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Mazda CX-7

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Mazda CX-7 Posted on June 21, 2013 by car electronics

Mazda CX-7 is like no other SUV of Mazda CX-7 you’ve ever seen. Sleek, muscular curves meet dynamic handling and performance to give you a driving experience that’s totally unique. Drawing on Mazda’s sporting heritage, Mazda CX-7 completely redefines the category, moving away from the traditional heavy, boxy SUV and into an exciting new area of striking style and breathtaking performance. Finally you can enjoy a driver’s SUV.The CX-7’s killer looks give it a special appeal that’s decidedly different from common crossovers.Front fascia features the instantly recognizable Mazda-family 5-point grille.Broad dynamic lines, arching front fenders and a steeply sloped windshield give the front end a sleek, athletic appearance.Sporty roof spoiler complements the CX-7’s decidedly athletic appea.第 1/6 页)2013/7/11 8:30:41


Mazda CX-7

On the inside, Mazda CX-7 shows the same sophisticated style and sporting heritage. The driver’s seat is more race-driven than SUV style, designed to match Mazda CX-7’s scintillating performance. Even the meter cluster is inspired by sports machines, with the meters’ zero markers in the six o’clock position. Sit in the spacious rear seats or take a look at the luggage compartment. What you’ll find is plenty of room – room to stretch out and relax and room to carry huge amounts of luggage.Sports-style instrument binnacle features blackout meters, pointers with zero at the six o’clock position, and new blue-ring illumination. CX-7 is that test drivers think the Mazda CX-7’s cabin is well-made, but they complain about its electronics a lot. For starters, reviewers say that the navigation system isn’t user-friendly because the screen is too small and is hard to read in both day and night lighting modes.Many crossover SUVs have standard Bluetooth, but with the Mazda CX-7, this feature is optional. The CX-7 comes standard with air conditioning, power windows and doors and a tilt and telescopic steering wheel.第 2/6 页)2013/7/11 8:30:41

Mazda CX-7

Of corse,The Mazda DVD player of CX-7 is positioned at the top of the instrument panel, close to the driver’s line of sight, and provides all necessary driving information at a quick glance.DVD keyless touch screen operation, choose the song on DVD menu directly.Speed up the disk reading procedure, it is about 5-6 seconds.Support DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MPEG4/CD-R/WMA/JPEG. Capable auto memory for USB,SD,CD after shut down.Optimize the DVD circuit ,reduce the power expend, increase stability. This entry was posted in Mazda DVD Playe and tagged Mazda CX-7 DVD Digital TV, Mazda CX-7 DVD Digital TV Bluetooth, Mazda CX-7 DVD Digital TV gps, Mazda CX-7 DVD Navigation DVB-T, Mazda CX7 DVD Navigation DVB-T Can bus, Mazda DVD Player, Mazda DVD PlayerX Mazda CX-7 DVD Digital TVX Mazda CX-7 DVD Navigation DVB-TX Mazda CX-7 DVD Digital TV BluetoothX Mazda CX-7 DVD Navigation DVB-T Can busX Mazda CX-7 DVD Digital TV gps. Bookmark the permalink.第 3/6 页)2013/7/11 8:30:41

Mazda CX-7

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Mazda CX-7  

Mazda CX-7 is like no other SUV of Mazda CX-7 you’ve ever seen. Sleek, muscular curves meet dynamic handling and performance to give you a d...

Mazda CX-7  

Mazda CX-7 is like no other SUV of Mazda CX-7 you’ve ever seen. Sleek, muscular curves meet dynamic handling and performance to give you a d...