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HOTLANTA By Antonio Moses

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 2 Chapter I It’s a full moon out tonight and the streets of Atlanta are jumping. And why shouldn’t they be, there are approximately 2.5 million people that call this great city their home. It goes without saying that Atlanta is a melting pot, with an International Airport and people settling here from all walks of life commingling within its borders. Crippled by the burning of the city in the early 1900s, Atlanta rebounded during the last part of the century. Some people refer to it as the New York of the South, but we call it HOTlanta! Atlanta has all the makings of what every big city is known for. First of all, it has one of the hottest strip clubs in the US, which happens to be located slap dab in the heart of the city. On any given night you’ll find some of the hottest bitches in the world strutting, their shit on stage and shaking their asses to the hottest beats. And what great city would be complete without a thriving underworld. It seems like to two just go hand-n-hand. We’ve got some of the most boss niggas on the planet handling their business slanging that Cain, who won’t hesitate at a moment’s notice to straighten any mutha-fucka that might get outta line. It may sound cold, but it’s a reality that we had to face grow up. Some of the building in downtown Atlanta stand over 50 stories tall which provide the light that illuminate these street corners just right to create a majestic skyline for all would be visitors to fall in love with. Shit, it ain’t nothing like cruz-in around I285 smoking on a phat azz “j”, chilling out with your homeboys while listening to Outcast bumping in the trunk. And nobody does it like the “dirty South”, baby when it comes to being dirty. The GBI reported this month that crime is at an all-time high and you can best believe that crack cocaine has a lot to do with it. Hell we didn’t create the epidemic, we adapted. An

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 3 old wise man once told me, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” So we take it in stride, maintain a constant visual on all exits and keep our piece by our sides. I’m sure prayer would help, but at this stage in the game it hasn’t. I’ve seen enough in these streets to make any sane man question his faith. But at the end of the day if I can lay my head down on a soft pillow and didn’t get shot, it’s a good day. By the way, my name is Charles Patterson but I’m known in the streets as “Money”. I’m a Grady baby and if you need to check my street credibility…you better ask somebody. I was raised in Techwood, which happens to be the first projects built in the United States. So it goes without saying, that everything that came out of the hood is thorough. Yak feel me? I tell you what, why don’t you sit down and take off your shoes as I pour some of this Hennessey over the rocks. I’ll share some of my experiences with you if you promise to accept these passages for what they are. And that’s the absolute truth. Now keep in mind even though names have been changed but the beat goes on. And at this stage of the game, ain’t nobody innocent. So don’t trip. It is generally agreed that all players alive these days, and all that have been alive since, “the Game” first appeared on the streets, share a common bond. The one object that has single handedly destroyed families and built nations. “M-O-N-E-Y”. Yeah, that good ole’ fashion greenback. Love it or leave it, but there ain’t no denying what’s real. We are all brothers in a war with a dark beginning with no certain end. Nevertheless, we find every reason in sight to hate one another. Life in the dirty South will challenge a brother’s social skills. Having to adapt to certain customs based primarily on separatist ideologies causes havoc to pour into the streets that sometimes result in violence and

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 4 bloodshed. I’m afraid that our country will suffer the consequences of its people inability to provide the critical knowledge necessary for advancement. I have personally seen the beginning of a class conceived of in the United States, where one race or sub-race gains such power that it becomes distinct from all other subraces in the world. But never have I seen among the stars and the men that rule there, such a deliberate attempt to eradicate one particular racial type. How many generations, I wonder, did it take them to perfect this training, geared toward our annihilation? And we are falling right into their hands. I once read somewhere, “You can remove undesirable emotions from society’s repertoire by carefully manipulating of culture trends. You can revise your language so that a man has no means of expressing that which is forbidden; lacking a familiar label, he will eventually lose his grasp of the concept itself. You cannot, however, wholly excise emotions from a man’s character and still expect him to be a complete human being.” Being raised by a single parent in an inner city project, as a young Black male paves a crocked road to be travelled to say the least. A road of uncertainty with little guidance and no foundation upon which to build a home is definitely no American dream. In a world of subliminal suggestions, racial undertones and a criminal justice system operating under a “color of law”, designed to make you a young brother fear his fellow man. It‘s hard to imagine when a change; if any, will ever come.Since there wasn’t anyone controlling what we watched on television, my favorite programs were cartoons. But it wasn’t long before cable made its way into our modest home and influenced the way we perceive things.

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 5 HOTlanta! / Moses Page 4 My friends and I experienced a very real, reality in the streets each and every day. There were absolutely no male role models in my life whatsoever. The entire twelve years growing up in the projects, I never met the father of any of my friends. I guess you can say it was the desensitizing mechanism which ultimately made us stone cold killers, hustlers, and drug at dealers. We ultimately created our own role models. They started out as being athletes and entertainers and later those images were overshadowed by cop shows and gangster movies. I mean, we were like Gold Fish swimming in a small fish bowl. I suppose if you place fish in a larger bowl, they will eventually grow larger‌Well, so is life. As for me and my homies, we were trapped in our own little world, but none of us could have possibly imagined what was in store for us. Lacking proper guidance and male role models left us in a dark situation. We couldn’t see the full potential of what life had to offer. We were unable to break out of the shell that society had developed years before my old man and his pop were born. What started out as a project; derived from the social assistance or welfare system, turned out to be what is now referred as a full-fledged modern day genocide. For those of you who may not know, the projects or low income housing are made up of several housing units, in the inner city with a basic design. Now what started out as a project; derived from the social assistance or the welfare system, turned out to be what is now referred to as the Ghetto.

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 6 The Ghettos are made up of several housing units in the inner city and no matter where you find them through the land of the milk and honey they share one thing in common. And that’s despair. The young mothers are given incentives to stay home rather than trying to make a living. Government programs offer entitlements and no counseling or guidance. They strip the Black family of its core survival mechanism and replace it with things like, food stamps and Section 8 housing. Now don’t get me wrong…by no stretch of anyone’s imagination is this is a cry out for help. On the contrary, it’s a shot-out to of the brothers I grew up with and my love for the “ATL”. Hell, if it wasn’t for the struggles I went through, I would not have become the man who I am. Hopefully you will take this as a call for action and not a cry out for assistance. I have gone over the course of events in this story as a mathematician would discern an algebraic equation, determining all values and calculating their sums. As a species WE are in need of a wakeup call. Here is my story.

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 7

HOTlanta! Chapter II RITA (The Sole Survivor)

Rita looks around to make sure she hasn’t been followed or this isn’t one of the APD’s bullshit sting operations. She might be young, but what she lacks in age she more than make up with, in street sense. “I thought I had already told you, that you have to give me the money before I can sux ya dick”. Rita said impatiently to the short heavy set White man standing directly in front of her, as she places her hands on her hips. Judging by his excessive receding hair line and the distinctive crow’ s feet in the corner of his eyes, he has to be in his late 50’s or early 60’s. He’s wearing a poorly fitted polyester suit with a dingy white shirt stuffed underneath it and an old pair of broken down penny loafers on his feet, which are seriously in need of some shoe polish and heel replacements. “Listen to me,” the fat man tries to reason with Rita, “you don’t have to worry about anything pretty little girl. I’ve got the money.” He reassures her as he apprehensively looks over his slumped shoulder into the dark and narrow alleyway, littered with mounds of trash, soiled clothing and an old grocery store shopping cart. The alleyway’s entrance

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 8 reeks of urine and human feces, but under the circumstances the layout will just have to do. “Well!” Rita blurts out with authority, which nearly causes the fat man to jump right out of his skin.

HOTlanta! / Moses Page 7 “All right! All right! Already!” He said sounding like a spoiled brat pouting because he can’t have his way. It’s clear that Rita startled him as he takes a moment as he catches his breath. “Please don’t do that again.” He insists, and nervously places his chubby left hand into his pocket. He immediately takes 3 neatly folded $20.00 dollar bills out of his pocket. Rita can’t help but notice the wedding band on his fat finger and can’t imagine who would be stupid enough to marry this piece of shit. The fat man then uses his index finger to push the fallen bifocals on the bridge of his pudgy nose. “By the way,” The man asked with a disgusting look on his face. “How old did you say you were?” He then anxiously ask redirecting his focus on her firm innocent b-cup sized breast. Rita is petite, but well put together for her age and tries to cover it up by wearing loosely fitting clothing in an attempt to hide her assets. Rita rolls her eyes and calmly hesitates for a moment and takes a deep breath before answering his question. She is doing absolutely everything within her powers not to tell this guy what she really thinks of him, but despite all the distractions she manages to maintain a visual on the bills clutched in his stubble little hands.

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 9 “I’m 17!” She blurts out and realizes that she may have come off a bit too aggressive. Rita then bats her beautiful eyes at the man and immediately gets back into character. “You’re not going to hurt me…are you?” She purrs like a kitten and strokes the fat man’s left shoulder. “No! Of course not!” He adamantly reassures Rita and places his grubby hand on top of hers. “You know I would be willing to pay you double if you go back to my hotel.” He said smiling at her as he rises up the money in an attempt to entice her. At that moment, something shots all over Rita’s body and she snatches away from his sweaty hand. She despises him in every way imaginable and finds it next to impossible to keep up the charade. So rather than busting him in his face she demonstrates her anger. There is one thing that Rita has learned running around in the streets of HOTlanta! If you appear weak people will try to take advantage of you and consider you weak. So she decides to take it up a notch. “I told you no already. What part of no don’t you understand? And besides…” Before Rita goes off on the fat man and leaving him standing alone in the alley, she is interrupted by a set of bright headlights of a car making a U-turn in the middle of the street, which illuminates their cover in the alley and they both freeze like a deer caught in the headlights of an approaching car as it attempts to cross the road. It’s crazy to see what a man is willing to do to satisfy his lower desires. Here we have a White middle aged, married man soliciting sex from an under aged Black girl in some decrypted alley, in the heart of the Ghetto. With nothing more than bad intention and a condom to protect him. But now he can actually see Rita a lot better with the aid of the

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 10 car’s headlights. He is turned on by her innocence and immaculately unblemished smooth skin and he convinces himself to plow full steamed ahead. The glare of the headlights only last for a split second and the shadows of the once secluded alley slowly settles back into place. “Look man, I don’t have all night.” Rita reiterates with her hand extended out demonstrating that she is tired of talking and wants the fat man to put up or shut up. “You’re a lot prettier than I thought,” The fat man said. “And it sounds like you’ve got a lot of spunk. I like that.” The fat man can barely hold his composure at this point. If Rita would blow in his ear right now, he’d drop a load right in his pants. “Well you’ve got about five seconds before call my people, because you ain’t doing nothing but wasting my time.” Rita responses and takes a step back to see the fat white man’s reaction is going to be. He finally decides to place the money in Rita’s hand and starts to prepare himself for what he thinks is going to be the time of his life. As the fat man rubs his hands together as if he’s preparing for a Thanksgiving feast. Rita can’t do anything but shake her head in amazement. She quickly bawls up the money and place the bills into her front pocket without counting it. Rita then hastily unfastens big boy’s trousers and takes a condom out of her back pocket and place the unopened package into her right hand. “Ok drop your pants so that I can take mine down.” Rita said and looks around to see if the coast is clear in a nervous manner. And just as the fat man bends down and drops his pant to the base of his ankles, Rita tells him to look over his shoulder.

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 11 “What is it?” The fat man whispers frantically as he turns around to see what’s up. And by the time he turns around, Rita has leaped out of the seclusion of the alley unto the worn sidewalks of the busy street in full stride. “Hey! Come back here with my money…you little bitch!” The fat man screams helplessly as he desperately tires to pull his pants up over his pale white azz. Rita laughs to herself but never bothers to take a look back. He finally manages to get his pants up and tries to make an attempt to give chases but his intentions exceeded his ability and he fell on his face. “Yo mama!” Rita shouts, and sprint out of the sight with the fat man’s money tucked securely away in the comfort of her pocket. Rita continues to run as hard as her little legs will carry her and she doesn’t look back until she more than two blocks away. She says to herself, “What chance does a fat azz man have in catching up with me.” Rita laughs to herself and slows down a little bit before deciding to take out the money and count it.

HOTlanta! Chapter III RITA (The Sole Survivor)

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 12 Steward Avenue is one of the most notorious whore strolls in Atlanta for those who seek to pleasure of having a lady of the evening keep them company. It’s like a one stop cease-pool. The strip has sleazy strip clubs, massage parlors, novelty shops and a gang of hoes’ ranging from every shape, size, color and gender you can imagine. That’s right, if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself picking up a transvestite with a dick bigger than yours. “There that bitch is!” A voice rings out over the hustle and of the night. Rita hears what sounds like a familiar voice, so she looks around to investigate only to be face to face with some more shit. One thing the streets have taught her and that is to stay on her Ps’ and Qs’ at all times. Suddenly she notices three male figures running on foot, closing in on her position at an alarming rate of speed. Rita quickly tucks the money away into her front pocket, takes a deep breath and then takes off running towards an open parking lot about 100 yards away. She knows the area like the back of her hand and knows that if she can make it to the fence she’ll be home free. She doesn’t know whatta fuck they want but she’s not staying around to find out. The first thing that comes to mine is if the fat mark put the police on her. She immediately discounts that theory because he’d have to say that he was soliciting sex from a minor, but that only complicates matters that much more. Rita is no angle by any stretch of anyone’s imagination and finds herself taking chances on a daily basis. At this point, it’s more of a high than something that she fears.

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 13 Rita dives on the gritty asphalt between some parked cars and carefully rolls underneath a pick-up truck and manages to turn over onto her back. She then takes the money out of her front pocket and separates the bills in different places on her person. “There that bitch is!” Solo shouts as he closes in on her position. “I can see her over there behind those cars.” He is shouting audible to his partners Red Eyes and Lit’ John. “Red Eyes…you go that way!” Solo shouts and points the direction he last spotted Rita. “Me and Lit’ John got this side on lock!” “Aight! Don’t trip!” Red Eye said. “She ain’t going nowhere.” He says with confidence. Rita jumps to her feet as swiftly as a cat and within less than five steps she is running at full stride. “Yo Solo!” Red Eyes yells. “What’s up?” Solo answers nearly out of breath. “I got her!” Red Eyes shouts as he takes off behind Rita. But Lit’ John is rapidly closing in on her trail. She’s only a few yards away from the fence and at this pace, it will be literally next to impossible for Solo to catch up with her. Then in two steps without breaking stride, she scales the fence but unfortunately the tongue of her tennis shoe gets entangled in the fence. And before she has a chance to free herself, Solo and Lit’ John are on top of her. Rita feels frustrated and defeated at this point and she lashes out. “Why don’t yawl find someone else to fuck with?” Rita said dangling by a shoe string just before her weight causes the shoe to rip and send her crashing to the ground. “Damn Rita we told you to stop running!” Solo said totally out of breath.

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 14 Red Eyes immediately rushes over and grabs Rita by the arm. He doesn’t want to take the chance of her taking off again and Lit’ John takes up a defensive position on the opposite side of her. “What you running for Rita?” Solo ask finally catching his breath. “None of your damn business.” Rita said defiantly and snatches away from Red Eyes grip and he immediately grabs her again. “Girl don’t make me slap the shit out of you!” Red Eyes said and raises rears his hand to back hand her. “All right Red Eyes chill.” Solo said calmly but Rita continues to struggle in Red Eyes arms. “Mutha-fucka let me go!” Rita shouts. “Bitch, I’ll…” “Red!” Solo shouts. “What’s up?” “I said…That’s enough!” Solo has to step in between Rita and Red Eyes before things get out of hand. Red Eyes reluctantly back down he’s typically a hot head but he doesn’t want to get into it with Solo. “Bitch you better be glad. I don’t give a fuck who your dad is, the next time you violate our block, and you’re going to get dealt with.” “Chill man I got this.” Solo said and steps in Red Eyes face. “Look Rita, how many times I have to tell you that everybody has to pay their dues?”

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 15 “Dues! What dues? I ain’t one of your hoes. I don’t pay dues to nobody.” Rita professes with dignity. “True that!” Solo said shaking his head up and down as he walks up on Rita. “See the problem is that you are making money on the block which requires us to collect…Shall I say an excise tax.” Solo said and smiles at Lit’ John. “Damn that nigga know he’s smooth!” Lit’ John said and he gives Solo five. But Rita fails to find the humor in his statement. “Solo you are so full of shit.” “All bullshit aside Rita, you know the only reason we allow you to do what you do?” Solo ask. “Nah! Why don’t you tell me?” Rita sarcastically replies. “Rita you get a “G” pass because of your ole’ man.” “Is that right? Well if he’s got that much credibility then yawl should get the fuck out of the way and let me go home to my sister.” Rita said and the guys burst out laughing in unison. “Baby it don’t work like that.” Solo said and snaps his fingers then points at Rita’s pockets. Rita realizes that she is outnumbered so she goes along with the shakedown. “All right, but I don’t want that bastard Lit’ John to touch me.” Rita then reaches into her front pocket and pulls out a $20.00 dollar bill. “Is this it?” Solo said with disappointment and snatches the money out of her hand. He then makes eye contact with Red Eyes and he moves in on Rita to check her pockets. “What the fuck are yawl doing?” Rita shouts and fights to stop Red Eyes from touching her. “Solo I told you I don’t want them putting their hands on me.”

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 16 “Look Rita we can either do this my way or we can do this.” Solo said but this time he doesn’t have a smile on his face. Rita falls back and plays her role until this is over. She finally backs up and agrees with the search. Red Eyes pats Rita down and doesn’t find anything whatsoever on her person. “She aint’ got shit.” Red Eyes said and spit on the sidewalk. Solo then takes a $5.00 dollar out of his pocket and holds it in the air. “Rita you are playing yourself cheap lately.” He then smiles and hands Rita the $5.00 dollar bill. “Yo Rita!” Lit’ John said. “You’ll be 18 soon.” “Nigga please! What that supposed to mean?” Rita said and rolls her eyes. She then bawls up the $5.00 dollar bill and throws it on the ground. Solo shakes his hand and slowly bends down and pick up the money. “Next time, don’t make me chase you.” Solo calmly said and winks at Rita before they walk away.

HOTlanta! Chapter VI RITA (The Sole Survivor)

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 17 Rita lives with her mother; Nicole, a 36 year old unemployed heroin attic and her 8 year old little sister Diamond, in a 5 bedroom Victorian style home in Southwest Atlanta located in the West end. As she walks up the steps unto the veranda, which encircles a third of the house, Rita notices a pair of her sister’s skates perfectly positioned on the deck beneath the living room window. And as she walks over to pick up the skates, she realizes that none of the lights are on in the house. She immediately takes a step or two back, then looks up at her sister’s bedroom and sees that her light is on. But for some reason, she feels uneasy about the situation. So she walks back up to the door, takes out her keys, unlocked the door and slowly walks in. The only thing she can hear in the resonating out of the darkness, is very deep and constant snoring. Rita methodically makes her way over to the wall and flips on the light switch. Rita can’t believe her eyes. Her mother and two of her junkie friends passed out on the couch in the living room. Her mother is lying there with a strip of rubber still wrapped around her biceps and drug paraphernalia is strolled about on the table. Rita shakes her hand in disbelief, but this isn’t the first time she has found her mother in this state and as she walks over to her mother, she realizes it probably won’t be the last. Rita is concerned about her sister and walks up the stairs to see how she is doing. She knows it’s going to be a while before her mother is coherent in recovering from whatever drug she’s on. After reaching the top of the stairs she can hear some murmuring emanating from behind the door and immediately pushes the door open to find a man fondling her sister in bed. Diamond is lying there shivering in an almost comatose state.

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 18 “Get your fucking filthy hands off-a-her!” Rita shouts frantically and manages to take a Swiss blade out of her pocket. The man is startled by her entrance and struggles to jump to his feet. The man’s sunken eyes and frail frame suggest he’s one of her mother’s junkie friends. He must have been chasing the Dragon and stumbled across Diamond’s room door open. Rita should have a problem dealing with him. Rita takes the blade in her hand and slashes it across the junkies’ face. “Oh shit bitch…you done fucked up and cut me!” The junkie grabs his face to try and keep the blood from gushing out. Rita takes the blade, readjusts her position and swings it again with all of her might. “I swear before God! If you put your nasty ass hands on her again. I will kill you!” Rita screams and this time the blade slashes his arm and when the junkie swings back at her, she manages to duck and he falls down on the carpet. “Carla! You better come and get this bitch before I kill her!” The junkie places a distress call out to Rita’s mother. As the junkie struggles to get to his feet, Rita takes a huge pitcher sitting in the corner and smashes it over the top of the man’s head. She then jumps back as pieces of the vase scatter all over the place. “Now get your staking ass out of here!” Rita demands as the force of the blow knocks the junkie backward, causing him to lose his balance and he stumbles out of the room holding his head. Rita takes advantage of the situation and runs behind the junkie, then kicks him in the ass and slams the door shut behind him.

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 19 She then immediately runs over to the bed to see about Diamond. She is lying there covered in sweat. “Hang in there Diamond, I am going to get your insulin medication.” Rita cries out and hugs her sister snuggly in her arms. But she can feel that her skin if cold and Diamond appears to be incoherent. “Don’t you try to leave me!” Rita screams out in defiance against fate. Then she leaps from one side of Diamond’s small twin sized bed to the other with the agility of a gymnast and snatches open the drawer of the night stand in search of her sister’s medication. Rita scurries frantically through Diamond’s art drawings, tiny crayons, and other personal mementos her sister has managed to collect. “Where is it?” Rita screams out in desperation, helplessly looking at Diamond as if she can provide her with the answer she so desperately needs. And Rita’s eyes welts up with snowball tears as the gravity of despair starts to weight down on her shoulders. But she knows this is not the time for her to succumb to weakness. She has to be strong for the both of them. It’s only been a minute or two, but as she looks at Diamond out of her peripheral vision, it seems like an eternity has gone by. As Rita’s search intensifies, as she slightly shifts her body to extend her more leverage to reach deeper into the drawer, she notices Diamond’s pink and lavender book bag propped up against the wall over in the corner of the room. And intuitively she is compelled to run over, pick up her sister’s book bag and discover the insulin pack neatly stashed away in the front pouch. “Thank God!” A deep sigh of relief seep from Rita’s chest. Rita then kisses the medication and takes a brief second to acknowledge faith and she look up to the heavens to show her

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 20 gratitude.

Rita then runs back over to her sister’s side and finally administers the medication, her sister so desperately need. After injecting Diamond with the insulin, Rita doesn’t even bother to remove her shoes before getting in bed with her sister and pulling the sheets up over them snuggly. Rita then looks down upon Diamond, wipes the perspiration off of her forehead and starts to sing Diamond’s favorite song. HOME, from the Wizard of Oz. Diamond isn’t your average little girl, she’s gifted. She is extremely detailed oriented and has to have everything situated in a certain way, in accordance to how she wants them to be. As Rita sits there staring at her rocking back and forth, she knows that It’s probably her fault that all of this is happening. She realizes that she hasn’t been able to spend as much time as she would like to with Diamond. But the fact is she has to hustle in the streets to make up for their mother’s expensive heroin addiction. Rita’s faith is strong and she knows without a shadow of a doubt that God will protect them, as he has done so well in the past. And she knows if she calls 911 and the ambulance comes and takes Diamond to the emergency room, DFAC will be called in. And she knows her mother is in no position to care for herself at the time, let alone, answer hard questions about Diamond’s medical condition. So Rita continues to rock Diamond on into the night until she finally stops shaking and her fever breaks. And after hours of praying and singing to Diamond, they both fall sound to sleep in each other arms.

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 21

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 22 Chapter V

RITA (The Sole Survivor) Sugar Meat is a 36 year old pimp from Chicago, who would put his own daughter on a whore stroll if he had one. He is a smooth light skinned brother with an insatiable appetite for manipulating and controlling women. His athletic physic and swagger make him almost impossible to resist. And anyone who knows him would tell you that when he walks into a room, he demands attention. Everywhere he goes women love him and he knows how to work his mojo. His repetition is legendary on the streets. The women nicknamed him Sugar Meat because he’s known for lacing his 12’ inch penis with cocaine and making his women deep throat it. And sexually, he has been ranked with the very best of them. After moving to Atlanta he managed to move in on the scene and made his presence known immediately. Just because he’s pretty doesn’t make him soft, he puts his game down in a major way and if you’re not on his team, you get smashed. Prostitution was virtually uncontrolled in the United States until passage of the Mann Act (1910), which prohibited the interstate transportation of women. Nearly all states have banned brothels and regulating the profit of prostitution. It is said to be the oldest profession in the world. Since the 1980s’ attitudes toward prostitution has been changed radically by two major developments that sweep the nation by a storm. One is the worldwide spread of AIDS, in Africa especially, one factor in rapid spread of AIDS, has

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 23 been contributed to prostitution. But among some peoples prostitution has been required of young girls as a puberty rite or as a means of acquiring a dowry, and some religions have required prostitution of a certain class of priestesses. Sugar Meat comes from a lone line of pimps and hustlers. Growing up as an orphan in the South side of Chicago, taught him the necessary skills on how to be a cool blooded and no non-sense hustler. And he’s known for his favorite saying, “Bitch betta have my money!” Atlanta is the epic center for individuals wanting a taste of the fast life while being surrounded by a sprawl of low-density suburbs. HOTlanta has a prestigious consortium of Black colleges, including Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College and none other than Morehouse. The spirit of the city tends to be liberal with regards to its Southern conservatism framework, which makes it a draw for people of all walks to get on board. HOTlanta came to epitomize the spirit of “HOTlanta,” having risen from the ashes of the civil war. The city itself is relatively small, but the underworld is a thriving metropolis ran by a criminal element dedicated to the game. Ponce de Leon, Auburn Avenue, and the legendary Steward Avenue are notorious for being whore strolls where ladies of the night patrol in search of clients to promote their business. At first glance, these streets may appear to be ordinary highways for pedestrians, but upon a closer examination you will find that a world within a darker world exist. And men from all around the world seek to satisfy their sexual fetishes. Prostitutes are typically runaways and women of low self-esteem, whom are lured into the profession by force and cohesion. But then there are some college students and

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 24 single parents who rely on the trade to help them make ends meet in a falling economy. But regardless of the cause or the effects, prostitution will be a part of our society for a long time to come. The pimp whore bond is a dysfunctional relationship; in that, two individuals at opposite sides of the spectrums rely on each other to survive. Their dependency is solely psychological and emotional voids that need to be filled. A pimp normally has a “bottom bitch”, who is considered to be his number one whore. Her job is to help the pimp keep the other whores in check. The bottom bitch seldom has to walk the strip, she spends most of her time collecting money from the other whores and keeping an accountability of the whores for the pimp. She typically takes the pimps hand out of the daily operations. That doesn’t mean she is excluded from turning tricks if the money is right. Most of the time pimps don’t have to put down to recruit good help. A prostitute will often choose their own pimp to manage her affairs. The pimps’ primary responsibility is to ensure that the prostitute is protected at all times. He also has to provide her with the essential tools of the trade, i.e., condoms, hygiene products, lubricates, transportation and of course the obvious…clients. Pimps refer to pimps as “Bitches or Whores”, and in most instances the prostitutes call their pimps, “Daddy”. It’s a hot summer day in HOTlanta, typical for this time of the year. We find Sugar Meat sitting at the kitchen table wearing a robe and flip flops, rolling a joint inside his spacious 6 bedroom house located on the outskirts of Atlanta. He hears the front door and he takes his 9mm glock out of his pocket and gently lays it on his lap. Sugar Meat

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 25 then covers the gun with the opposite side of his robe and continues preparing his morning fix. A trio of arched openings in the gallery like front entry hall provides a clear view through his house. And the stain on the mahogany flooring provides a hint of formality and a nice contrast to the light tones in the breakfast nook. Windows wrap the kitchen dinning space and provide enticing views of the surrounding tree-lined property. Sugar Meat is staring out of the window when an attractive African American woman with long black curly hair in her early 40s enter the kitchen, wearing a black dress in fish net stocking and four inch high heeled shoes. She takes the Atlanta Journal and Constitution newspaper from under her arm and throws it along with her keys on an antique cherry table which is sitting beneath a simple wrought-iron chandelier. Rose has been with Sugar Meat every bit of 15 years and has held him down ever since he took her in off the streets of Chicago. She gracefully walks behind Sugar Meat and bends down to kiss him on the cheek. “Bitch! Where is my money?” He said as he sighs away from her kiss. “Daddy I told you it’s been slow.” Rose throws her hair back over her left shoulder and takes a seat at the far end of the table. “Shit, it sounds to me like I need to find a new stable of hoes.” Sugar Meat said. “And to make matters even worst, that little bitch Rita is running off a lot of the clientele down on Ponce and Auburn”. After Rose finishes talking it seems as if it enrages Sugar Meat and he stands up and slams his fist down on the table, the 9 mm hits the ground and the chair he is sitting in is sent hurdling backwards into the wall.

Moses / 1-2 Words from Title / 26 “I’m sick and tired of hearing that bitch name!” Sugar Meat shouts. “I don’t give a fuck what you’ve got to do. I want you to bring that bitch to me!” Sugar Meat bends down and picks up his gun and checks to see if it’s on safety and then pull it back to place a bullet in the chamber as he looks directly at Rose. “I’ve got something in store for her little ass.”

Hotlanta manuscript  
Hotlanta manuscript  

HOTlanta! is the first installment in a trilogy of epic proportions. It is a complex master narrative of series of short stories designed to...