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Furniture / 2012 / MAEZM 1800x400x160 (mm) Metal Fabric

We concentrated on interpreting the meaning of ‘in-between’ and ‘penetration’ of all Korean words in production of this entertainment furniture for audio and visual gadgets. Gadgets can be faintly seen through the mesh on the front side, making the furniture even more interesting. This presents a new possibility for furniture, the purpose of which is not simply limited to functionality. By shifting the form from being fixed and stifling to having a feeling of lightness, the furniture itself makes its presence clear although transparency. Being composed of units separately produced, the ensemble of furniture can be freely arranged as needed to suit for the space. This has something to do with the features of the traditional house, in which spaces are versatile as they can be opened and closed in many ways. ԕᇥŕˇ?᪉Ṽ⯊q⇾ÑӚ⪚Ꭵ༅ᨕԕḥግᎥä⌽ǎṢᯙⲹ݉ᨕⲲᾲᨹⲹá”?ᯕⲲ᪥â˛ąĹĄâ˜–â˛˛á¨ąť⌽⧕ᕞᨹḲᾲ⌽݅"7 ʑʑ༅ᯕ ‍״‏ᯕí ग़۾ ᯕ aÇ?Űľ  É™ ʑʑ༅Ꮌ ᪉Ṽ⯊ q⇾ḥ ግ۾݅ əäᎥ ݉ᙽ⯊ ʑ‍܆‏Ṣᯙ ᯕᎠอ ጼ‍  ܭ‏aÇ?ᨹ ᔊಽᏕ a‍܆‏ᖒᎼ ᇥáŠ?⌚۾ äᯕ݅ åᎥ ŕš…á›? á”?ᯕಽ ᨙŕĽ? áŠĽâˆ‘á¸ĄŰľ Ç?áł‘ŕˇ? ☖⧕ aÇ?Űľ É™ ᯹ℕಽ ݅₼ಽᏥᎼ ḥ‍܊‏í ॽ݅ ŠṜॽ ⊜ᔢáŽ?ಽÇ?⇜ग़۾äᯕጼ‍ ܭ‏aá„?ᏥáŽ?ಽ⊜┽ŕˇ?á„ĄâŞľáœ˝â”…ŰľäᯕᯕaÇ?aaḊᙚᯊ۾á ™ŢśáŻ•Ý… ੱ⦽áŻ?áąś݉᭼ಽӚ‍Ú â€Źáą˝áŻ˛ŕĄ˝ᎠܟÇ?ᖒᎼ☖⧕Ĺ–eᨹ฿۾aÇ?႑⊚aa‍݅⌚܆‏۾áąąáŠŽáœ˝eĹ?⧠ᙚᨧ݅ᎠܟᎥaಽ᪥ ᖙಽಽâŞśá°†âŚšŕť‘Ĺ–eᨹŕŚ‘ŕˇ™á…?ࡉᎼwíॽ݅aÇ?Űľáœ…áœ…ŕ˛˝âš?໦⦹ḡอ ə᳕á°?qᎥá‡ĽŕťŚâ§ äᯕ݅

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