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Space / 2012 / MAEZM Client - Individual client

Designed by MAEZM, ‘Untitled shop’ is a boutique shop located in Seoul, Korea. This space that sells high-quality luxury goods to upscale customers, holds together contrasting images of fantasy and dreamy atmosphere. For this unique interior design, MAEZM made dramatic images along with flowers and mirrors dominate the space. The flowers on the ceiling and covering the entire front of the main door symbolizes the brand's logo and was also intended as an element that emphasizes the characteristics and delicacy of the dreamlike brand.

."&;.ᯕ༾᯹ᯙ⌽Ĺ–eⲹ6OUJUMFETIPQⲲᎥ⌽ǎ᎚ᕽᏙᨹ᭼⊚⌽ᇥ௠â“?ŕš…á°†áŽ?ಽᕽļ⍎ग़ᨊ݅ á”˘ŕśšâŠ–á¨ąĂ­Ĺ ÉŞ➉ᖚᏊ⣊Ꮌŕˇ?â?ąŕš…⌚۾ᯕĹ–eᎥ ༾⪹ᱢᇼ᭼ʑ᪥⧉̚ ⪚ᔢᯕá šáŠ˘ŕĄ˝á”˘á šŕĄ˝ áŻ•á ™á¸Ąŕˇ?⧉̚wĹ ᯊ݅  ᯕŕˇ?᭼⧕ ."&;.ᎥΤáŽ?ಽâ ?ℹḼṼᅖॽáŻ•á ™á¸ĄaĹ–eᎼḥ႑⌚࠼ಞ⌚እ݅âƒ˝á°†Ĺ?ŕž™áŽšáąĽŕť•áŽĽ ß?Ĺ ᯊ۾ÑᏙᎥቭ௽ऽŕˇ?á”˘á¸śâŚšŕť‘ ༾⪹ᱢቭ௽ऽ᎚✚ᖒĹ?⧉̚á–?ᖙ⧉Ꮌváł‘áœ˝â”…Űľ፾ᗭಽᕽ ᎚࠼ग़ᨊ݅

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