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Sample Chat 1 11:46:44 AM

Dr. Radz creates sensational smiles! How may we help you today?

11:46:44 AM [Visitor] Hi, I have bridge that is on top of a root canal that is now infected. I have to have the bridge cut and the infected tooth removed, which will leave me with two open spaces in my mouth. I have a dentist who is creating a flipper so that the bone graft can have a chance to repair the bone loss. What are some options in the future for restoring the missing teeth. I am not interested in a bridge, since I am afraid I will be back at the same place in a short time and I the option there is to compromise a healthy tooth. 11:46:58 AM [Agent] Good Morning. I am going to take just a moment to read carefully what you have shared! 11:47:23 AM

[Visitor] ok

11:47:52 AM

[Agent] I am so sorry to hear of your difficulty!

11:48:08 AM

[Agent] The best and most efficient way for me to help you today.

11:48:15 AM

[Visitor] Yes, very disappointing

11:49:26 AM [Agent] is to offer you the opportunity to meet with Dr. Radz for a consultation! He is fantastic and will sit down and discuss your personal situation with you and find a solution that works within your budget and can help make it affordable. He will be your absolute best resource for a professional and caring opinion and will share options that are truly the best for your situation! Does that sound like something you may be interested in? 11:49:52 AM asset!

[Agent] I can imagine your disappointment! Your smile is a valuable

11:50:40 AM

[Visitor] Sure. Is the consultation free? 2

11:51:35 AM [Agent] Our consultations are only $65 - but - Dr. Radz will apply the reasonable consultation fee to your treatment should you opt for us to help you with your smile! 11:52:01 AM [Agent] May I offer to have Andrea in our office follow up with you to share some consultation times available? 11:54:05 AM

[Visitor] ok

11:54:23 AM

[Agent] Wonderful. May I ask with whom I’m chatting today?

11:54:37 AM

[Visitor] Heather

11:55:02 AM [Agent] Thank you, Heather! And will you please share your best contact number? 11:56:07 AM

[Visitor] 720-xxx-xxxx

11:56:25 AM able.

[Agent] Awesome. Andrea will reach out to you as soon as she is

11:56:35 AM

[Agent] May I assist you with any other questions today?

11:57:23 AM

[Visitor] no thanks for ur help

11:57:39 AM [Agent] You’re most welcome! Have a great day and we will look forward to meeting you, Heather!

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Sample Chat 2 5:44:13 PM today?

Dr. Frazar changes lives, not just smiles! How may we help you

5:44:13 PM [Visitor] I have had bad teeth my entire life. I was born to a drug addicted mother and was raised by my grandparents, who spent thousands of dollars over the years to help me. I’m now a 29 year old mother of 2 and recently I started a group for women and have been offered numerous chances to take it national but my teeth are an embarrassment to me so I want to work on getting them fixed. I would like to know what it would cost to make over my smile and start doing it now. I know I cant afford everything at 1 time but I have to start somewhere. 5:44:32 PM

[Agent] Good afternoon.

5:44:49 PM [Agent] May I ask whom I am chatting with? One moment while I read what you wrote! 5:44:59 PM

[Visitor] Misty

5:46:15 PM [Agent] Hello, Misty. Good for you for making a difference in the lives of others! 5:46:39 PM [Agent] The best way that I can help you is to take your phone number and email address and I will share your information with the office representative, Kody, who will contact you to set up a complimentary consultation. 5:48:05 PM at?

[Agent] With that in mind, what is the best number to reach you

5:48:32 PM

[Visitor] My phone # is 281 xxx-xxxx and my email is mgxxxxxx@ 4

5:49:01 PM [Agent] Thank you, Misty. I know that we will be able to help you, and our office will help to show you the best options for financing AND help design a perfect smile for you! 5:49:57 PM

[Visitor] that sounds wonderful. Thank you!

5:50:17 PM [Agent] Our office is closed for the day, but you should hear from Kody tomorrow. 5:50:33 PM Misty!

[Agent] You are welcome! We will look forward to caring for you,

5:50:50 PM

[Agent] Is there anything else I can do to help you?

5:51:12 PM forward to it.

[Visitor] That’s it, really. Thank you very much. I’m looking

5:51:37 PM

[Agent] OK! Welcome to our office, and have a great evening!

5:51:53 PM

[Visitor] You too. Thanks again.

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Sample Chat 3 5:6:48:53 AM [Visitor] I have TMJ and have facial asymmetry. The right side of my face is bigger than the left, possibly due to muscles on that side being bigger than the right. The right side of my face is lower than the right, my lower jaw is lower on the right side and my smile is asymmetrical because of this. Can this be fixed with TMJ treatment that you do? 6:49:05 AM

[Agent] Good Morning.

6:49:19 AM [Agent] I’m going to take a moment to carefully read what you have written, Erica! 6:50:11 AM [Agent] I’m going to share a page on TMJ with you from our website ... and then I’m going to share my suggestion. 6:50:16 AM treatment]

[Agent] [Pushed:

6:51:05 AM [Agent] May I suggest you come in for a complimentary consult with Dr. Hedge? He is fantastic and will sit down and discuss your personal situation with you and find a solution that works within your budget and can help make it affordable. Does that sound like something you’re interested in doing? 6:51:35 AM [Agent] I feel that Dr. Hedge’s expert opinion is what will be most helpful and valuable on the path to discovering the best treatment for you! 6:53:12 AM [Visitor] Definitely. I’ve had some mouth guards made, but they don’t help much. I woke up with another migraine this morning and I know I have to do something. Based on what I’ve read about facial asymmetry with TMJ, it sounds like he could probably help. How long is the waiting list to see him? 6:54:47 AM [Agent] I’m so sorry to hear about your difficulties! Migraines are beyond miserable! For the best information on Dr. Hedge’s schedule, may I offer 6

to have Corinne at our office follow up with you for some possible appointment times? She will have access to the most recent schedule. 6:55:26 AM

[Visitor] Yes. Thank you. My phone number is 513-xxx-xxxx.

6:55:56 AM [Agent] Wonderful. I will ask her to contact you as soon as she is able so that we help you on the path to recovery! 6:56:07 AM

[Agent] May I assist you with anything else this morning, Erica?

6:56:36 AM

[Visitor] I think that is it. Thanks for your help.

6:56:57 AM [Agent] You’re most welcome. Have a great day and we will look forward to meeting you!

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Sample Chat 4 12:02:54 PM

[Visitor] How much do dentures cost?

12:03:10 PM

[Agent] Good Morning!

12:03:49 PM [Agent] It is impossible for me to quote you a price, Visitor, since everyone’s needs are different, but.... 12:04:16 PM [Visitor] every time I go to the dentist and they fix something 3 months later it breaks 12:05:05 PM

[Agent] I am so sorry to hear of your difficulty, Visitor!

12:05:29 PM [Visitor] my 2 front teeth have been filled so many times now the fillings won’t stay in 12:06:59 PM [Agent] Let us see if we can make things right for you! Would you please share your phone number with me? I will have our 12:07:19 PM

[Visitor] can you suggest something for me

12:07:23 PM consultation!

[Agent] office representative, Denise, contact you to set up a

12:07:55 PM

[Agent] We offer a free first visit no obligation consultation!

12:07:58 PM

[Visitor] are you open evenings or saturdays

12:08:36 PM

[Agent] Mon to Thur 8 am to 8 pm

12:09:09 PM

[Agent] Fri 8 am to 5 pm and Sat 8 am to 1 pm

12:09:44 PM

[Visitor] great! my office number is 905-xxx-xxxx, Denise can call 8

me tomorrow between 8-3:30. Thank you. 12:11:56 PM

[Visitor] Thank you for your help.

12:12:44 PM

[Agent] Thank you, Visitor!

12:12:51 PM

[Agent] Have a nice day!

12:13:06 PM

[Visitor] You too.

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Sample Chat 5 1:48:06 PM

[Visitor] Does your dental office do gum contouring?

1:48:32 PM

[Agent] Good afternoon!

1:48:45 PM

[Agent] May I ask whom I am chatting with, Please?

1:49:05 PM

[Visitor] Jacqui

1:49:23 PM

[Agent] Hello, Jacqui! Yes, we do!

1:49:33 PM

[Agent] Are you a new patient in our office?

1:49:43 PM [Visitor] How much is a consultation? I am thinking about doing some cosmetic dentistry 1:49:59 PM [Visitor] But, I am visiting other dental offices just to see which one works best for me 1:50:25 PM [Agent] Our consultations are only $65, and the cost will be applied to your treatment. 1:50:53 PM

[Visitor] If I decide to go with your office

1:51:01 PM [Agent] Would you like me to have our office representative contact you to answer any questions? 1:51:15 PM

[Visitor] Sure

1:51:38 PM

[Agent] Please finish what you were saying.

1:52:11 PM [Visitor] That is all, I was just saying that the cost is $65 for the consult and it will be applied to treatment if I decide to go with your office 10

1:52:12 PM will have

[Agent] Then would you please share your contact number and I

1:52:37 PM

[Agent] Andrea contact you. (That is correct!)

1:52:40 PM

[Visitor] My name is Jacqui B and my number is 251 xxx xxxx

1:53:09 PM [Agent] Andrea is awesome and will be able to answer your questions and be able to set you up with a consultation. 1:53:22 PM

[Visitor] Okay

1:54:31 PM [Agent] I want to let you know that our office is excellent for working with financing too! I will ask Andrea to call you today 1:54:37 PM

[Visitor] thank you,

1:54:41 PM

[Agent] or at her earliest convenience.

1:54:52 PM

[Agent] Do you have any other questions?

1:55:13 PM [Visitor] I work mostly nights, so the best time to reach me is during the day (or morning) before 345 1:55:16 PM

[Visitor] that is all

1:55:20 PM

[Visitor] thank you for your help!

1:55:39 PM day, Jacqui!

[Agent] You are very welcome! I hope that you have a wonderful

1:55:44 PM

[Visitor] you too

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Sample Chat 6 08:29:13 AM

[Visitor] New patient, looking to make an appoinment

08:29:30 AM [Agent] Hi Visitor 08:29:50 AM [Visitor] Hi Agent, I just have a quick question, how much is a check up and a cleaning? 08:30:56 AM [Agent] Let me look up some information for you, one moment 08:31:13 AM

[Visitor] thank you

08:32:47 AM [Agent] I unfortunately don’t have access to our latest price sheet. The best solution would be for me to have a patient counselor call you when they get in the office on Monday 08:33:06 AM [Visitor] okay or I can phone in 08:33:08 AM [Agent] With that in mind, would you please share your best contact information? 08:33:22 AM

[Visitor] would they be able to email the information?

08:33:32 AM times?

[Visitor] Also would they be able to email me about appointment

08:33:41 AM

[Agent] Yes, that is an option as well. What is your email address?

08:33:42 AM

[Visitor] I will be at work and not near a phone most of Monday

08:33:54 AM [Visitor] my email address is 08:34:04 AM [Agent] Yes, can you provide some times that are best for you to 12

help them when looking for appointment times? 08:34:54 AM [Visitor] evenings on Thursdays, some Fridays and Saturdays for the immediate future, this will change in about a month 08:35:31 AM [Agent] OK great, thanks Visitor. I will pass along the information you have shared and ask for someone to email you with the pricing information as well as some appointment time options. 08:35:38 AM [Visitor] thanks 08:35:41 AM

[Visitor] have a good day

08:35:50 AM [Agent] You’re welcome! Have a great weekend!

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Staffed Dental Chat - Sample Chats 5/2011  

This is a small sampling of actual chats that our agents have received from visitors on various client websites. (5/2011)