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A small printed documentation from the 3rd day of April.

come back to the surface Promenade de La Treille 360ยบ

Promenade de La Treille Geneva, Switzerland

come back to the surface

A Micro-Event developed during Program ALPes - Art, Lieu, Paysage, Espace Sonore. Encyclopedie: ALPes:

Title come back to the surface - Promenade de La Treille 360ยบ Year 2011 All documentation and images are designed by the author

To summarize: The perception’s phenomenology emerges from our personal way of observing things. Our body is the point of view to perceive the world, This means, we are aware of the world through our body and aware of the world due to our body. Thus, this project intends to explore the platform of perception of the public space: the way we perceive the space that surrounds us and where we are included.





This Promenade is characterized by a very interesting social component. Its location, next to the old town, makes it a place elected by the residents of the area. High above the town, it is known as a quiet small park, which brings together people from all ages. It is a place where it is possible to make a pic-nic, to play, to read, to rest or just to take a walk to enjoy the view. Also, its historical component encourages a visit by many tourists. Its disposition, as a long walkside, invites the public to cross it from one end to another. Moreover, this place has the longest bench in the world – they say 120 meters. And well, it is a proven fact, that its playground, is mostly used by grownups.

Promenade de la Treille, in the city of Geneva, is a long garden from the XIV century. Before, the first observation post and artillery to defend the city, became in the beginning of the XVIII, into a very pacific and green promenade.




Video screen shots.


Video screen shots.


To work in public space. To work with public space. To show public space as itself. To show actors. To become actors. Seeing ouserlves. Perceiving the others.

The reality comes back to the (sur) face. 14



On Saturday, 3rd of April, four mirrored cubes were placed on the ground, inviting and encouraging all the public space intervenients to explore a different perception of public space, now through the mirror. The mirror captures faces, views, angles. Therefore, it will be the most loyal support to reflect our image, our public space, its description. The reality is well reflected, without taking sides or perspectives.

This intervention was all the time recorded as a form of documentation. 17


“Man began

to use reflection as a strategic point for measuring the universe. No longer content with the first hallucination of himself, he convinced himself that he could double the whole universe.� Pistoletto, M. (1967)


Pistoletto, M. (1967) Famous Last Words - Speculation. Turin.



The perception, as a personal way of observation and interpretation, always played an important role in my life.

And let’s be honest, every human being likes to see his own image in a mirror.




A small printed documentation by Mafalda Luz

Promenade de La Treille Geneva, Switzerland

Comes Back To The Surface