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El Sagrado Corazon de Jesus School 10th Ciencias y Letras “C” Customer Service

Unit II Portfolio

María Fernanda Castillo Key: 5


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Listen to your Customer………………………………………3-4 Use the telephone well for good service……………………5-6 Use friendly websites and electronic communication……..7-9 Pictionary……………………………………………………….10-13 Reflective Essay……………………………………………….14 Activities………………………………………………………...15-23


Listen to your customer Listening and Hearing:  Hearing is a physical process by which sound waves are sent to the brain for understanding.  Listening refers to the psychological process that allows to attach a meaning to what we hear.

Listening Preconditions:  The words or other sounds used by the message source must be received by the hearer.  The listener must possess a set of meanings or referents for these sounds.

What contributes to listening?  To improve our listening skills, we need to understand the demands placed upon our listening capacities.  These elements fall into three categories or elements of the listening process.

Internal Elements

Environmental Elements

Interactional Elements


Internal Elements Affecting Listening    

Trying to hear in a noisy environment. Dealing with a static-filled phone line. Encountering people who speak too softly. We need to have the ability to listen and makes sense of the sounds we are listening to regardless of the distractions around us.

Environmental Elements Affecting Listening  Individual listening capacity: it can be overloaded with too much information, or it can be underutilized with too little.  Thousands of messages call for our attention every day but we choose which ones to listen to.  Since we can listen faster than people can speak sometimes we drift off.

Noise  Noise refers to those sounds that are irrelevant to the conversation.  Noise can be environmental, such as sounds of machinery, buzzers, ori t can be mental such as a headache.

The Use or Misuse of Gatekeepers  A gatekeeper refers to one person that who previews incoming information to determine if comminication is appropiate.  If the message appears nonesential, the gatekeeper keeps it from getting to the person.  Managers almost always have at least one gatekeeper to listen for them, such as a secretary.


Use the Thelefhone Well For Good Service Benefits and drawbacks of thelephone communication  Always remember that people are operating blind while on the phone.  People who answer calls from customers are often among the lowest paid in a company, yet they are the voice and image of the entire company to customers.

Two Significant Drawbacks  Many people have never learned about the basics of thelephone courtesy and effectiveness necessary to convey a good business image.  People cannot see the person they are dealing with and they can wet easily confused.

Action Tips  Check your phone use attitude using a self-eveluation to help you improve your telephone techniques.  Contact and compare your company o Callers create first impressions and draw immediate conclusions about the person’s or company’s efficiency.  Avoid unnecessary call screening o Screening means to have someone answer for you, acting as a gatekeeper.  Answer with professionalism o Identify yourself when answering the phone, use names, and good business etiquette. 5

Action Tips on What to Do or Say  Answer Promptly and be Prepared to Handle Calls o Answer soon to convey efficiency and willigness to serve, write and record necessary information.  Use Courtesy Titles o There is no downside to addressing people politely and formally.  Thank People for Calling o Never underestimate the power of kind words.  Smile o People can feel the smile or lack of it in your tone.  Be Sure the Conversation is Finished Before you Hang Up o Have a polish way to signal the end of a conversation.  Handle the upset caller with tact and skill.  Modify your tone, loudness, and pitch to maintain your listener’s attention.  Thelephone contact is often the first impression a customer gets of your company.  Many people see calls as interruptions.  Use call screening only when necessary, not as a way of projecting power.


Use Friendly Websites and electronic communication

If you are not in the Web you are not in the Business  Internet has become the place of searching and shopping.  Millions of people access it worldwide.  We have come to assume that all companies have a web presence.  The cost of creating and maintaining a website continues to come down.

Web-based Customer Service  The internet is: o A perfect sales channel. o An excellent channel for pre-sale. o Effective post-sale customer support.  Although the telephone is still and important way of communication, the internet and social networks are becoming much more common.

Self-serve Common Answers  Low interaction communication is when customers take care of themselves using knowledge bases.  Knowledge bases are databases of answers to frequently asked questions FAQ’s.


Knowledge Bases  Online knowledge bases make it posible for customer to answer their own questions.  Self-learning knowledge bases constantly update themselves based on customer questions.

Structured or Unestructured  Structured knowledge bases are organized into a question-andanswer format.  Unestructured knowledge bases are repositories of customer interaction.

Type of Answers Available  Hyperlinks are those words that you can click on to go to another place.  Multiword searches of the FAQ’s are the collecting wisdom regarding the product or service.  Today’s customer expect efficient access to answers.

Delayed Answers  Email usually increases when customers are having trouble finding answers on their own.  The problema with emails is that it is one way communication, the possibility of misunderstanding is high, and it takes time to respond to each customer. The email must be responden in at least 24 hours.

Web Chat or Live Chat  Live chat requieres people available to the customer and this is expensive.  A variation of chat romos is the use of blogs. A blog is a journal maintained by a company or and individual.  A blog becomes an online forum for discussions.


Self-served Personalized Answers  This is the ideal techonology-assisted service a company can offer.

Social Networking Skyrockets  Blogs and chat romos have changed into social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. These link friends and associates of all ages in easy-to-use contact networks.  Companies cannot afford to overlook the customer service potential of these networks.

Customer Service Expectations  Customization: companies need to provide personalized products or services.  Scrutiny: customers check out products online before they go to the store, 83% of people know what they want before they go to the store. Shopping now involves picking up the product.  Integrity: customers are more conscious of company reputation and share immpresions with others.  Collaboration: customers want to participate with companies to make the product or service better and they want open communication channels.  Entertainment: customers expect companies to make it fun to do business with them.  Speed: customers want the company to serve them now.  Innovation: customers want companies to give them the latest, trendiest products and services. The old model is unacceptable.

Disadvantages of Web-based Service  Poorly manages e-service systems can result in a reputation for bad service.  Technology applications are moving targets, the rate of change is extremely fast.


Pictionary  Benchmarking: any standar or reference by which other can be measured or judged.

 Blog: a web site containing a writers or a group of writers own experiences, observations, opinions, etc. And often having images and links to other web sites.

 Click path: it is a list of all the pages view by a visitor, presented in the order the pages were view.


 E-service: represents one prominent application of utilizing the use of information and communication technologies in different areas.

 Frequently Asked Questions: are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining a particular topic.

 Knowledge Base: it is a technology used to store complex structured and usestructured information.


 Live Chat: electronic conversation; using an instant message service.

 Online Forum: it is a public service that is in market place where people could buy products.

 Social Network Sites: web sites or other online technologies to communicate with people and share different information.


 Spamming: it is the action of sending unsolicited email; junk email.

 Web Chat: it is a system that allows users to communicate in real time using web interfaces.


Reflective Essay This unit I learned a lot of things related to the phone effective use and the different ways of communication, not only in a business context but in life in general. I learned that even if technology is a great tool, if not managed correctly it can cause a bad reputation to a company. This unit’s activities were interesting, I specially liked the one of the investment because we could express our ideas to our classmates and try to sell a product, I liked to think about all the L Little details a company must have to attract customers and investors. The class in general was very dynamic and fun, the videos are something I really like because they exemplify perfectly the topic we are discussing in class.


Activities Burger Supreme 1. What is Burger Supreme dedicated to? What do they sell? Burger Supreme is a restaurant in Utah’s County dedicated principally to the sale of burgers and French fries, but they also sale a variety of meals, like sandwiches, salads, etc. 2. How many items do they have in their menu? They have 13 items in their menu, which includes burgers, fries, salads, sandwiches, and beverages. 3. Locate a link that mentions customer loyalty towards Burger Supreme. 4. Analyze the link mentioning important information. The customers are happy with their service, and the taste of their food, some of them mention that the service is very efficient. 5. Would you like to go to Burger Supreme or do you prefer going to fast food hamburger chain? Explain. I would choose a fast food chain, since I haven’t visit Burger Supreme however I do think they have some good ideas, but without knowing the quality of their food I can’t really choose them over a service that I do know. 6. Using the reading answer the following: Who are the owners of BS? Steve and Debby k. Are the actors active in the business? Yes, because the owners are there in the business and have a personalized customer service at burger supreme. Mention examples from the extract that help us understand that customers are loyal? They bring friends to the restaurant, and they advertise the restaurant to fellow workers, and family. The company has owned the loyalty of their customers by having strategies such as giving free lunches to their frequent customers.


Action Tips on the phone. Action Tip #15: When calling other ask, “Is this a convenient time to talk? It is good to ask the people if they are busy before you start the conversation. If someone ask you this question and you are busy, tell the caller that you will arrange another call in a more convenient time.

Action Tip #16: Take messages cheerfully and accurately. It is important to have a notepad with you to record key words and phrases. Make sure to read the message back to the caller to know if it is accurate, the pass the message to the right person.

Action Tip #17: Make your greeting message efficient. Record an answering machine or voice mail to capture messages when you are not available. Keep the greeting short but efficient. In case you call to someone and you get the answering machine, make sure to say your name and a brief explanation on why you are calling.


Action Tip #18: Learn to use your phone features. This is useful for when you are not able to answer the pone, or to transfer a call to another person. It is important to keep up with phone technology to make a company more efficient.

Action Tip #19: Plan your outgoing call for efficiency. When yo want to do a business call you better plan what you are going to say, write it down and make sure to include the reason of your call and a list of information you need to give or get. It is very important to identify yourself and the reason for your call early in the conversation.


Listening and Hearing Activity 

What is the difference between hearing and listening? Hearing is a purely physical activity by which sound waves are send to the brain and listening refers to the physchological process that allows us to attach patterns to the meanings.

Mention the three types of factors that complicate the listening process and pose potential barriers. Internal elements, environmental elements, and interacial elements.

What two things can generate communication problems? Interrupting people, faking attention, and talking more than listening.

What does CAA stand for and what does it mean? It means Counter Attitudinal Advocacy.

Mention, describe, and explain in your own words the three action tips that you consider most important o Be patient: is very important because the customer will feel comfortable and will express the problema without hesitation or fear. o Avoid Faking Attention: an employee must pay attention to the customer because that way they can fix the problrm faster and with efficiency. o Enjoy People and their diversity: it is important to accept the variety of customers you will get as en employee, and make them feel like guests.

Define the following: o Faking attention: it is to act like you are listening to someone but you are thinking in something else. o Listening Capacity: is the capacity of an individual to listen to others, it can be overloaded or underutilized. o Noise: it refers to the sounds that are irrelevant for a conversation. o Gatekeepers: is the person who you talk to before taking a problema to the head of a business. o Wide asleep listener: it is when you are looking at someone and pretend to listen but your mind is not into the conversation. o Habit: is something you become used to do.


Telephone Action Tips Homework Six telephone problems:      

Problem 1: there were a lot of gatekeepers Problem 2: the man that was helping Garth didn’t know the information of the car. Problem 3: Garth was put on hold too many times. Problem 4: the dealer didn’t use businesslike vocabulary. Problem 5: the dealer never said his name or asked what was the problem. Problem 6: the dealer hung up before the conversation was finished.

Six telephone tips: 

Action Tip 3 (Avoid unnecessary call screening): the customer wants to talk to the person who has the information he is requiring.

Action Tip 5 (Answer promptly and be prepared to handle calls): make the message efficient and answer the informaniton requiered or transfer the call as quick as possible to someone who can help the customer.

Action Tip 13 (Do not let “dead air” happen): putting people on hold can annoy caller, so tell them what you are doing and why.

Action Tip 10 (Keep your conversation tactful and businesslike): keep your comments possitive and oriented toward solving the caller’s problem.

Action Tip 4 (Answer with profesionalism): when you answer the phone state your name and ask how can you help the caller.

Action Tip 8 (Be sure the conversation is finished before you hang up): as kif there is something else you can help the caller before hanging up. Hanging up before the conversation is over can upset some customers.


The Future of the Internet 1. If, in fact, the Internet can provide many more ways that devices can communicate with each other, what are some implications for customer service? Some implications may be that the devices will do all the work, such as answer the telephone, send information faster, and help to solve the problems with the customers more efficiently. 2. What kinds of new expectations might customers hold regarding online repairs, adjustments, and new features? Customer would expect for their needs to be satisfied in less time and more efficiently, also they would want the new features to be innovative and to find the exact product or service they are looking for with the exact conditions they want and with a guarantee that the product is of a good quality and that it has an online support in case of a problem. 3. Describe how such “futuristic� online services might possibly affect an organization you work in or are familiar with. Be creative. This online service might reduce the staff of a company because all the work would be done by devices or machines. With the online tools it would not be necessary to have people working in answering the phone or making calls. i think a good exmple could be the grocery stores, such as La Torre, it would not be necessary to have cashiers if the devices can communicate with each other and the customers just would put the money or the credit card in the device and the payment would be done.

There are a lot of advantages in Web-based service such as the effectiveness in solving doubts via Web- self service, shopping online also is a great advantage because you just pick a product and this is delivered just a few days later, but as in every service there are also disadvantages such as the wrong use of the web pages that can cause the company a bad reputation and the losing of customer loyalty. In my opinion Web- based service is great if you use it correctly and take it to your advantage to make your business grow and to make it more attractive to customers.


Investment Support Presentation



Support your Investment I chose Corning and E&E Nail Polish because the companies have an innovating idea and are attractive to young people.

Corning is my first choice because it can be very helpful to make easier our activities and our life in general, it will be awesome to have such innovating technology in the school. The target market and market opportunities for this product are very large due to the attractiveness technology has nowadays, here in Guatemala it would be a success because everyone is looking for the most recent and innovating devices.

I would also like to invest in E&E Nail Polish, because as a teenager I like to have my nails stylish and beautiful, and this product has the special characteristic that the color of your nails reflect the color of your cloth so the worry of changing the nail polish everytime you change cloths would disappear. The market opportunities are large because teenage girls love to wear attractive and beautiful nails all the time.


Unit 2 portfolio  

Topics and activities of unit 2 Customer Service

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