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Another unique feature of this space is its changeability. This space, which is not that wide, has changeable walls. By merely opening the walls and doors, this small space changes its function into an event space that can hold a fashion show by the event. ᯕ Ĺ–e᎚ ੱ ࡙݅ âœšá–’áŽĄ aᄥᖒᯕ݅ մḥ ግᎥ ᯕ Ĺ–eᎥ aᄥṢᯙ á„žâ„•ŕˇ? aḥŠ ᯊ݅ ᄞℕ᪥ ŕž™áŽĽ áŠ?Űľ ä อáŽ?ಽ  ᯕ ᳢Ꭵ Ĺ–eᎥ ➉ᖚá™?ŕˇ?ንᙚᯊ۾áŻ•á„…âœ™Ĺ–eáŽ?ಽáŹŠŕ Ľaᄥ⪾⌽݅

Prayer space

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MAEZM design studio MAEZM 2012+2

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