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Stem Cell Research Suddenly Not So Evil Researchers discover a humane way of gathering stem cells

Photo by Evan Jordan

By Steven Borowiec and Rehaana Manek

From left to right: Alex Coley, Mariuxi Zambrano, Maha Javadi

The Only Thing Separating These Students from Graduation is $8000 By Joe Zabukovec It all started when Mariuxi Zambrano walked into the newspaper headquarters selling muffins for $1 each. In order for her to graduate U of T’s Fine Arts program, she and her eleven other classmates must raise $8000 to sponsor their own art show. With the Fine Arts department only contributing around $500, that still leaves them $7500 short. This is the smallest Thesis Project class that the Fine Arts program has ever had, which puts more pressure and stress on the 12 individuals to come up with money. Two of her classmates, Mahan Javadi and Alex Coley, came back with her the next day to explain their goal and the methods they are using to reach it. I asked Alex

what that $8000 would end up paying for. “We have to rent the space and make the brochures. We have to advertise, and we have to pay for insurance, install walls … it’s a lot of work.” But like many group projects, they are currently having some issues with teamwork. With time as an issue, this is becoming a large stress factor -Mahan reluctantly elaborated for me. “A big problem we have is that everyone can be pretty uncooperative, so we all end up doing our own things to raise the money. People say they’re going to do something and then they don’t, so now everyone just has to come up with their share of the money.” The tiny class is still doing See Student Artists cont. pg. 3

By Timothy Ryan Recall the oft-debated topic of stem cell research, one that still occasionally grabs the major media spotlight from time to time. The jist of the argument tells that in order to start a stem cell line for study and disease treatment, a human embryo must die. In the pro-life corner (where George W. Bush and most other conservative Christians reside), the case is made that a human embryo is a human life, therefore deserving protection. Contrarily, in medicine’s corner (where scientists such as myself reside), it is believed that this research is going to lead to medical breakthroughs and treatments for major diseases. Embryonic stem cells are desired because they can develop into many types of tissue. They all begin as identical main stem cells and as the embryo develops and requires heart cells, brain cells, spinal cord cells as examples, these main stem cells differentiate and morph into the needed cell types. Thus, a damaged heart muscle resulting from a heart attack in an adult patient could potentially be replaced by new stem cells. Scientists believe that numerous diseases can be treated in this fashion, including diabetes,

cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, burn victims, and blood disease to name a few. Enter the new work about to be published by two research groups in the journals Cell and Science in the coming days. Groups led by Dr. Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University and James Thomson of the University of Wisconsin-Madison are racing to publish the same result; they have generated stem cells from adult human skin. This would potentially provide all the benefits of embryonic stem cell research, without the controversy. The process is called “direct programming” and it involves taking four genes and inserting them into a virus. The virus then infects the human skin cell and through some unknown process, the skin cells morph into stem cells, capable of being differentiated into unique tissue types once again. This has massive implications. Leaders in this scientific field are using funny metaphors to describe the impact it may have on medicine. One equates it to “learning to turn lead into gold” while another believes it will help us fly, “the equivalent of the Wright Brothers’ first airplane”. I want one.

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Photo by Steve McGie

Right Honourable Frank Iacobucci and Haroon Siddiqui talk security and civil rights While 9/11 was undeniably a tragedy, a greater tragedy is that it has been used as the impetus for a string of much greater misfortunes. With the stated intention of preventing terrorism, Western governments have used the attacks on 9/11 to cloak a series of acts in legitimacy. A U.S led movement has since embarked on illegal wars abroad and infringed on the civil liberties of citizens at home. Striking a Balance between Security and Individual Rights was the topic being discussed at the Isabel Bader Theatre on November 12th, for the Association of Political Science Student’s Unions annual evening of conversation. The featured speakers were the Right Honourable Frank Iacobucci and Mr. Haroon Siddiqui. Iacobucci spoke first; his talk reflected his extensive career in the legal profession. He spoke in detail about the potential for terrorism to become “a cancer that threatens the fabric of society.” Perhaps his most poignant argument was his distinction of what actually threatens democracy: our response to terrorism as a society. One of his main concerns was that terrorism provides a cover for the government to co-opt the country’s legal framework, endangering the sustainability of an independent judiciary. Mr. Siddiqui spoke next. Anyone who is familiar with his biweekly column in the Toronto Star would know to expect his usual bold and incisive comSee 9/11 cont. pg. 2

November 22 2007 Vol. XXX No. XII

toronto’s student community paper

9/11 Discussion Heats Up at Bader Theatre

November 22 2007 Vol. XXX No. XI

2 the newspaper

22 November 2007

Toronto Star Talks Terrorism, Civil Liberty, and The Post 9/11 World 9/11 cont. from pg. 1 mentary. He discussed how terrorism and 9/11 in particular have been a convenient excuse for governments to disrespect the rights of citizens and opportunely ignore even the most basic elements of due process. “Everyone is now looking for moderate Muslims.” Siddiqui said, emphasizing the pressure on North American Muslims to pick a side. “The easiest way for a Muslim to get quoted in the media nowadays is to piss on other Muslims.” At present, terrorism is most often associated with Muslims. This has led to the widespread demonization of Muslims, which Mr. Siddiqui argues has only exacerbated the problem. He stated that since 9/11 Muslims in North America have been “living in psychological internment” after having been burdened with “a mindless and collective guilt.” While events like these are so often lacking in real debate and opposing viewpoints, an audience member asked in a perturbed tone of voice what the two speakers would do to avoid terrorist attacks. Mr. Siddiqui responded by saying he would stop demonizing Muslims, pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan and close Guantanamo Bay. These are the real sources of terrorism and addressing them would make greater progress in preventing future attacks than increased security measures.

ASSU Challenges Student Referendum By Rehaana Manek The contentious Student Commons issue has yet to die down, as the Association of Arts and Science Student’s Union held a vote today on whether or not to challenge the student referendum in a council meeting. On the basis that the University of Toronto Student’s Union

By Tamika Royes Western capitalist press rarely reports on positive events happening in Africa, which is why it came as a surprise when the World Bank reported that Africa is making “economic progress.” This seemed to be surprising to the economists involved in this report as they commented the growth that has occurred in the last ten years is nothing short of phenomenal. Chief economist John Page commented that Africa has learned from the mistakes of the early 1900’s, 1970’s, and the 1980’s. It is the World Bank’s view that if such economic growth continues then Africa may actually be able to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. On the surface such economic progress may seem like great strides in the

Managing Editor Sean Liliani Arts Editor Niya Bajaj

News Editor Steven Borowiec

Associate Editor Timothy Ryan Art Director Brendan Keen Photo Editor Evan Jordan

right direction for African development. However, with evidence of the horrid effects of globalization and capitalism, how does it serve the needs of the most vulnerable on the continent to become “developed” into states that mirror the West? Such “development” will most certainly benefit the West who has been ravaging the continent of its resources for over five hundred years. Globalization is just a new take on an old degrading process. Africa is one of the most resource-rich continents on the earth and the powers of the Western block want easier access to these resources to encourage venture capital. The great empires and civilizations that were in Africa long before those of Europe were exploited and

nearly eradicated no thanks to the “development” of trade with Europeans. Scholar Walter Rodney in his classic work How Europe Underdeveloped Africa states that Africa would have developed just like any other civilizations on the earth had the continent not been disturbed and plundered by European greed. The World Bank now praises the economic progress of Africa while ignoring the harsh economic polices that aided in destroying many African economies. With the help of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund the continent has been so savagely destroyed economically that it is a miracle that progress has been made in the last ten years.

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Contributors Stephen Notley, Alan Osadetz, Tamika Royes, Mike Kuo, Drew, Victor Rohm, Elizabeth Hilborn, Selena Mann, Steve McGie, Emily Burke, 1 Spadina Crescent, Suite 245 Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A1

While UTSU addresses the issues raised by APUS, other groups, and individual students regarding mal-treatment and undemocratic behaivour, their stance is to “move forward”. Something not every student at U of T is just going to swallow.

Africa Making Progress?

the newspaper Editor-in-Chief Joe Zabukovec

referendum was poorly and undemocratically conducted, ASSU is formally contesting the legitimacy of the referendum along with groups like the Association of Part-time Student’s Union who were in-charge of the un-official “No” campaign to protest the construction of the Student Commons.


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22 November 2007

Undergrad Art It Doesn’t Students Use Work And It Might Be Their A new art exhibit by Richard Fung documents a Creativity to Broken man’s life in two very different settings Raise Funds the newspaper By Selena Mann Within the comparative within the neighbourhood of On November 9th, a new exhib- framework he discusses how Thorncliffe in which he lives. Reviews it by Richard Fung held in the the two societies reflect upon Another way this is expressed For Their his beliefs and values. The dif- is when he helps organize a Harbourfront Centre opened. Artistic types gathered from ferences are conveyed in living dinner for peace between Jews, Exhibition Daniel near and far to view the video conditions, religious beliefs, Muslims, and people of other faiths. This depiction of people gallery, in addition to numerous and political ideologies. Macivor’s It is a good film and most helps refute the stereotype that Student Artists cont. from pg. 1 other works of photography of the audience could identify Muslims are extremely racist and art. Jehad In Motion focuses fundraising together and they Latest Play on a man named Jehad Ali- with Fung’s work. The docu- against Jews in Palestine.

Jehad In Motion

weiwi and documents his life in two very different settings. Within the short documentary he discusses how he feels as though he is living two distinct lives: one in Toronto and the other in Hebron. The split screen film is shot in the two different locations at separate times. Its purpose is to convey the parallel and yet divergent nature of Jehad’s life.


mentary helped to disintegrate stereotypes about Palestinians , and Jehad discussed that the Hijab was not always in existence. He also implies that he does not support it, contrary to media and societal implications that all Muslim men use this to control Muslim women. Moreover, Jehad discussed how tolerant and multicultural Canada is, specifically

Master of Management & Professional Accounting

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Overall, the film is an important reflection of two societies and the fact that their visible differences actually unveil their embedded similarities. Jehad in Motion is part of the free exhibition Moving Stories which runs from November 10 to December 30, 2007 at the Harbourfront Centre York Quay Centre Gallery.

have already hosted a clothing sale at the Sidney Smith building and are planning another one soon. On December 6th they will be selling their art during a Hart House $5 Lunch as well as providing entertainment, and they will be doing the same during 1 Spadina’s annual Toronto Student Group Exhibition, THE EYEBALL. That event takes place takes place on December 7th at 7pm, and you’ll be able to purchase their art in support of their project at the Experimental Exhibition Lab (EEL). I figured that if the class comes up a bit short on the bill their department would pitch the rest, but Mahan informed me that they were definitely on their own. So, what happens if they don’t reach their goal? “I don’t know. I guess we’d have to find a cheaper place, and just some way to get by. Or, we could pay out of our pockets, but not everyone can, so it’s a problem we’ll just have to fix it if we get there and we’re hoping‌ we just won’t get there.â€? For more information or to contribute, please go to

By Evan Jordan How it works: I arrive and the tickets aren’t there. A cute girl in the ticket booth, with a coy smile, conjures up a pair of tickets. An elderly lady in an aquamarine jumper is all smiles; a placard hangs around her neck, denoting her “VOLUNTEERâ€? status. Inside the theatre a logjam of the aged calculates the ratio of stairs climbed to the remaining seats. I sit in the front row between a three-seater of a man and my Perpetually Nice Smelling Friend. The crowd is roughly twenty years past the Canadian median age of 38.8. The first act opens with a self-explanatory monologue, which we are inexplicably told might be hard for us grasp. There is an hour of pop music and clichĂŠ; frequent pinchednose looks are exchanged between PNSF and I. The temperature is cool enough to store deli-cuts and passing trains are audible throughout. Lack of thought provoking script allows ample opportunity to nuzzle with PNSF— we do not date, nor are romantically inclined, but frequently attend cultural events. Intermission is a welcome relief. The men’s washrooms are located up a flight of stairs, which creates forced face-toass queue following a parade of cottage-cheesed khakis up said stairs. Final— thank-godit-is-over or lack-of-funding-toproduce-three-act plays— act. Highlight: realizing that my feet can rest on stage. Over a pint, while discussing How It Works/abysmal state of Canadian theatre with PNSF, we conclude that Daniel Macivor has become an interpreter of youth culture for the aged. References to pop music (Feist, and worse: Alanis) and afterschool themes were appropriated from past trends. Unmentionably archetypal characters, acting, and plot‌sigh. I’ll lift a David Foster Wallace quote on the superficiality of TV apt for this parody of theatre: “Its greatest minute-by-minute appeal is that it engages without demanding. One can rest while undergoing stimulation.â€?


4 the newspaper

22 November 2007

On This Side of the Page... On This Side of the Page... Elizabeth Hilborn Alan Osadetz Uses The Force Gets Serious About Of Star Wars Star Trek It is the age-old question that sci-fi fans, geeks, and nerds alike have been pondering for decades: Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Though Star Trek may have come first, Star Wars took the sci-fi genre and turned it on its head. Its entire cast consists of the most iconic characters of all time. You don’t have to weed through the Crushers, Barclays and annoying Ferengi to get to Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, or Obi Wan Kenobi. They are constantly at the center of action, accompanied by strong supporting characters Chewbacca, Yoda, or Princess Leia and her gold bikini. And then there is the greatest villain of all time; the steady sound of breathing, the Imperial March that plays whenever he’s on screen, the unmistakable voice of James Earl Jones; Q may have his merits, but he’s no Darth Vader. Unquestionably, Star Wars has better special effects, weapons, and action sequences. A Jedi Knight could kick any member of the Federation’s ass. You don’t set a lightsaber to stun. A typical Star Trek battle scene had the crew lunging from side to side, shields going down a percent, and sparks flying in the engine room. In Star Wars, ships crash and blow up, people die and entire planets are extinguished. Epic battles are fought flying through space. Story-wise, the films benefit from being concrete, fixed-script movies instead of a long-running television series that ends when people (or actors) lose interest. Some may argue that the three newer films bring down the Star Wars franchise. That may be true, but

Deanna Troi has huge tits and is way hotter than Princess Leia. As a plus, she’s always wearing that sexy skin tight outfit. Commander Riker would beat the shit out of Han Solo in a fight. Just by looking at Riker’s stature you can tell that he bench presses more, and consequently bones way hotter alien chicks. Data is a hundred times more useful than C3P0. Data can fly a starship, fight in battle, and be your wingman at the bar. C 3 P 0 could easily

Star Trek is not innocent of poor filmmaking either. Good or bad, people still go crazy when a Star Wars film is released. So for those Trekkies who still believe in the Federation, remember this: Star Wars gave us Spaceballs. I rest my case. Illustration by Ryan James Terry

be replaced with a gay butler. Captain Picard is a decorated, widely respected official. Obi Wan is some crazy weirdo who lives by himself in the mountains. Although Obi Wan’s mastery of “the force” is impressive, it is no match for Captain Picard’s superior British charm and Shakespearian acting ability. Clearly, the villains in Star Trek are much more fearsome. For example: Klingons are warriors from birth and will gladly sacrifice their lives for their race. Storm troopers are cowards who hide behind their body armour and helmets, and have unbelievably terrible aim. Over the duration of all three Star Wars movies I can’t recall a storm trooper successfully shooting a single person. Star Wars is full of retardedly annoying characters like Chewbacca and Jar-Jar Binks. The single purpose of these characters is to make stupid sounds to satisfy a failed attempt at comic relief, contributing absolutely nothing to plot development. Geordi, the token black guy in Star Trek, is the head engineer and on numerous occasions has saved the Enterprise from obliteration with his split second innovations (usually involving reversing the polarity). Star Wars’ token black guy, Lando Calrissian, sold out his friend Han Solo to the Imperial Empire. This negative depiction in Star Wars has a racist sub-context. George Lucas is clearly racist.

The Ultimate Fight Club By Steve McGie Last Friday night, roughly 2000 people gatwhered in front of the Royal Ontario Museum for the latest event to be orchestrated by the Toronto-based “urban playground” collective, Newmindspace. The plan called for an en masse lightsaber battle, with two teams swinging blacklit, dayglo-painted cardboard tubes. While the actual event didn’t quite meet these goals (with issues ranging from chaotic organization and poor blacklight range to limited tube supplies), the most important objective was well met. A lot of

people had a ridiculous amount fun. Those who fully got into the spirit of the event didn’t seem to mind that things hadn’t gone completely according to plans. They were simply too busy swinging away in the sometimes mosh pit-esque crowd, scavenging for a less damaged tube, or engaging in one of the duels that developed once the masses had dispersed. It is Newmindspace’s consistent ability to deliver on the promise of fun that has made their events successful no matter what issues may arise.

Photo by Steve McGie

Finally the nerds got to play with light sabers

It was a massacre of neon and was really hard on the eyes. There were few survivors.

the newspaper 5

22 November 2007

Steamwhistle Unsigned #4

the newspaper Samples Some of Italy’s Finest Wines

Brewery Provides Publicity to Local Bands, and Beer to Local People

By Sean Liliani

The Carps @ The Steamwhistle Brewery.


Stephanie Ker

ation by


shitty drum samples. Headlining band The Carps suffered from the same ailment but rather than having a MacBook as a crutch to lean on, they used a PC –which somehow broke down after their first song. The crippled mess that remained was something akin to a tricycle with a missing wheel and a kid trying not to fall off. Without their electronic third, the drum and bass duo had an empty feeling. Despite overwhelming distortion, bass lines felt shaky and although the drummer/singer had some serious skill, I felt that I could just as easily be watching the same thing outside the Skydome in the summer. I want be fair to The Carps and acknowledge that technical difficulties hindered this performance but, at the same time, this is why technology should be limited whilst playing on stage; accountants depend on computers, musicians shouldn’t have to! While this show was definitely mediocre, the party was awesome. The concept of the series is inventive and will bring many interesting bands in the future.

Photo by Zach Slootsky

By Sean Liliani Small bands trying to get heard in this town are either diluted by the army of talentless hipsters who –in the name of Queen St.– all have to be in a band or they are trumped by the big name acts that come touring through Toronto. There might not be a shortage of small venues to house independent bands but there is a shortage of funds to promote them. Last Friday’s Steamwhistle Unsigned series continued with their innovative new concert series that puts big budget publicity behind up-and-coming artists. While such bands often depend on word of mouth and/ or internet for publicity, this event gives them the chance to showcase to a bigger audience. The highlight of the night was definitely Opopo, who delivered a high energy digital brand of Indie rock to a gyrating dance floor. As much as their onstage theatrics appealed to the crowd however, their live arrangements demonstrated way too much of a dependance on the MacBook; when there’s a perfectly good drum kit sitting on stage why fall back on the painfully synthetic sound of

Last Thursday the newspaper learned that there is more to drinking than getting drunk. While this epiphany will most likely not be reached whilst shot gunning a can of Faxe, it came to the newspaper after an impactful wine tasting seminar. ‘For the Love of Wine’ has become a weekly feature this November and on the 15th the newspaper took a trip to the East Common room of Hart House for a taste of some indigenous Italian. For most undergraduate students erudite education and drinking habits seldom cross paths unless you’re the type who brings a flask to lecture. In spite of a drinking culture that pervades the university life-

style, it is rare that we ever get a lesson on the economics, politics or history of this favorite pastime. The hosts of Italian Terroir – Discovering Indigenous Varietals went above and beyond all expectations with a presentation that touched on all facets of the wine industry. Spending about ten minutes discussing each of the eight wines (four white, four red) our knowledgeable hosts would talk about everything from the grapes used in the wines, to the bylaws of the region, and in some cases the effects that climate change is having on the vineyard. Even if your untrained palate can’t make the distinction between a Chianti and Cabernet, ‘For the Love of Wine’ can still make for a fun, informative and slightly classier-than-normal night out.

review page

Margot at the Wedding Written and Directed by Noah Baumbach

By Emily Burke Hand-held cameras and bleak colours; messy hair and substance abuse; sex and infidelity; screaming and crying; slapping and biting; Jack Black humour juxtaposing an estrogen overdosed pair of sisters. Needless to say, sitting through Baumbach’s latest rousing and thought-provoking work was a

painful experience. Margot at the Wedding, a raw and jarring depiction of family politics, examines a sibling reunion when Margot (Nicole Kidman) and her son Claude (Zane Pais) visit her sister Pauline (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Margot is obnoxiously vocal in her disapproval of Pauline’s fiancé, Malcolm (Jack Black); and the


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often passive aggressive, and occasionally outright, unconcealed antagonism of Margot’s wrath reigns over every character in this film. Baumbach has created a monster so unfeeling that she heartlessly condemns her husband for assisting a helpless, hysterical woman and her injured dog. Any viewer who enjoyed Baumbach’s last film, the Academy Award nominated The Squid and the Whale, is sure to love this film. This black comedy is equally unsettling in its honest depiction of the dark thoughts and cruel behaviour of a middle-aged, middle class, hypocritical, drug and booze addled intellectual. This film is wonderfully cast, with Leigh playing a caring, relatively grounded, albeit insecure woman, and Black as a failed artist, doing his usual shtick but with a little more subtlety and intelligence. These two characters, along with most of the friends and family in the film, provide some light and life to counteract Kidman’s effective portrayal of Margot the Monster.

22 November 2007

Iris Chang: The Rape Of Nanking

A Film by Bill Spahic and Anne Pick By Victor Rohm At Bloor Cinema a two block long line of people waited in the cold to view the premiere of Bill Spahic and Anne Pick’s new movie Iris Chang: The Rape Of Nanking. The docu-drama is based on Iris Chang’s 1997 groundbreaking bestseller The Rape Of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of WWII. The film recounts the courageous investigation of Iris Chang, played by the beautiful Olivia Cheng, in which she unfolds history in an attempt to inform the world of the horrific events that took place in the Chinese city of Nanking, while it was under Japanese occupation in 1937. The directors focused on Iris and her personal sacrifice in the compilation of the book, specifically how the psychological wounds inflicted upon her during her research scarred her. Testimonies of contemporary witnesses and the haunting emotional attacks that followed

ultimately changed her past hope, which ultimately lead to her suicide in 2004. Her death emphasizes the huge impact and long-term effect of what happened in Nanking, and shows how this effect is still causing death and suffering after 70 years. The goal of the movie, “to teach so it doesn’t happen again” was stated before the screening. The movie closed with a mix of applause and tears, I felt that the movie had achieved its objective. Although some of the shocking footage dropped the viewer into the ice-cold waters of reality, it was necessary. The problem is that this massacre is only briefly mentioned in history books and never receives the same attention as the Shoah or Nagasaki and Hiroshima, until this film. Iris Chang: The Rape Of Nanking is a definite must see, but probably not for a first date.

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6 the newspaper

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8 the newspaper

22 November 2007

Where the Fuck is This?

the sticky stuff

by Shannon Thorndyke

Sex, Love, and the Stuff that comes between… Dear Shannon, Lately my boyfriend and I have been thinking of trying out something new during sex. There’s nothing wrong or boring about the sex we’re having, but I’d like to turn it up a notch. By “notch” I mean anal sex. This is not something my boyfriend is pressuring me to do either –I brought up the idea. A couple of my girlfriends have tried it and love it. Others did it once and will never ever do it again. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying things out and then deciding afterwards, but I keep hearing about this dreadful donut that people who have a lot of anal sex are said to develop, where your anus is all puffy and you can’t control your shit. I really don’t want to be the girl who shits her pants all the time. Can you give me some pros, cons, and pointers to anal sex please? Or just some general advice on the topic? -Angelica The first time that I ever heard about anal sex I was in high school, one of my girlfriends had tried it with her boyfriend and wanted to share

her story. All that I could think about while she was telling me this, was that she must be crazy, and eww gross. Moreover that there is no way that “doing it the bad way” as she called it could ever be considered “healthy”. Here are some tips that I would offer to make it fun and literally “painless”. First and foremost…LUBE, LUBE, LUBE!!!! I recommend a water-based lubricant. My favorite is called JOh2o. Low budget, you can use a vegetable oil. Don’t use mineral/baby oil because the chemical reaction between the oil and the latex on the condom you are using can cause degeneration. Meaning, tiny holes and possible tears. You should absolutely use a condom! For disease prevention and also easy cleanup. There are a couple lubrication productions on the market specifically designed for anal BUT they often have a numbing agent… BAD idea. You need to be able to feel what is going on to make sure to prevent injury so avoid the numbing. Second…You must be relaxed. Tensing up makes it just

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about impossible to pull off. Take your time and start out with a bit of play before diving in head first. This will give your body time to warm up and relax. Third…Do not go directly from anal to vaginal intercourse. This is a very bad idea and can cause infection. This is where the condom comes in for easy clean up. Take off the dirty condom, a quick wipe and a new condom and you are ready to go. I highly recommend doing some more research. My favorite site on the topic is Anal sex guru Tristan Taormino has a great book called, The Anal Sex Guide for Women as well as an instructional DVD. Take my advice and get a few more tips and you should be good to go. Hopefully you will like it and maybe you won’t. At least you will have given it a whirl! Send your sex and relationship questions to

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