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material : Carbon Fiber, Natural Wood

A light weighted and solid epidermis that is composed of carbon fiber makes its function by being covered by a form that makes structure. In other words, few simple form of component and combination of components make basic structures like a bone, and an epidermis of carbon fiber material that is created from this functions as the minimum skin. An experiment about this relationship is achieved through a chair, which is the closest structure to human life. A shape of chair is made from lines of a simple structure, and this structure plays its role as an epidermis of carbon fiber material holds it. That is, a structure and an epidermis can't exist by themselves and they are complementary. Beginning of the concept is from material called carbon fiber. The material is light and solid, and it has enough tensile force as a reinforcing agent of structure even though it can't be the structure itself. It also works as protecting a product by covering it with its high elasticity according to figuration. A concept of 'bone and skin' is deduced from this characteristic of the material, and the results from this are proceeded.

This project was proceeded with joint works of KDM (Korea Design Membership) students and MAEZM (designer Shin Taiho) and cooperation with DGDC center and Material Connextion Daegu, and productions are displayed through Tokyo Designersweek in tokyo and one-gallery exhibition in Seoul, 2010.

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MAEZM design studio MAEZM 2012+2

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