. Before becoming the well-known Justin Y of finger painting what has kept you busy then? As mentioned, having completed 160 shows in the past four and half years, that has been keeping me really busy. During Hong Kong’s art month in March 2018, I had three shows - two solos and one group show. All three shows were showcasing different collections. I try to keep each show unique and fresh. Thus if I am not creating, I am traveling to get inspired. 7. What advice can you give aspiring artists (or people in general) who would like to continue and pursue their dreams even if it sounds crazy and impossible? It sounds cliche to say, “chase your dreams” or “never give up”. It is the basis of building a strong believe. Too many expect handouts like money, opportunity or resources. Hong Kong is great as a training ground because it is the survival of the fittest. It is fair game for all. One can succeed with great credentials, or with the right family connections. One can also succeed with sheer determination. It’s almost bother line insanity if you think about how much dedication and hard work it takes. To make a difference and to achieve what you set out to do, it not just giving it your all, it takes more. It is that question of “Are you willing to do what others ain’t willing to do in order to succeed ?” When life is comfy, no one will bite the bullet and take the road less traveled. If one truly wants to succeed not just in Art, but to transform their passion into a career I way say this, “Think about the toughest period in their current career and multiple it by 1000x”. And this might not still guarantee success. But it would a step closer. Winston Churchill famously said, “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts”.

Magazine 43 | 43

Vulva Pillow Jesus, Print, 11x17in, 2016



ate Tatsumi is an California based artist. Her practice in video, interactive sculpture and installation, questions and explores feminine stereotypes by utilizing feminist language and irony. By challenging the culturally normative sexualized female body, her work lies between essentialist and constructivist feminism. By utilizing forms of breasts and vaginas, pop culture references and adding excessive ornamentation, her work critiques the social constructs of gender and femininity. Kate Tatsumi is interested in making work that pushes against the male gaze and that encourages a continued dialogue around what femininity is especially in Los Angeles.

44 | Magazine 43

Vulva Pillow Summer Advertisement detail, Print, 11x17in, 2018

Vulva Pillow, Print, 11x17in, 2016 Magazine 43 | 45

Deadtree, Digital Photography, 25x17in, 2015

46 | Magazine 43

Freedom, Digital Photography, 23x18in, 2017

Venice, Digital Photography, 72x48in, 2017



iz has dicovered her interest for photography in 2014. She has then bought her first camera and immersed in the world of photography. The artist believes that we need to “capture a moment that’s there,

IG: @liz_glasco

Magazine 43 | 47

48 | Magazine 43

Paying Tribute to Daft Punk 2, 50x70cm, 2018



oscow-based artist Michael Smirnov’s work is driven by his desire to find ways to show the beauty of the simple things and moments surrounding us in everyday life. His inspiration is drawn from literature and music, as well as his travels. Smirnov works in a variety of media including photography and painting in watercolor and oil. His installations and objects have been exhibited on numerous occasions at platforms in Russia and Central Europe and he regularly participates in collaborative art shows and exhibitions partnering with other talented artists. Today his works are in private collections across Russia and Europe.


Paying Tribute to Daft Punk 1, 50x70cm, 2018 Magazine 43 | 49

Saint Robert of La Chaise,

Saint Sara of Antioch,

Pencil, Paint, Collage, 27x38cm, 2018

Pencil, Paint, Collage, 28x43cm, 2018



arly in the year I was commissioned to create a series of artworks based on Italian Saints. Each drawing was required to be created in two colours, black and red, and cover the period from April 16th to April 22nd. Religious imagery is not my normal subject. However, I am interested in fragments of history and the power of objects and artefacts. Churches remember saints through reliquary, simple objects laden with symbolism. It was the empowerment of a stone or twig where I found a way to connect to the stories visually.

50 | Magazine 43

Saint Bernadette Soubirous, Pencil, Paint, Collage, 26x38cm, 2018

Magazine 43 | 51

Ray No.. 10 光生物10號, Oil on Canvas, 205x85cm, 2018 52 | Magazine 43



orn in 1990 in the city of Shenyang in Liaoning province, Wu Xinmo graduated from the Lu Xun Academyof Fine Arts in 2012 and now lives and works in Shanghai. One of Wu’s strengths is her use of a variety of media in her practice, as well as materials and new media and technology to analyze many different types of hype. She is particularly interested in using the context of aesthetics as a means to intervene in social issues. In 2015 she began to explore the hidden and murky symbols in nature, becoming infatuated by this contradictor state of aesthetic exploration and attemptying to apply this concept to intervene in a broader social realm. 吳欣默,1990 年出生於遼寧省瀋陽市,2012 年畢業於魯迅美術 學院攝影系,⺫前工作、生活於上海。吳欣默擅⻑使用多種材 料進行創作,與對材料與新媒體技術探尋的熱潮迥異,她更關注 通過美學語境來介入社會生態的方式。從 2015 年起,她開始 挖掘隱秘與曖昧的自然符號,並痴迷於對這種矛盾狀態的美學 探究,嘗試將這種觀念介入到更廣闊的社會領域。 | IG: @mmorganwoo

Ray No.. 7, Oil on Canvas, 120cm (D), 2018

Magazine 43 | 53

1: 是什麼帶你進入了視覺藝術的旅程? 大學期間,我就讀的專業是攝影專業,攝影是我善用的藝術媒介,因 為四年在暗房學習膠片攝影的經歷,我習慣在非常黑暗的地方觀察細 節和明暗關係,洗照片的過程,可以讓我冷靜,讓我專注,也是因為 膠片攝影帶我進入了視覺藝術的旅程。 1. What brought you to visual arts? I studied photography in university; photography is a media that I feel comfrotable with. I am used to observing details of my work in the darkroom because of my education. I think photo shooting and film processing sooth me and help me focus. I believe photography brought me to, in a broader sense, visual arts. 2:哪一幅作品是你創作歷程中最喜歡的作品,為什麼? 每一副作品情緒都是不一樣的,都是我當下想表達的心境,是日記, 是情緒的抒發。每一張「日記」在創作時都是我最喜歡的作品。開始 的時候我癡迷於水母的形態,隨著3年來的水母題材創作,讓我深刻 感知到她們的狀態,一種浮游,不安,自由的狀態。 《水母16號》是 我油畫作品的一次突破,我用慢速快門拍攝水母,捕捉她們在水族箱 裡移動的的瞬間,我看到她們的運動軌跡,看到了一種嚮往自由的掙 扎,《水母16號》透過這一張作品,我不再想仔細刻畫水母本身的形 態,而是想表達時間在空間裡流動的一種狀態,是專注點的轉變和繪 畫語言的轉變。 2. What is your favorite work you have ever made, and why? Each work of mine expresses unique emotions of mine. They are like pages of a journal – each page is unique, personal and my favourite when I produce it. I was drawn to the physical shapes of jellyfish but now I focus more on the motion of free swimming and floating of the creatures. Jellyfish No.16 is the first time I showcased this kind of switch of focus: I used slower shutter speeds to photograph jellyfish, which are suited to suggesting the motion and its movement, longing for freedom.

Ray No.. 2, Oil on Canvas, 120x120cm, 2018 54 | Magazine 43

3: 如果你可以畫人生中最後一件作品,會是什麼?為什麼? 因為作為一名獨立創作的藝術家,我希望人生中最後一個作品是和親 友一起完成,那一天可能陽光明媚,吃過早餐,我會帶上所有的畫材 走到街上,邀請我的愛的朋友、家人去還有路人共同完成一件作品, 在作畫的時候我們互相聊著天,談談笑笑,一定會是一件很有趣的作 品。我從不喜歡獨處,可能因為我太喜歡交朋友,我想和他們分享我 的所有,我的最後一件作品也一定會是這樣的狀態。 3. If you could paint one last thing, what would that be? Why so? As an individual artist, I actually want the last piece of mine a colleberative project with my family and friends. On the last day of my life I would have enjoyed my brunch and walked onto the sunny side of the road, I would invite friends, family and strangers and started laying paints on canvas together. We’d laugh and chat. It would be my last fun project – I am never a loner, and definitely will not be when working on my last piece. 4: 什麼事情或是什麼人啟發了你做現在做的事? 攝影系畢業後,我為了生計嘗試過其他的行業,去電視台上過班,在 美術館裡也做過,但做一個藝術家的想法在我心裡一直蠢蠢欲動。那 時候的我沒有自信,只是悄悄的做一些作品,偶爾會給一些畫廊看 看,但只是參與了一些小的聯合展覽,後來我認識了香港畫廊主、策 展人Lucie Chang ,當她看到我的幾張油畫的時候,她願意幫助我 並代理我,並且鼓勵支持我做一位全職、自信的藝術家,讓我鼓起勇 氣做自己,第一次是她帶我的作品參加大型的藝術博覽會,我正式進 入當代藝術市場,並且正視面對自己,面對未來,在之後的合作裡是 她讓我越來越堅定,給我自由,我找到了真正的自己。Lucie Chang Fine Arts是一個專業的團隊,合作這兩年裡,讓我迅速進步,我想我 是幸運的。 4. What or who inspires you to do what you do? After graduation, I tried to make ends meet by working for some networks and museums. But I wanted to make art badly. I made some while being insecure and unstable, showing some pieces to gallerists from time to time, some times getting involved in group exhibitions. The Hong Kong-based gallery director, curator Lucie Chang got to know me at that time through my canvases and eventually agreed to carry me in the program of Lucie Chang Fine Arts. I started becoming a full time artist, getting my way into international art fairs and the cotemporary art market. I am more confident, and more focused on the future plan. I am quite fond of the whole team of Lucie Chang Fine Arts. I feel blessed.

Magazine 43 | 55

5: 你一般在哪裡或是在何處比較易受啟發? 靈感是一瞬間的,比如看到我家牆皮的脫落,是時間留下的痕跡,看 到斑駁的牆皮一點點脫落,讓我在創作中作出一起意想不到的機理 感。還有生鏽的銅器上凝結的水印使我創作出《光生物1號》這張作 品,所以靈感和啟發是生活的細節,是一瞬間的記憶與感受。比較傳 統的認知是水母本身啟發了我很多,我不完全反對。水母的形狀和運 動軌跡可以是很多種,也給我的創作帶來了更多可能性,無的變幻。 5. Where and how do you get inspiration from? Muse revealed herself instantly. For example, coincidently I was inspired by the old, fallen out wallpaper in my apartment. It reminded me of the passing time and consequently this specific moment inspired some of my canvases’ undertone. And the watermark of the rusty brass is the inspiration of Ray No.1. Inspiration is ephemeral for me – they are those small moments of your life and memories. It’s recognized that Jellyfish-like-creatures inspire me, which I do disagree. The physical shapes and movement of jellyfish vary and they feed into the possibilities of my canvas. It keeps my works dynamic.

Ray No.. 1, Oil on Canvas, 120x120cm, 2018

6: 作為一個藝術家,你職業中最大的掙扎是什麼? 我是一個隨性的完美主義者,隨性又想完美,所以有時候會經常矛 盾,很隨性的做自己但又怕出差錯,我希望自己是一個面面俱到的 人,希望每一張作品都是完美的或者是我十分滿意的,但對完美的定 義我自己不能明確給出答案,在創作作品的時候,我很多次無法繼續 進行,也有過毀掉剛畫完的作品想重新再來,但發現已經失去剛有的 狀態,所以現在試著接受自己的不完美,因為不完美也是我自己的一 部分,它也代表某一方面的我,所以沒有最完美的作品,就讓情感自 由流淌。 56 | Magazine 43

6. As an artist, what is or was the biggest struggle you have experienced in your career? I am a carefree girl, but also a perfectionist. It’s challeging to care so much about art, but at the same time, to care absolutely nothing about many other aspects of life. I am terrifiied by mistakes I make in my works. I’m keen on being welcomed and approratie; I’m hoping that all my creation is perfect. But if you ask me about my definition of “a perfect painting”, I’m afirad I don’t have a concrete concept for that. I have stopped and even destroyed some of my works before. However, I failed to reconnect with my previous emotions when starting the piece over. Gradually, the carefreeness in me has been overcoming the attempt to perfection in vain. As long as they are the vehicel to my emotions and self expression, my works can be imperfect. 7: 對於年輕而有夢想的藝術家你可以改到的建議是? 我也是一名年輕的藝術家,也在不斷的嘗試多種媒介,我發現可以透 過不同藝術媒介找到更多的可能性,比如作品和大眾的互動性,公共 藝術讓我更了解自己。當代的藝術圈沒有給我們任何壓力,希望年輕 的藝術家們可以真正的做自己想做的事情,真實的表達自己,最重要 的是一定要堅持。 7. What advice would you like to give all these young emerging artists who have a dream? I am also a young emerging artist. For all my peers’ information, I have been experimenting and seraching for more possibilities across media. I focus on public art sector and the interaction between my body of works and the general public. I think the artwork puts no limits for us – I hope all young artists make art to express themselves and enjoy it. And I hope they all keep making art.

Periphery, Acrylic Painting Installation, 120x80x120cm, 2017 Magazine 43 | 57

Opposite side II, Oil on Linen, 60x60cm, 2017

Nude, Oil on Linen, 80x80cm, 2018

Opposite side I, Oil on Linen, 90x60cm, 2017

58 | Magazine 43

Illusion of tranquilty, Chalk Pigments on Paper, 110x75cm



atalia studied at Stroganov Academy of Arts in Moscow, participate in the many international art shows and fairs, her artworks are at private collections in Russia, France, Germany, UK and China. Artist follows abstract and metphysical ideas, being inspired by symbolism of ancient cultures. Each piece has its own touch, brought out by bright character and personal freedom.

Magazine 43 | 59



olina Perova is an artist working in various techniques, graduated from the Institute of Printing in St. Petersburg, Russia. Perova’s main directions of creativity are portraits and book illustration.

Birdman, Tempera Canvas, 40x40cm, 2015

60 | Magazine 43

Calm, Tempera Paper, 80x60cm, 2014 Magazine 43 | 61

Spring in Spain, Oil on Canvas, 60x70cm, 2018

62 | Magazine 43



egina is a Russian artist from Moscow who was born in Siberia and studied in Krasnoyarsk, where the great Russian artist Vasily Surikov lived and worked. Grauberger has a big love for painting the small, unnoticable traits of the big cities as well as beautiful landscapes

IG: @reginagrauberger

Old Door 2, Oil on Canvas, 40x40cm, 2018

Magazine 43 | 63

VLAD (Am.2.o.M.), Photography, 2018

Delerium in the Museum of Imagination, Collage on canvas, 40 x 30cm, 2018



am Dodson is a professional artist and former musician in Loop Guru and the Transmitters. His art explores collage in varying forms with intervention and construction. Recently three of Sam’s works have been featured in Dada and Surrealism publications. Two of his works have appeared on album sleeves. Recently he has been involved in a project called fivers4artistic alongside such luminaries as Sir Peter Blake, Gilbert and George, Ralph Steadman and Damien Hirst amongst others. The project involves decorating old five pound notes in whatever form you like these will be exhibited and then sold at auction at Bonhams. Proceeds go to charity. 64 | Magazine 43

Everything is Real in the Imaginarium, Collage on canvas, 40 x 30cm, 2018

Magazine 43 | 65

Kristong Tinik, Wielded Metal, Size Variable, 2017

66 | Magazine 43



am Penaso is a multi-diciplinary artist that dabbles in painting, sculpture and performance art. He has held 26th solo exhibitions, seven of which were held in Japan, Thailand, Austria, Germany, Singapore, New York and Abu Dhabi. He has also been a recipient of several Art grants including Asian Cultural Council (ACC) and the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York and the Thailand-Philippines Art Exchange Program in Bangkok, Thailand. He has also garnered some major art awards here and abroad since 1996 among them are 1st Prize in 2014 and 2016 GSIS Art Competition. a 2013 Finalist at Winter Grand Salon Show in New York, 1st Prize in 2012 AAP Annual Art Competition, Finalist in 2006 Beppu Asia Biennale of Contemporary Art in Japan. and a 3rd Prize in 2001 Metrobank Young Painter’s Annual Art Competition to name a few. He has also performed in several local and International Performances Art most notably are his “Stripewalker” series and Tupada International Action Art Events from 2002 up to present. Sam Penaso is a visual and performance artist from Guindulman Bohol. He finished his Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree Major in Advertising at Technological University of the Philippines.

IG: @sampenaso

Cityscape, Acrylic on Canvas, 120x150cm, 2018

Magazine 43 | 67

1) What has your journey being an artist been like? Im a working student during my college days- working in Printing of Sleepers of my uncle, to enroll at Fine-arts at Technological Univ of Philippines. 2) What got you into visual art? Performance art? In my elementary days- It was my interest making drawing, so I enrol Fine arts- then im always explore making forms of Art, by Painting, sculpture, installation and into Performance art- is another form of Art that using to body/sounds/movements etc- to express your Art, it was called also Action Art or Ephemeral Art, its more on Self Satisfaction after doing it. 3) Where do you get inspiration for your creations? I always inspired by my Surroundings and experience to get more subject about conceptualizing my art. 4) Does society play a big role in your works? Why, and how? When I create work –I don’t think about the audience- I just love to focus on my art to fulfil my artistic expression. 5) Describe your profession in 5 words. Freedom, creativity, passion, exploration and determinations. 6) Is there an artwork you are most proud of? Why? Maybe my commission work in public places/ hotels- it’s a great honor that I always saw them anytime and see people apriciated who see my artworks. 7) What is your most important artist tool? My ideas are my tools for creating artworks. 8) How do you know when your art is finished? There are no given rules – I just fell it that the work is done. real essence of life is to find purpose not on what one can do but what one can experience out of life. 9) Would you agree that artists are nowhere to be found but constantly in their thoughts? Why or why not? I don’t believe so. We also socialize. In fact, I like socializing with other artists. There is a saying that people join communities with like-minded people. Maybe this is the reason why some people think that artist are nowhere to be found. I try to enjoy the life of an artist as much as possible because we only live once, and the real essence of life is to find purpose not on what one can do but what one can experience out of life. 68 | Magazine 43

Metalscape 8, Wielded Metal, 5x6ft, 2017

Magazine 43 | 69

Nest, Treegypsum, 41x17x41cm, 2017



alina Sergeevna Pak, is an artist and a sculptor. She has been a member of the Artists’ Union of Russia since 1991 and currently lives and works in Nalchik. Galina Pak has been participating in republican, territorial, Russian, All-Union and international exhibitions since 1974

IG: @artist_designer_sofiapak

70 | Magazine 43

Of War, Gupsum, 43x22x21 cm, 2016 Magazine 43 | 71

Dust, Painting, 60x50cm, 2017

72 | Magazine 43



ussian artist Uliana Pucheglazova focuse on Symbolism, and Primitivism. For her, painting is a living organism, and that is why

IG: @ uliana_pucheglazova

Feel, Painting, 60x60cm, 2017

Magazine 43 | 73




Xavier Yarto is a Mexican painter who has managed to put in purely abstract work a very unique and thorough creation of particular colors that give great strength and impact in each touch. The artist seeks to bring a point beyond abstract art by combining this technique with a high relief of pre-Hispanic culture in which he transforms the concept and reinforces it with a new set of colors that the creates otherwise and highlights the meaning of each icon used in his work. After presenting several important and renowned places in Mexico, he has taken his work to countries like Sweden, the Netherlands , Spain, England, Austria, France, Italy South Korea, Denmark and the USA. Yarto has also received an nomination from the global art awards in Dubai taking the enigmatic world of pre-Columbian art---a job as its author calls it, “ a recreation of the Hispanic culture with a modern language.� Xavier Yarto contributes to artworks full of color, strength and content.

74 | Magazine 43


Magazine 43 | 75



an graduated with a B.A. in Fine Art from Royal Rmit University (co-presented with HK Art School). As an artist, Yan is inspired by the beauty of patterns and fascinating objects, both often seen in her artwork. What inspires Yan to paint is the idea of breathing life into an empty canvas, life created through the process of painting. Each stroke of paint she connects onto the canvas is another breath given to a new life. This satisfaction of creation fuels her passion for painting. Yan likes to express her work in a colourful and fantasy way. She hopes people can forget their troubles and displeasures when they see her artworks and feel the joyful atmosphere. Through her artwork, Yan aims to lead her audiences on a journey between the fabrics of reality and fantasy.

Fantasy Land 8, Acrylic and Paint Marker on Canvas, 90x120cm, 2018

76 | Magazine 43

Fantasy Land 2, Acrylic and Paint Marker on Canvas, 90x120cm, 2018

Fantasy Land 4, Acrylic and Paint Marker on Canvas, 90x120cm, 2016 Magazine 43 | 77

People 2, A4 Blue Pen 78 | Magazine 43



A versatile, experimental creative person who has figurative thinking, a developed artistic taste, a sense of style, form and color. Orlova has a knowledge of copyright law, knowledge in the field of theory of design and art, font, color and composition.Graduated from the Moscow State Art Academy named after Stroganov.

IG: @orlovaexhibition

People, A4, Blue Pen, 21x29cm Magazine 43 | 79



iktoria Wagner is another Russian artist we are featuring who is currently living in Germany. Wagner works on pencildrawing, oil and acrylic painting, and also an illustrator who focuses on animation.

I’m afraid!, Aqryl Painting, 25.4x34.48cm, 2018

80 | Magazine 43

Travelcircus, Oil Painting, 25.4x35.4cm, 2017

Magazine 43 | 81

OPEN CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS PILOTENKUECHE, Leipzig, Germany 2019 “PILOTENKUECHE” is an international art program based in Europe’s boomtown Leipzig, Germany. The independent project is organized by artists with a transdisciplinary background between art, theory & diverse sciences with the aim to support and boost artistic experience. The project offers a diversity of programs and invites selected artists from around the world as well as handpicked curators, enthusiasts & local participants. While international residents come to work at the 465m² large fully remodeled studio space for a period of three months local artists are selected to participate on the artistic program. Each accepted artist is offered a stipend, provided by ‘PILOTENKUECHE’. We also maintain engagements with several partners, and by introducing our artists to these, make it possible for participants to cooperate with and exhibit in other venues. Our concept encourages experimental strategies and embraces a trans-disciplinary ethos, aiming to provide our participants with the experience of accomplishing something collectively. In a group of around twelve internationals working in the space and two local participants participating on our program activities, a stimulating dialogue becomes vital in fostering an independent position in one’s work while binding the individuals temporarily within the group, which leads to a long-term network that exists even after the program is over. The project provides a range of programs, aiming to connect & engage different disciplines. Each category of our art program coalesces during a 3 months period, after which we realize a collaborative exhibition. Between international & local artists, curators & enthusiasts, the programs we offer are:

• • • •

International Residence Program Local Participants Program International Internship Program Emerging Curator Program

Participants receive all documentation necessary to apply for funding and the visa process. If required, the project can assist with additional individual reference letters. We’re looking for artists, curators & enthusiasts to participate on our program in 2019. You can apply any time, but please consider our deadlines. Application Deadlines: Round July – Sept. 2019: Round Oct. – Dec. 2019: Round Jan. – March 2020: Round April – June 2020: 82 | Magazine 43

30.09.18 31.12.18 30.03.19 30.06.19

WHAT WE PROVIDE Our project fuses a range of programs in a group of artistic participants with internal and external activities. The Program activities consists of studio visits, museum tours, scheduled art critiques, an art talk by our residents, as well as one preview show and one final group exhibition. With our 465m² communal loft studio space we provide a highly remodeled platform to work from. For a detailed list of our programs and their details please consult our website. To our curators, we offer the chance to connect with artists and expand the personal network; we understand the project as a platform for the participating curator, to gain insights as well as to experiment in a practical field, to benefit their own position, concepts, as well as overall career. We offer our interns direct insight into the workflow of our international residency, a chance to connect with artists and expand of their personal network. They will gain experience in the field of press and public relations. We curate and prepare exhibitions together. This internship may also be incorporated into university program credentials.  EXPECTATIONS Participants are expected to participate with the program objectives, to contribute to a collective enterprise, and be open to work with others. In exchange for the stipend, artists are expected to leave a donation of one or two art works. From curators and interns, we expect openness, good English skills, a hands-on mentality, flexibility and the ability to work independently, paired with significant skills in contemporary art. The curator is expected to work actively within the group of artists to develop, mobilize, and realize concepts of the planned exhibition. Further expectations to the curator include discussing didactic concepts as well as giving Magazine 43 | 83

assistance to the artists, individually and collectively. Both curators and interns work a maximum of 20 hours /week for a period of 3 months. APPLICATION PROCESS Interests from all disciplines are invited to send us an application for the preferred program. Please visit our website for detailed information before you apply and contact us for any questions. Send your application to MORE INFORMATION CONTACT

84 | Magazine 43

Magazine 43 | 85

86 | Magazine 43



@themagazine43 Magazine 43 | 87

HOW TO APPLY Visual Artists All mediums accepted, photography, mixed-media, drawings, illustrations, paintings, digital paintings, new-media, sculptures, installations, video, motion graphics etc. Please submit your works based on the following guidelines: 10 images max. Submission size: 1200 pixels and 72 dpi in JPG format. If you get accepted, we will ask you to submit the high-resolution file. Writers From pieces you have emptied yourselves into; from the most heart breaking to the most uplifting pieces from your everyday life, written in either poetry or prose. We want the strongest of emotions felt from each piece and the most captivating. If you have works like these, please submit according to the following guidelines. FOR POETRY SUBMISSIONS: Times New Roman Single-spaced Size 12 FOR PROSE SUBMISSIONS: Times New Roman Double-spaced Size 12 Submissions are from 2-5 poems. Please keep prose submissions UNDER THREE THOUSAND WORDS and AT LEAST TWO HUNDRED WORDS. Misogynistic, racist, or other bigoted works are not accepted. Musicians We all know that music is vital, and that is why Magazine 43 welcomes features for musicians. Website link and/or QR CODE to your music (E.x. Soundcloud or Bandcamp) Other relevant links to your music (Facebook, Twitter, Etc.) can confirm payment.

88 | Magazine 43

Submission Guidelines There is a non-refundable fee of $12 which will help assist us with the running costs of the Magazine 43’s labor and expenses. Please send the payment and Paypal transaction ID to Magazine 43 email:

Magazine 43 | 89

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Magazine 43 Issue 4: Summer 2018  

Say hello to the 2018 summer edition of Magazine 43! We are an independent online and print-on-demand publication which aims to promote cont...

Magazine 43 Issue 4: Summer 2018  

Say hello to the 2018 summer edition of Magazine 43! We are an independent online and print-on-demand publication which aims to promote cont...