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Mae Vedder

Mae Vedder Selected Works 2009 - 2014

For Energy Creation For Eugene Guests For Reuse

For Revitalization

For a Memory For Residents For Education

For Eugene Visitors

FOR THE CREATION OF ENERGY Animating Natural Energy from the Wind, Sun, and Rain Green Mountain Visitor Center for NCAR Outside In Thesis Studio Table Mesa, Colorado Studio Challenge: To design a

visitor center for NCAR that animates the invisible patterns of the weather to increase the quality of life on the inside of the building. Response: A radial form reflecting from the Sundial and passage of time. With net zero possibilities, a building expressed as an educational tool for climate change and the methods to restore the environment.

Poetically and sustainably responsive to the sun, wind, rain, and visitors

Courtyard: Heart of the Visitor Center


Form Development

Concept Diagram

Pure enclosed geometry with strong central focus

Central atrium for passive lighting and ventilation

Center aligned on I.M.Pei’s constructed axis and the natural axis of Table Mesa.

Landscape radiating out from form

Peeled back form to engage with the landscape

Major structure divides and supports program and views in the form of a sundial

Upslope winds

Horizontal emphasis with vertical connection Rain: 20” annually Snow: 100” annually


Site Plan - Guided by the form of the landscape

Longitudinal Section Section through courtyard

Passive Ventilation and Rainwater

Entry Perspective

Model/Concept Image

FOR GUESTS OF EUGENE Grand Broadway Hotel 350,000 square feet Eugene, Oregon Challenge: Design a creative

and unique hotel in the heart of downtown Eugene. Response: A graceful and energy

efficient structure that embraces natural sunlight and welcomes guests. The hotel respectfully steps up from the historic downtown buildings towards the great mountains in the West for experiential views.

South Elevation

Concept Extrusion

Loading Zone

Back of House / Kitchen

Bellmans Lobby

Laundry Facilities

Restaurant Restrooms

Grand Ramp


Front Desk

Cafe Chef Kitchen Breakfast Cafe

Grand Lobby


Site Plan - Corner of Franklin and Broadway

Ground Floor Plan

Entry Perspective with promenade ramp and pool caustics from above

Transverse Section

Oregon Wine Gift Shop

FOR REUSE Constructing Architecture | Bamboo Gateway University of Oregon Campus, Eugene, Oregon

The creation of a gateway between two buildings to transition space between a large, open quad to an enclosed, intimate courtyard. The design utilizes unresolved exterior spaces and evolves an ordinary path into an extraordinary promenade.

Early Concept Studies



4”-5.5” 0.4”-0.9” CULM WALL











FOR REVITILIZATION Takasegawa Study Abroad in Kyoto, Japan Team Collaboration Challenge: Revive the heart of

Kyoto through the restoration of the Takasegawa canal. Understanding and interweaving historical, spiritual, and cultural interpretaions of physical space and material into the design. Response: A seasonal garden as

an urban walking zone expressing the 12 principles of Japanese Garden Design.

A living system integrated into the canal to filter and clean the water. A city that flourishes along the waters edge and crawls up the walls of the apartments to the radiant sun and limitless sky.

To cultivate life in plants and people.

FOR A MEMORY Hands-On Synagogue Reconstruction | Open Air Folk Architecture Museum Sanok, Poland

Let us remember the past and educate the future to cultivate peace. Always remember the prosperity of culture and strength of community.

Polaniec Synagogue reconstructed on site through heavy timber construction, detailed wood carpentry, and Jewish paintings

Workshop into Interpretive Center Synagogue Rememberance Garden

FOR RESIDENTS Housing Bootcamp Weekly Projects Challenge: Design a single room

of 330 square feet connected to the outdoors. Response: A flexible space that

acts as a bedroom, a study, or a den due to possible high turnover in apartments. Sliding walls connect the main living space to the additional room and a Southern, glassy wall connects to the outside garden. This exposure allows light to flood the room in Winter and cast elegant, natural shadows.

A community as a place to grow and flourish together. Challenge: Design co-housing of

10,000sf surrounding a courtyard. Response: Housing focused on

multiple use spaces. The central courtyard acts as a private heart for a communal driveway and a small community for playing and gathering with “eyes on the street� from each dwelling unit. Each garage can be opened to the backyard as extra outdoor space and each bedroom can be combined into a larger study.

FOR GROWTH AND EDUCATION Northwest Culinary Institute Hand Drawings Portland, Oregon Challenge: Design an institute

respectful of the Pearl District in Downtown Portland Response: An integrated

structure that harbors students’ futures in education, a place to grow and harvest the grains and fruits of the Valley, and a connection to the cascading, pervasive mountains of the Northwest.


Skinner Park Visitor Center of Eugene

Temp. Exhibition

Main Exhibition



Skinner Butte Park, Eugene, Oregon

Challenge: Encourage economic and educational growth through a

visitor orientation center unique to the city of Eugene.

Response: Versatile spaces for a range of activities from a small


Mech Bath Storage Room Closet

Work Space

lecture to a banquet hall. As the cafe reaches out to overlook the serene Willamette River, the library reaches upwards towards the Butte, towards knowledge and wisdom.


Plan - Transparent axis connects the present with the past

A passageway, inviting and spacious, connecting the old with the new. Single Bay Structure

Thank you for your time

Mae Vedder Education

Bachelor of Architecture | University of Oregon | Eugene, OR | Winter 2014

-Minor in Landscape Architecture

Kyoto Landscape Architecture Study Abroad | University of Oregon | Kyoto, Japan | Summer 2012 -Harmonized progressive 21st century landscaping design with historic Kyoto, Japan

(541) 228-5501


-Experienced Japanese culture and developed professional communication

Member of American Institute of Architecture Students Member of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers Deans List Fall 2009, Winter 2011, 2012, and 2013 Nir Pearlson Studios Practicum Experience | Eugene, OR | Summer 2013 -Collaborated with a small and highly effective design team

-Plan sketches, AutoCAD, and SketchUp of Turtle Creek, a small residential development of 1300sf homes

Environmental Control Systems II Teaching Assistant | University of Oregon | Eugene, OR | Spring 2012

-Advised lab groups of 20 students with Graduate Teaching Fellow -Articulated living system and green architecture design skills

Math Marker | University of Oregon | Eugene, OR | Fall 2010 - Spring 2013 -Reliably grade students’ math homework from Math levels 70, 95, and 112


-Self-motivated, efficient worker

Software Proficiency Graphic Skills and Software

-Advanced in Sketching, Sketchup, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop -Proficient in Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit -Advanced in Artlantis Studio and Watercolor Renderings

-Savvy in Macintosh and Windows

Office Skills and Computer Operating Systems -Advanced in Microsoft Powerpoint and Word Document

Mae Vedder Portfolio  

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