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Once upon there was a world called “Darkness”, everything in that world was dark and all the people were sad in every moment.

Once upon there was a world called “Darkness”, everything in that world was dark and all the people were sad in every moment.  

In that ugly world lives a beautiful, colorful and happy princess whose name was: Valentina, she was all the time trying to find a way to make a colorful world and make finally a big change but she can do it only by meeting the love of her life. Â


She has a best friend who named was: Santiago, he also wants to make a happy and colorful world, so he helped Valentina to find that prince and make that challenge real.

Valentina and Santiago started to make posters with the message that the next day all the men in the Darkness’s world have to go to Valentina’s castle  

The next day all the men go to Valentina’s castle, Valentina has a pink dress and an extraordinary hairstyle, but only one man get surprise of her beauty and was: Santiago, in that moment the castle turn pink and all the men in the Darkness’ world get confusing and excited, no one can believe that amazing moment could happened in their world.

After the meeting, Valentina was confused because she starts to feel something strange for Santiago, she can’t believe that maybe he could be that amazing and perfect prince that she was looking for many years.

So she decided to know if he was the love of her life. She organizes a date with Santiago, but in this case she doesn’t use a color dress, she decides to use a dark dress.

In the moment when Santiago looks at her all their cloths get colorful. Valentina and Santiago realize that they don’t have to search love in other people because they fail in love and they were born to be together. Santiago gives to Valentina the kiss of love and the entire world change with different colors.                                    

The trees were green and brown, the sky was blue and white, the sun was yellow and orange, the dress was purple and the cheeks get red. It was amazing, all the Darkness’ people were so happy and notice that the colors give hope, love, calm and peace.

Valentina and Santiago get married and decide that the name of the world would be “Rainbow”, since that day everything was colorful and they live forever discovering new colors.

Story of the rainbow  
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