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Furniture / 2007 / MAEZM, Jung Kim, Yuna Moon 1650 x 500 x 750 (mm) Used clothes, used furnitures

Most clothes and chairs used in the past were collected by the artists and other relevant parties. It was designed based on a new method using objects in which memories remain and original function gone. The discarded chair once again becomes a comfortable sofa with clothes on top. Clothes are what enable the chair to play its part. This is also understood as one’s own past. As clothes are tangled, memories can be tied up to create a new love. Ĺ?Ñᨹá”?Ꮚ⌚ޚáŞ˜Ĺ?᎚᯹‍ݥ‏ᇥᇼᎥ á?…áą˝༾᯹ᯕՊ᪥áľ?á­Ľá”?௭༅ಽᇥ░ᙚḲग़ᨊ݅ᅙ௚᎚ʑ‍܆‏Ꭵá”?ŕŻ?ḥŠʑᨖอԉᎥá”?ŕž?༅ᎼᔊಽᏕႊ᜞áŽ?ಽ á”?௲⌚Š ༾᯹ᯙ ⌚݅ Ĺ?Ñ᎚ ᎚᯹۾  Ý…áœ˝ ᯹á? ᎚ ᇥᔑŕž?ᯙ áŞ˜aḥ༅Ĺ? ⧉̚ ⣎ᖒ⌽ á—­â?­a ॽ݅ ᎚᯹ಽᕽ᎚ ʑ‍܆‏Ꮌ a‍⌚܆‏í ⌚۾ äᎥ áœ…áœ…ŕ˛˝áŽš ᇥᔑŕž?ᯙáŞ˜aḥ༅ᯕ݅əäᎥੱ⦽᯹á? ᎚Ĺ?Ă‘áŻ•Ę‘ŕ Ľ⌚݅áŞ˜aḥ༅ᎼᕽಽáŠ?Űľá‚ŠáƒśáŽ?ಽÉ™ʑᨖ༅Ꮌŕž—á¨•ᔊಽᏕá”?௲Ꮌaâ€Ťâ˜ Ü†â€Źŕ˛ž⧠äᯕ݅

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