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This week in Science we will be Monday studying animals, including Today we are learning about dinosaurs. dinosaurs and pets, as well as Tuesday astronomy. Children will be Today we are learning about pets. required to complete an in-depth Wednesday Article Title 1 animal of Article Title 2 science report on the Today we are learning about the solar their First,choice chooseby a next shortWednesday title or theme Every article you post needs its own system. morning. Our trip to the zoo on for your newsletter — something like title. It’s also a good idea to use clip Thursday Thursday may inspire some "Class News," or “Back to School.” art and Today wegraphics are goingto onillustrate a field trip themes, to the creative choices! Then, pick a full title for your activities, or events. When you don’t zoo. newsletter — for example, "Ms. have enough text, fill empty spaces Friday We will Classroom also work on geometry If Stahl’s Newsletter." with graphics classroom photos. Today we have aorspecial guest from the problems in Math homework. In you’d like, you can also add a subtitle, volume number, and date Upcoming Events Reminders to Students for your newsletter. Article Title 3 Bring money for field trip lunch Classroom Open House Use body ofinyour First, choose a short title or theme Bringthe umbrella casenewsletter it rains to Tuesday, P.M. keep parents apprised of major for yourSeptember newsletter6,—7:30 something Think of a costume for Friday’s like "ClassSocial News,"with or “Back Ice Cream the to assembly School.” Then, pick a full title for Faculty your newsletter — for example, Friday, September 9, 5 P.M. "Ms. Stahl’s Classroom Newsletter." School Assembly If you’d like, you can also add a subtitle, date This week'svolume school number, assemblyand is on for your characters. newsletter. Children may storybook

Ms. Stahl’s Classroom Newsletter

dress up like a character on Use the body of your newsletter to Thursday. (You might want to bring keep parents apprised of major a change of clothes for the rest of A caption describing the graphic

Reminders to Parents Your child will need the following supplies this year: backpack 3 spiral notebooks 1 box of pencils erasers rulers compass lunch box

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Thank You Students!

First, choose a short title or theme Special thanks are due following for your newsletter — the something like students: "Class News," or “Back to School.” Then, pick a full title for your Jay Adams for volunteering to clean newsletter — for example, "Ms. up after the fall open house. Stahl’s Classroom Newsletter." If you’d like, you also add Kari Hensien forcan donating hera subtitle,set volume number, and date checkers to recess. for your newsletter. Alan Shen for baking us his Use the body chocolate of your newsletter to grandmother's chip cookies keep parents apprised of major last week.


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