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International Exhibition

Solo Exhibition

East Gathering (Tokyo Design Hub / Japan) 2013

MAEZM miel (gallery Miel/ Seoul) 2010

Korea power (Museum of Applied Art Frankfurt /Germany) 2013

Difference of Viewpoint (Incheon International Airport/ Seoul) 2010

Re:think (International Design Center NAGOYA/ Japan) 2012

MAEZM 'Sharing and re-loved' (KT&G Artsquare) 2009

Food mood (Studio 70m2/ Italy) 2011

DESIGN POT_MAEZM (Seoul Arts Center Design Museum) 2008

Korea Design 2011 (Korea Pavilion/ Earls Court/London/UK) 2011

Forcing a sale (Design Museum Cube/ SAC) 2007

Biennale Internationale Design (Saint-Etienne/France) 2010

MAEZM_Communication for difference (BMH Gallery) 2006

'13,798 grams of design' (Lambretto Art Project/Milan/Italy) 2010

MAEZM_Media (Seoul Media Center) 2006

ICFF (Designboom mart/NewYork/USA) 2010 Designersblock London (Earls Court/London/UK) 2009 100% Design Tokyo (Designboom mart/Japan) 2009

Project (Participation)

'my perpect neighbours' (Korea Culture Center/London/UK) 2009

Dongdaemoon Design Plaza & Park (Zaha Hadid/ Metonymic Landscape)

Designmai-Youngsters (Arena Berlin/Germany) 2009

SAMSUNG Delight (Samsung Elec. Seocho Showcase)

SDF in Milano / Fuori Salone (Minguzzi Museum/Milan/Italy) 2009

Cheil Communications Inc. (Lobby)

Reddot award (Reddot Museum/Singapore) 2008

Incheon International Airport (Hotel Restaurant)

Macef dining in 2015 (fiera milano international/ Milan/ Italy) 2008

The Westin Hotel-Seoul(Lobby/ ADD Restaurant/ Chinese Restaurant)

ODCD 2007 (Spazio Superstudio/ Milan/ Italy) 2007

The Westin Hotel-Busan (Lobby/ Sauna / Fitness/ Staff area)

Water & Space Exhibition (798 SPACE/ Beijing/ China) 2007

COEX Okims Brauhaus

Tokyo Designers Week (Grand Prix Final listed / Tokyo/ Japan) 2006

ADELSCOTT Golf Club Shinsegae Department, main store Shinsegae Department, Gangnam, Trinity shop

Internal Exhibition

Han-nam Residence

Design Biennale Gwangju (Icons of Asia/ GDF) 2013

Malaysia Borneo Resort Club Spa, Restaurant

Sulwha Culture (Gallery Ihn/ Amore Facific.co.Ltd) 2013

NonHyun-Dong SHIN'S jewelry Building

Directions for Using Our Planet (space K) 2013

ChungDam-Dong SAIKABO Japanese Restaurant

Design Week in Daegu (DGDC) 2013

SeoCho-Dong MAIIM Building

Craft trand fair (KCDF) 2012

Nam-Mountain TOWER HOTEL

Design Futurology (Museum of Art, Seoul National University) 2012 Old Future (Culture Space Seoul 284) 2012 Korea Furnitre Now (Samsung Museum Plateau/ Arumjigi) 2012

Project (Individual)

New furniture 5+5 (Beyond Museum) 2012

Hilton Hotel Gyeongju / Interior Design

Shop BMM (Boutique Monaco Museum) 2011

Amore Facific Sulwhasoo / Exhibition Desin

'16 Korean Young Designers' Exhibition (Space Croft Gallery) 2010

SAGA International, Office / Interior Design

'Design 45 Creative' (DDP gallery/ Seoul Metropolitan Government) 2010

Butique_Vivatamtam / Design & Construction

KT olleh Art Exhibition (KT Cor./Kumho Museum) 2009

Second Face, Retail / Interior Design

'Volume Up' Exhibition (Seul Design Foundation) 2009

Dongseo University, Food Academy / Interior Design

Design Festival solsol (Korean Society of Interior Arch. Designers) 2009

Deborah Milano, Retail / Design proposal

'Saving by Design_+Plus' (D+ gallery) 2009

Cafe Nissi / Design proposal

CASA Living Design Walk (Seoul Arts Center Design Museum) 2008

NIKE Korea / Design proposal

'Saving by Design'(Seoul Arts Center Design Museum) 2008

KUPP / Exhibition Design

'Light & Celerbration' (Doosan Art Center) 2008

K-Stemcell, Office / Interior Design

Seoul Design Festival (Designhouse/ COEX) 2008

Ambassador Hotel Seoul BAR / Design proposal

Seoul Design Olympiad 'Deisgn is Air' (Seoul Metropolitan Government) 2008

SMBA Gyeonggi / Lobby Design & Construction

Maezm & Droog (Korea Design Foundation/ CJ cor.) 2008

Esquire main office / Interior Design proposal

SEOUL DESIGN WEEK (Seoul Metropolitan Government) 2007

Balance Brain Education Center/ Design proposal

Design Show_Design Now (Seoul Arts Center Design Museum) 2007

Daegu Color Squre food court Design

A.L.I.C.E Museum Exhibition (SAC/ Arts Center Nabi) 2007

Cafe_Youredway / Design & Construction

Color & Design Week (Daegu Metropolitan Government) 2007

Metro Singles / S.I Design proposal

DESIGNMADE 2006 (Seoul Arts Center Design Museum) 2006

KOICA Exhibition Hall designer & director Design of Mobile Museum/ Incheon International Airport Lighting Installation (Seoul Arts Center Lobby/Cafe Bauhaus)

Profile for MAEZM partners

MAEZM book  

MAEZM www.maezm.com design studio MAEZM 2012+2

MAEZM book  

MAEZM www.maezm.com design studio MAEZM 2012+2

Profile for maezm

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