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BLU Space installation/ 2011/ Eun Whan Cho Christiana Papadaki, Sin Yub Hwang Location - Gloria maria gallery, Milan (Proposal)

‘Blu’ is an experimentation project of light that is meant to evoke emotions and sensations to create two types of feelings, namely discomfort and hope. The tension between these two feelings is illustrated by the water element, which is not used in its physical form, but more on its psychological effects. By perceiving water in different levels and not the normal way of seeing sea water, it allowed us to ‘build up’ a story of emotions for the visitor to experience as he moves through the gallery, depicting 4 stages of water and light. ⲹ#MVâ˛˛âĽĽŕ˛˝áąžâœ™Űľ ᇊጊĹ? âŻ?พᯕŕŻ?Űľ á”˘á šŕĄ˝ ࢹ aḥ᎚ qṜᎼ ኟᯕŕŻ?Űľ ŕš…â„•ŕˇ? ☖⧕ ⢽⊼⌚۾ߑᨹ ŕźŠáą˘áŻ•ᯊ݅ੱ⦽ᯕĹ–eᎼ☖⧕ኟᎼâ˜–âŚ˝ⲹ⊚ᎠⲲŖeᎼኑ⇽⌚ʑ᭼⌽Ĺ–eṽጊᯕ݅ âĽĽŕŻ˛áœ… ኢ⪾ ə௲ቾྉᨹᕽ ⢽⊼ॽ ŕž?᎚ ᔢḜᎥ ᇊጊĹ? ፜พ ᯕᔢᎼ âĄ?ż⌚۾ ‍ݥ‏ᔢáŽ?ಽᕽ  Ꮡŕ¸?Űľ ŕž?Ꮌ ኟáŽ?ಽ ᄥ⪚⌚እŠ aḥ᎚ ᜅ☠ŕ¸? Ṽ}ŕˇ? Ñ⊚۾ ŕ şáŚŠ á”?௭᎚ qṜᎼ ⊚Ꭰ⧠ ᙚ ᯊ۾ Ĺ–eᖅ⊚ŕˇ? ᎚࠼⌚እ݅ ᯕŕˇ? ᭼⧕ ኟĹ? á”?௭᎚ ᏥḢ᯼ᨹ á šáŽ˛âŚšŰľ ᯙ░๪ᖚ ᰆ⊚  Ꭽ⨆ʑʑŕˇ? ⪽Ꮚ⌚áŠ? áąĽáœ˝ŕˇ? ኑ⇽⌚እ݅

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