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MAEZM stacked the historical materials into a lump and carved out a section so that people could sit. The stack of timber was shabby and worn out, but the interior of the carved section was clean and new like newly grown ‘flesh.’ MAEZM wanted for the Seoul residents who would sit on this bench to meditate about their painful history and new future through this series of work. ."&;.Ꭵ Ṣ⊖ग़ᨕḼ ኎á”?Ṣ á°?ഭ༅Ꮌ ⌽ ߊᨕŕ¸?ಽ ྪ⩹Š É™ Ŕᨹ á”?௭ᯕ ጪᎼ ᙚ áŻŠŕ Ľŕ˛ž áŻ?ᇥŕˇ?࠼ಅԕᨊ݅Ô‚Ĺ ‍ŕĄ˝âŹĽ×™â€ŹŕźŠá°?ᯕḥอ ࠼ಅԕᨕḼᇥ᭼᎚ԕᇥ۾ᔊಽ᯹ŕŻ?Ó˝â˛ąá”•â˛˛âƒšŕą? ˉҸ⌚Šᔊ೎݅."&;.Ꭵᄅ⊚ᨹጪᎼá•˝áŹ™áœ˝á ?༅ᯕ ə༅᎚኎á”?Ṣጼ⼾Ĺ?ᔊಽᏕá ™ŕŻšŕˇ?ᯕ ᯲⣊Ꮌ☖⧕ग़ᔊʙᙚᯊʙᏹ⌚እ݅

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