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Furniture , Lighting / 2009 / MAEZM, Jung Kim, Yuna Mun 600 x 700 x 800 (mm) , 900 x 900 x 350 (mm) PE-foam, Used furniture

The original function of objects, which have been used for a long time, is reduced as time goes on. However, the objects have a new value as a meaning of more than objects to an individual. We proposed how to love such objects in a different viewpoint and wanted to have a meaning differing from recycling. Chairs, used in reality in ‘RE_LOVE LIGHTING’ series, are expanded to space through light. Through such deformation, we intended to have potentiality as products of artwork. áŞ…ŕ°Œŕ şáŚŠá”?Ꮚ⧕᪉á”?ŕž?Ꭵ áœ˝e᎚ÄžĹ?ಽᯙ⧕ᅙ௚᎚ʑ‍܆‏Ꭵ⇜ᗭग़ḥอ É™á”?ŕž?Ꭵᨕਠ⌽ }ᯙᨹí۾á”?ŕž?ᯕᔢ᎚áŽšá ™ŕ˛˝á•˝ᔊಽᏕa⊚ŕˇ?aḥíग़ʑ࠼⌽݅Ꮡŕ¸?۾əŕą?⌽‍ݥ‏ᔢᎼ ࡙݅áœ˝báŽ?ಽá”?௲⌚۾á‚Šáƒśá¨ą‍⧕ݥ‏ṽጊ⌚Š᯹⌚እáŽ?ŕť‘ ᯕ۾á°?⪽ᏊĹ?Űľ࡙݅áŽšá ™áŻ•Ę‘ŕˇ? ᏹ⌽݅ 3&@-07& -*()5*/( áœ˝ŕ¸?ᡊᨹᕽ  á?…áą˝ á”?Ꮚ⌚እޚ ᎚᯹۾ ኟᎼ ☖⧕ Ĺ–eáŽ?ಽ ⪜ᰆॽ݅ᯕŕą?⌽ᄥ⊜Ꮌ☖⧕ Ꮡŕ¸?ŰľBSUXPSLᯕṽ⣊áŽ?ಽᕽ᎚á° á°?ᖒᎼaḥ࠼ಞ᎚࠼⌚እ݅

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MAEZM design studio MAEZM 2012+2

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