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BOGOTA MIA foundation is a No Governmental Organization (NGO) created as an answer to the need of concealing a group of work that assumes from civic society, responsibility and commitment to work for the public objectives as a sustainable way in time. fundació Mission Vision Bogotá Mía works for the Bogotá Mía will contribute to the strengthening of culture and Citizen permanent construction of better Values through activities that citizens by increasing the Citizen contribute to the establishment, Culture and the feeling of belonging obedience, norms promotion, by to built a more beautiful, prosper and concealing values as solidarity, human Bogotá. respect and tolerance.

Bogotรก, December 22. (CEP). - Colombia excelled once again as one of the countries with the best environmental performance in Latin America, the study Green City Index; The study was conducted based on the environmental situation in 17 cities in Latin America. Bogotรก stood in sixth place, being recognized for its good performance in land use. The Colombian capital excelled by giving great importance to green areas reaching 107 square meters per person, the highest among the average population cities.


Bogotambiental with Bogotá Mía Foundation JD: • Elaborate an academic article for the environmental cycle of the Foundation. Elaborate a reflexive image that invites citizens to change attitudes. • Create content to elaborate a creative and powerful video where friendly and sustainable environmental practices are promoted. • Elaborate a Blog through which you can share a successful story about these and related topics from your home country, and that invites people to improve their lives in the City. • Spread the Articles, Blogs and Videos related through social media and e-mail. Present a weekly report stating the activities done, their results, cool things, etc, to the organization and the LC • Assist to forums, conferences, lectures, and other events of the city about civic minded and Bogotá topics in order to improve life quality in our dear City. Note: For more information check out our 3 TNs.

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Bogotambiental GCDP in Bogotá City  
Bogotambiental GCDP in Bogotá City  

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