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Space / 2009 / MAEZM Client - Korea Design Foundation Location - Seou international airport (In-cheon)

Design Cube is a mobile window gallery which embarks at a city spot at one moment pretending to exist by coincidence and moving to another at the next moment, thus abolishing the fixed idea of an exhibition space. the window is open to anyone who is eager to share imagination of things and images. the gallery being exposed outdoors, it allows more experimental presentations than in the exhibition venues. Meetinf the public through this window gallery, the designer has a unique chance to explore the artist capacity and let himself/herself known by providing a special experience for the citizen in their exveryday space.

༾᯹ᯙ Ⓓቭ۾ áąĽáœ˝Ĺ–e᎚ ŠṜťֹᎼ ˉŠ ᏑኑᖒᎼ aᰆ⌚áŠ? ŕ Ľá?? á—Ž Ĺ–eᨹ ᯹ŕ¸? á°‚Ĺ  ੱ ᔊಽᏕ Ĺ–eáŽ?ಽ ᯕ࠺⧠ ᙚ ᯊ۾ ᯕ࠺⊜ Â…ŕą?ŕ¸?ᯕ݅ á”?ŕž?Ĺ? áŻ•á ™á¸Ąá¨ą ‍ ⌽ݥ‏ᔢᔢಆᎼ ӚټŠ᯹ ⌚۾ á”?௭ᯕŕŻ?ŕť• ŮĽÇ?ᨹíӚ ንಅᯊáŽ?ŕť‘  ፙᇥᨹ ‍ ॽ⇽י‏Ŗeᯕʑ ŕŚ­ŕž™á¨ą áąĽáœ˝á°†á…•Ý… áąĽáœ˝áŠ‘â‡˝áŻ• Ţľ á?…⨚ṢáŽ?ಽ ᯕྉᨕḼ݅ ༾᯹ᯕՊ༅Ꭵ ᯹á? ᎚ ᯕࡼáŽ?ಽ ‍ݥ‏ᾲĹ? ŕ¸­Óšŕť•á•˝ ኎పᎼ┅ᏭӚʙᙚᯊŠáœ˝á ?༅ᎥáŻ?ᔢĹ–eᨹᕽâœšá„ĽâŚ˝Ğ⨚Ꮌ⌚íॽ݅ ኊᚠ᎚Ṽ‍ݚ‏Ꮌ Ę‘áąąáŽ?ಽ áœ˝áŻ˛âŚ˝ ༾᯹ᯙⒹቭ۾ ⊼á°? ԉᔑ᎚ /┥Ꮽ᪥ Ĺ˛âŞľŕž™ $ᜅ⑚ᨕ  áŻ™âƒ˝ÇŽáą˝Ĺ–â§Ž  ჊ ⇽Ç?ᨹ ᯹ŕ¸?á°‚Ĺ  ᯊ݅ ጿáŽ?ಽ ŕ Ľá?? ŔŔ᎚ ༾᯹ᯙ ጼᯕ⎚áŽ?ಽ ޾Ꮢ ⪜ᰆ⌚áŠ? áąĽáœ˝ ʑ⍭ŕˇ? ฯᯕ wḥ ŕźœâŚ˝ á? Ḽ ༾᯹ᯕՊ۾ŕž?ŕł Ę‘á–’༾᯹ᯕՊ༅ᨹí࠼⏉Ĺ?ṢáŽ?ಽ᯲ᨌᎼá ˝â˘˝â§ ᙚᯊ۾ Ĺ–eᎼṽŖ⧉áŽ?ಽá&#x;‰ ༾᯹ᯕՊ༅Ꭵ᯹á? ᎚ᯕࡼáŽ?ಽ‍ݥ‏ᾲĹ?ŕ¸­Óšŕť•á•˝኎పᎼ ┅ᏭӚaĹ áœ˝á ?༅ᎥáŻ?ᔢĹ–eᨹᕽâœšá„ĽâŚ˝Ğ⨚Ꮌ⧠ᙚᯊ۾ŕž™âŞľĹ–eáŽ?ಽ Ꮥኢ⌚Š᯹⌽݅

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