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PLYWOOD TOMB Tombstone / 2007 / Eun Whan Cho 450 x 450 x 800 (mm) Plywood, nail How long should your gravestone exist? This chair-shaped tombstone is made of plywood. The people remembering the owner of the gravestone will be able to remember the person who passed away sitting on the gravestone. Also, about the time they depart this life, this grave will also be dispelled by the wind. HERE LIES THE BODY OF CHO, EUN WHAN 1981-2064 I appreciate you came to me. There may be many memories shared between you and me, but you are the meaning and pleasure beside me at this moment. The reason why the chair have a figure of a tombstone is that I want you to sit by my side for a while. And it is my last design as I spent a lot time as a designer. I don't expect you to remember me for hundreds of years. And I don't think I have lived for it. This tombstone will scatter by the wind at the time you come to my side who have remembered and loved me. Many things are like that. The disappearing things are the targets of sorrow, but when I admitted that it may disappear, the memories I had with you are left to me more conspicuously. I am now being disappeared. I don't remember the fine and concise things that the great men have left to us, but I feel happiness in that we can talk for a while who are far away. I expect we may greet each other adding other memories by the time you will come to me being added of those pleasures one by one. And I wait for those days. Looking back on the past, what is left as a regret is that I wasn't true to the people around me and my daily life at this time. I think of how true I was to the targets beside me in the efforts and times I struggled to get more. And I have put my true mind on the things I designed, and I designed while thinking whether I have passed my trueness to my acquaintances. My tombstone is humble to be seen as a tombstone, and is neither beautiful nor impressive, but I wanted it to have the feeling that can be true to my acquaintances and my daily life. Things to have feelings were the meaning like that to me. One of the power that the things had is that they have other meanings besides the functions they have. So, I guess there are so many things inside my drawer, warehouse and boxes. In most cases, there are no correlations between the production of the things and the next meanings. Merely, it is accidental or the experience and time of the person who uses it endow meaning to it. The trivial cups which make us feel the people we had nearby or the old dolls that make my face reddish are like that.

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