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Zero OPEX solar powered GSM for rural networks

Find out how VNL’s solar powered voice and data telecom equipment is set to change the lives of billions around the world who do not have a phone. Half the world’s population lives in rural areas not covered by a mobile network. An estimated 1.6 billion people live without electricity. An additional 1 billion people live in areas with unreliable access to power. The telecoms industry has known for a long time that traditional GSM equipment was not suitable for rural areas in Africa, India, Latin America and parts of Asia. For years, they have looked for the answer. VNL has finally found a way: its environmentally friendly, multi-awardwinning zero OPEX solar powered GSM system, that has been specifically designed to serve remote and rural areas where ARPUs are less than $2 a month. Its low-cost solar powered base stations can be set up in a few hours by two unskilled people living in villages. The bottom line: Operators now have a way to provide affordable, sustainable mobile services to rural communities - and still turn a profit. Technology Pioneers


Africa Telecoms 6  

Issue 6 - 3G

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