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MITSUBISHI ASX Posted on June 21, 2013 by car electronics

The Mitsubishi ASX offers a great alternative to those want the practicality of a compact crossover, but also want something that looks a bit different and less common, I’ve been getting a fair few comments about the looks, mainly the jet-fighter front end. The Mitsubishi ASX offers more than your typicial crossover. Sophisticated in design and yet single-minded in excecution the ASX is a dream synergy of imaginative ideas and superior construction. Generously equiped, even entry-level ASX models come with air conditioning, seven airbags and stability and traction control, whilst those further up the range include climate control air conditioning, cruise control, rain and dusk sensors, satellite navigation, a Bluetooth hands-free phone connection, privacy glass, engine stop-start button and full leather upholstery.Mitsubishi ASX has shed most of the sport-utility cues in the 2011 Outlander Sport, making it look from most angles more like a tall hatch. The blunt, sharklike front end looks just as good here as第 1/7 页)2013/7/11 8:28:00



it does in the Outlander and Lancer family—and it could be mistaken for a serious performance vehicle by those not in the know. From the side, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport gets all-new sheetmetal, with a rising beltline crease that helps keep from looking too slab-sided, but this vehicle is disappointingly bland and ordinary-looking from the rear. Interior Features,we’ll get the compact third-row seat out of the way first, it won’t take long. It’s tiny and flips up out of a hole. Figure two kids no older than 9, and not for long. When Mitsubishi says luxury seven-passenger, it’s a stretch. We call it a fiveseater with emergency seating for two extra little ones.第 2/7 页)2013/7/11 8:28:00


The five-seat Outlander ES and Outlander SE models offer storage space under the cargo floor, in that space that the third-row seat folds into. They also offer nearly 3 inches more legroom in the rear seat, a good 39.6 inches, thanks to not having that compact third-row seat. The second row seats three and is split 60/40, which fold and tumble for more cargo space. You pull the nylon loop and stand back, as the seatback flops down and carries the seat bottom on its roll, up against the front seatbacks for extra cargo room, an impressive total of 72.6 cubic feet. It takes some muscle to flop them back, especially the 60 side, maybe more muscle than some otherwise above-average kids might have. On the XLS and GT, the second-row seats slide 3.3 inches, and that’s useful. Each car should has its own DVD palyer,the Mitsubishi is also without exception.There is a single light wire which control the lights of device.And DVD playback compatible with CD/MP3/VCD/MPEG4(DIVX)WMA/JPEG,FM/AM with preset 48 stations.第 3/7 页)2013/7/11 8:28:00


RDS available for European market.SD/MMC card USB-reader support MP4, DIVX, JPEG, MP3 and WMA playback.4X60W maximum power output.Car reverse control radar and CCD camera input (switch automatically).Analog TV tuner build-in, auto select NTSC, PAL or SECAM.1 Route audio/video input, 2 Route audio/video output.PIP support (Picture in Picture should be with GPS) and RGB high definition image, PIP The image can be moved randomly.5.1-channel digital audio (SPDIF) output. Subwoofer audio output.Built-in Bluetooth and Bluetooth phone book for mobile hands-free.RGB high definition image.Built in Games (the function should be with GPS).Built-in GPS Navigation System (Windows CE 6.0). Optional: with CANBUS support Rockford sound system,Optional: Built-in Digital TV tuner System, support CMMB DVB ISDB ATSC,Optional: Built-in Virtual Disc.Support IPOD,DVD playback appropriate with CD/MP3/VCD/MPEG4(DIVX)WMA/JPEG,PIP enhance (Picture in Picture should be with GPS) and RGB excessive definition image,Steering wheel control,2-DIN contact screen TFT LCD show, 3D GUI User Interface easy to operate. This unit is easy to seize us at first glance. The simple and fashionable design makes it a perfect place filled with cheerful atmosphere and luxury features. All the buttons are designed in place. It also has a good performance on the response and audio/ video display. Very nice one.Outlander Sport Will Be Built in Normal, Illinois PlantFri, Feb 04, 2011 – NORMAL,The company today announced that production of the Outlander Sport Crossover Utility vehicle will begin in mid-2012 plant in Normal. This entry was posted in Mitsubishi DVD Player and tagged Mitsubishi ASX Auto radio DVD, Mitsubishi ASX Autoradio DVD Bluetooth, Mitsubishi ASX Autoradio DVD GPS, Mitsubishi ASX Radio DVD, Mitsubishi ASX Radio DVD TV, Mitsubishi DVD Player. Bookmark the permalink.

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The Mitsubishi ASX offers a great alternative to those want the practicality of a compact crossover, but also want something that looks a bi...