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Furniture / 2012 / MAEZM Owned by KCDF

This bench, which is one of the ‘Re-love’ series produced by MAEZM over the past several years, was made out of the remnants of the old Seoul Station, a historical architecture of Korea. The old Seoul Station building had been standing in the center of Seoul for more than 100 years sharing the Korea’s modern history. In particular, it shared the painful history of Korea such as the colonial rule by Japan and the Korean War. For this reason, the building has great significance for the Korean people. In recent years, the Seoul government renovated the building into a cultural complex and demolished the historical wooden structure. MAEZM produced benches that will be place in the newly renovated space using only the materials from the old structure. ."&;.ᯕÝ…ÖĽeṽ᯲⌽ⲹ3FMPWFⲲáœ˝ŕ¸?ᡊᾲ⌚Ӛᯙᯕᄅ⊚۾ ⌽ǎ᎚኎á”?ṢᯙÕ⇜ŕž?ᯙÇ?ᕽᏙ኎᎚ ᯾⧕ಽอ༅ᨕᲭ݅Ç?ᕽᏙ኎Ă•ŕž?Ꭵ ÖĽᯕᔢᕽᏙ᎚ᾲá??ᇥᨹá­ĽâŠšâŚšŕť‘⌽ǎ᎚É?‍ݥ‏á”?᪥⧉̚⧊݅ âœšâŻŠ᜞á ?ḥ᪥ṼᰢᯕŕŻ?Űľ⌽ǎ᎚ጼ⼊኎á”?ŕˇ?⧉̚⌚እʑᨹ⌽ǎᯙ༅ᨹíᯕÕ⇜ŕž?Ꭵâ“‘áŽšá ™ŕˇ?aḼ݅ ↽É?  á•˝áŹ™áœ˝Űľ ᯕ Ă•ŕž?Ꮌ á…–â§Šŕž™âŞľĹ–eáŽ?ಽ ŕ¸?â€Ť×™â€Źá„ áŻ•á–šâŚšŕť‘  ኎á”?Ṣᯙ ༩á°? Ç?áł‘ŕž?༅Ꮌ ℠Ñ⌚እŠ ."&;.Ꭵᯕá°?ഭอᎼᯕᏊ⌚áŠ? ᔊಽŕ¸?‍י‏ᄠᯕᖚॽĹ–eᨹ‍״‏áŻ?ᄅ⊚ŕˇ?อ༅ᨊ݅

Seoul station 1900

Seoul station 2012 / Cultural complex

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MAEZM design studio MAEZM 2012+2

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