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BOGOTA MIA foundation is a No Governmental Organization (NGO) created as an answer to the need of concealing a group of work that assumes from civic society, responsibility and commitment to work for the public objectives as a sustainable way in time. fundació Mission Bogotá Mía works for the strengthening of culture and Citizen Values through activities that contribute to the establishment, obedience, norms promotion, by concealing values as solidarity, respect and tolerance.

Vision Bogotá Mía will contribute to the permanent construction of better citizens by increasing the Citizen Culture and the feeling of belonging to built a more beautiful, prosper and human Bogotá.

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APPLY NOW AND MEET BOGOTÁ CITY IN COLOMBIA for 6 weeks!!!!!!!! TN-In-CO-JA-2013-1560 TN-In-CO-JA-2013-1561 TN-In-CO-JA-2013-1562


Great Oportunity in Bogotá, Colombia. AIESEC Javeriana - Fundación Bogotá Mía

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