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The Challenges of Concept Testing In the field of market research, the value of concept testing is well regarded as a strategic way in making vital business decisions. This would help business companies to structure their plans based on the recent market study and trends. Knowing what’s in and what’s not in the market arena is a good way to assess the service or the product’s market advantage. Concept testing will also have to be based on normative database results to enable a wide scope on the study and analysis on what will be most beneficial in the market. Shifts in Consumer Behavior One of the most important factors to consider in concept testing is the attitude or the behavior of the consumers. Consumers change in behavior and attitude overtime. This would account for most shifts in the trend of products in the market. The mindset of the consumer can be greatly influenced by economic situation, recently launched products, and technological developments. Thus, concept testing should be able to address this issue on determining what product will have to stand out in a certain season for the consumers. Knowing the recent consumer behavior is valuable for a market research company. This is where most of the business decisions and resolutions will be based. A Differing Concept Quality Each company will defer in their standards on concept testing. Some may consider concept testing on different stages of development and this will make a way for the differences between companies. There is also the fact that manufacturing companies are not equally good in creating concepts. The role of focus group companies in these situations is to test the product quality or its impact to the public through the open group discussion method. This

will know the insights and views of the group regarding the product or a concept synthesized by a company. Inequality of Competency Exists According to industry sources, several products are withdrawn from the market within their first few months. This would account for the ineffective concept testing set by companies. If they are already utilizing concepts with high probability in succeeding in the market then why does these still happen? It may be blamed to inequality of competency on concept testing of the new products released in the market. Business strategy consultants may find their way in these situations. They may be hired by business or manufacturing companies to help structuring a strategy or a concept that will yield the potential success in the market. The value of concept testing goes far beyond any business strategy in the promotion and movement of products and services in the market. With the right approach and proper analysis of concepts before the release of products in the market, their success can be well predicted in the market.

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