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From great pain, comes great beauty.

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orn in Pomona, CA and raised as a missionary kid in Mexico City

for the first 15 years of my life. Studied high school college in CA and graduated with bachelor’s degree in Spanish. Currently I am married and have two daughters, Keyla and Emma. My husband Alex and I have been working with OM (missionary agency) full time for the past 9 years. Prior to having children we lived in South Africa and India receiving missionary training as well as working as apprentices with AIDSlink-Om’s partnering ministry of HIV and AIDS. Over the past four years Alex has lead the OM Costa Rica field and I started the women’s ministry now becoming a small business named Pearl Process Mosaics. Which will add a platform to sustain many risk women.

Pearl Process



“ never thought my hands could make something so beautiful. I thought they were only made for cleaning other peoples toilets,� said Lucy after she finished her first stain glass mosaic. The Pearl Process Mosaic began with a small group of four at risk women learning how to make mosaics in an effort to install worth and value into their lives while teaching them a skill that they would otherwise have no opportunity to learn. Several of the women mentioned while learning the process of mosaics that it seemed similar to their lives. They associated the cutting technics and the fragmented pieces of glass to the pain and suffering they had undergone in life and yet found encouragement in the fact that once all the little pieces were glued together a beautiful piece of artwork was made. In those moments they realized that from great pain could come great beauty. This is the foundation of the Pearl Process Mosaic business, to bring beauty from pain through the transformation knowledge of Jesus. At the same time create a platform for newfound value and worthwhile meeting physical needs for at risk women due to poverty, lack of education, exploitation or abuse of some form.



Made ​​from stained glass and wood of the highest quality.

Crosses Item # Pp001


Coaster set & holder and Wood Trivets


Item # Pp050



Trivets Light color wood Item # Pp050

$34.50 Dark color wood #Pp021




Trays can be purchased in a set of three or individually. Individual sizes Small: 7 x 11 in Medium: 9 x 13 in Large: 10 x 15 in

Trays Set of three Item # Pp011

$97.50 Individual sizes #Pp010 Large : $59.90 Medium: $49.90 Small: $39.90

Frames 8x17 in


Frames 8x17 frame

Item # Pp031


Frames 11x11 in


Frames 11 x 11 frame

Item # Pp030


DĂŠcor trunk slice

For christmas


Trunk Large Item # Pp040

$45.99 Small Item # Pp045


Split art


Split Art Set of two Item # Pp035

$ 52.00 Set of three Item # Pp036

$ 71.50 Set of four Item # Pp037

$ 82.00

Personalized mosaics Tell us your style send in a picture a we will sketch out your personalized mosaic. Choose from a 11 x 11 in frame, 8 x 17 in frame, dĂŠcor trunk, trivet or tray.

Personalized Price may vary.


(506) 83433933 Pearl Process Mosaics

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