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NO. 1 JANUARY 2019 Magazine for maritime industry and sea lovers



MAEM Production – In the world of micrometers


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MAEM – We move with trust


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MAEM – We ran to celebrate and help!


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4 | January 2019 | Made in MAEM

In the everyday world surrounding us, micrometer means next to nothing. The human eye cannot even see it… In the world of MAEM Production Department, each of 16 persons responsible for the manufacturing process knows perfectly well how important it is for precision manufacturing. A proper understanding of precision manufacturing results in hundreds of the most complex components being sent to a wide variety of our customers’ ships every day. Precision manufacturing is one of the key stages of Reverse Engineering PLUS. It is at this point that the correctness of work done by MAEM engineers’ from the Development Department is verified in trial batch manufacturing. Top-class specialists operating state-of-the-art machines build technological

competitive advantage of MAEM. With our R&D Department as well as Production Department and Testing Centre in place, we have implemented Reverse Engineering PLUS. At MAEM, we do not focus on 1:1 duplicating of details only. Using the latest technology, we often make products with properties better than the original ones and we ensure manufacturing process optimisation at the same time. As a result, we offer products at competitive prices, with no compromise on quality. At MAEM, we believe in transparency and respect for our business partners, so we have nothing to hide. If you would like to see how and where MAEM’s products are manufactured, come to visit our plant in Poland. On our website, you can watch a short film showing how we approach Reverse Engineering. Enjoy watching it!

Made in MAEM | January 2019 | 5


Opening a new manufacturing plant in 2016, we were proud to witness MAEM becoming the largest manufacturer of alternative spare parts for the marine industry in Europe. It has always been obvious to us that investing in quality and thus gaining our customers’ trust is the best way to international success. After moving machinery to a new, fully-automated building, we could spread our wings, focusing even more on the smallest details of manufacturing processes and quality. We believed that the new facility, in its current form and size, would serve our needs for years to come… We did not foresee that ambition and passion would greatly exceed our expectations. And so, after two years of implementing new development projects, driven by our customers’ support and trust, we are extending the manufacturing area of our plant! A surge in orders and new lines of products offered do not only make us proud but strongly motivate us to work effectively on continuous development as well. This year, we have started to build another module of the manufacturing area. It will provide the additional space of 332 m2 to carry out development and research work on new products and technologies. This will allow us to optimise manufacturing process effectiveness, implement new technologies and create more research and testing jobs. The project is scheduled to be completed at the beginning of 2019.

6 | January 2019 | Full ahead

Full ahead | January 2019 | 7

MAEM – WE MOVE WITH TRUST Trust is almost like the air for us. You cannot see it, but you can hardly survive without it on the market. So, trust building is a foundation of all our activities. It is a value in itself. It is so natural to us that we even feel ill at ease talking about it. Are there prosperous companies in the world that cheat their customers? Certainly not! For us, sincerity and truthfulness are the essence of respect and trust, we recognise them as priorities in our private lives as well as in the relationships with business partners.

8 | January 2019 | MAEM Values

Almost everyone knows what trust is. Many people value it very much in everyday life. Trust is what we most of all want to put in the brands which are closest to our hearts. What does trust actually mean? According to the definition, it is the belief that a brand or organisation may be relied on, the words and information given are true and the abilities possessed are properly used. At MAEM, we are proud to provide true information to our customers every day. We pay great attention to the transparency of all our activities, thus aiming

to be a concrete example of how business should be built on trust and respect. Building brand trust has always been our top priority. We consistently try to overcome adversities at all costs. And if we fail for reasons beyond our control, we can admit mistakes. It is customer satisfaction and not bulk selling of products or services we are primarily interested in.


We are pleased to announce that the project of introducing new alternative spare parts for pumps into MAEM’s offer, started in 2017, is progressing greatly and we are just about to commence work on other models! Stages of work on specific groups of pumps are as follows:


› work finished on sizes 15-85


› work finished on series K › work started on series L



› work finished on series NSL and Modular S

› work finished on series BAS, ZAS, ZASV, SPF, SPZ, TRE, TRD and TRF

› work started on series SA and Rotan

› work started on series NB and NI › work to be started on SN models (SNF, SNS, SNM)

Are there any of the above pump models on your ships? Check out our offer right away. More information on other new models on offer coming soon.


We are an independent manufacturer of high quality marine alternative spare parts and complete devices for fuel, oil and water treatment. It is our goal to help our customers get the right product they need anywhere on earth: quickly, easily and affordably.

MAEM Sp. z o.o., 22A Bociana Street, 31-231 Krakow, Poland, www.maem.com, info@maem.com, +48 12 415 08 16

January 2019 | 9


NEW SOLUTIONS Alternative spare parts for Kral pumps (K) Alternative spare parts for Desmi pumps (NSL, MODULAR S) Alternative spare parts for Allweiler pumps (BAS, SPF, SPZ, TRD, TRF, TRE, ZAS, ZASV) Alternative spare parts for Alfa Laval pumps (ALP - sizes 15-85)

At MAEM, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality marine solutions. We have built our whole business on this concept and since the beginning we have continued to seek ways to improve every product that we manufacture. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed our unique reverse engineering method which relies on duplicating in 1:1 ratio the more durable machine component that works identically to the original. Nowadays, our production plant, which employs around 100 people, provides about 10,000 different, totally interchangeable, alternative spare parts and complete marine solutions which are shipped worldwide. We are confident about the quality and functionality of them, but for our customers’ convenience, each of them is covered by warranty. Choosing MAEM solutions, you will definitely get The Smart Value.

10 | January 2019 | Product Range

STANDARD SOLUTIONS Alternative spare parts for Alfa Laval & Westfalia separators Plug and play separators

Alternative spare parts for Nirex fresh water generators including plates and gaskets

Reconditioned separator bowls

Electronic control systems (reconditioned and brand new)

Alternative spare parts for Jowa bilge water separators Alternative spare parts for Aquafine water sterilizers

Complete brazed plate heat exchangers

Alternative spare parts for Moatti back flushing filters

Replaceable gaskets for plate heat exchangers

Alternative spare parts for IMO pumps (ACD, ACE, ACP, ACG, LPD, LPE, ACF)

Scrubber nozzles for pollution control

Product Range | January 2019 | 11

On Sunday 11 November, Poland’s Independence Day, the green team of 8 MAEM employees took part in the run for Prof. Janusz Skalski’s Schola Cardis Children’s Cardiac Surgery Foundation. On 11 November 2018 Poland celebrated the 100th anniversary of regaining its independence and reappearing on the world map as an independent state after 123 years of partitions. This is an exceptional date for us, so we are very proud that our employees ran 88 km together and, what’s more, thus celebrated that important day. For our employees, physical activity means not only to get together and keep healthy but also to help local communities. The idea of taking part in the charity run in support of Krakow-based Schola Cardis Children’s Cardiac Surgery Foundation emerged from that. We are happy to be among 3000 runners who could mark the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence in such an unusual way, helping children at the same time. The main aim of the foundation is to increase the number of children treated for congenital heart diseases. Other goals include purchase of specialist medical equipment and enhancement of the quality of treatment at cardiac surgery, cardiology and transplantation departments.

12 | January 2019 | We love to help


We love to help | January 2019 | 13


A total of almost 5.500 km we cycled have been converted into benefits for all employees taking part in the action. The distance of 5.500 km is nearly twice the length of the Danube River, more than twenty times the distance of Ironman races and of the Moon’s circumference. And this is the distance we covered on foot and on bikes during 6 months’ action Set a course for bike! The rules were simple: Those who chose physical activity when going to and from work enjoyed not only health benefits but also extra money paid in addition to their salaries. They could use bicycle stands equipped with surveillance camera, rain capes and welfare facilities with lockers and a shower as well. “One fourth of our employees took part in the action Set a course for bike! More than we had expected,” says Katarzyna Brodecka, the originator and coordinator of the project. Our initiative did not go unnoticed as far as the environment is concerned. Besides winning the title of Bike-Friendly Location, we helped our planet. Swapping the car for a bike, we reduced CO2 emissions by more than a ton. This is how much carbon a forest is able to assimilate within 5 days, generating approximately 727 kg of life-giving oxygen at the same time.

14 | January 2019 | MAEM. I like it!

MAEM. I like it! | January 2019 | 15

Oh! You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why: Santa Claus is coming to town! John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie „Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun Now the jingle hop has begun. Bobby Helms „Jingle Bell Rock”

HOLIDAY MAGIC STARTS HERE In a festive atmosphere intensified by holiday songs of all sorts, once again gifts for our employees and business partners were being packed. Like every year, a team of fearless employees led by Dagmara, an irreplaceable snowflake, embarked on preparing and packing holiday gifts. They couldn’t do without holiday hats, music and fooling around. After all, it is quite normal in

16 | January 2019 | MAEM. I like it!

a harmonious team of people working together.

this! Such projects come from the heart, so usually everything comes off.

The end result of what had originated in the depths of our imagination filled us with power and enthusiasm for work. “We enjoyed packing the smallest things, even if there were thousands of them,” says Dagmara Sobczak, action coordinator. With the joy of holiday season, time spent with family and friends almost here, how not to be happy working in a team like

What crowned our efforts was not the very completion of the action, hailed as one of the most challenging holiday projects in the history of our company, but smiles on the faces of those receiving the gifts. And that’s what we aim for every year.

MAEM. I like it! | January 2019 | 17

THAT WONDERFUL STATE OF WEIGHTLESSNESS… This enchanting world features a wide variety of colours. In the daytime, when the sun is shining brightly, it is blue, turquoise or emerald. On cloudy days, it turns dark blue, grey or even black. Diving in itself is a sensation. It deliciously calms you down, you feel relaxed, see your life and the world around you from a different perspective; you just feel great. Fears, anxieties and aversions disappear, you start to believe in yourself and yet you are taught discipline and humility. You can be captivated by silence, hearing only your heartbeat and breath, you can feel the life with every inch of your body and forget about everything left on the surface. Drifting in the depths, in a state of weightlessness, we do not have to hurry anywhere. We discover new opportunities and our senses can run wild. Not everyone will be a diver, but everyone can try. Where to begin? Obviously, you can start right away with taking a basic diving course. However, the best way to give it a try is an introduction dive offered by each diving organisation. It should introduce you to the world of diving and encourage you to dive in the safest and most friendly way possible. Since there are absolute contraindications to diving, first you have to visit a medical examiner of divers who is authorised to issue a certificate of fitness to dive. As for children’s diving, it is believed they should be at least 8 years old to start recreational diving (in shallow 18 | January 2019 | Lifestyle

water and accompanied by an instructor). A medical examiner should consider them to be physically, mentally and emotionally able to explore an underwater world and there should be no medical contraindications to it. A child has to be at least 10 years old to receive the first diving grade. For healthy women, the only contraindication to diving is pregnancy. All diving organisations have appropriate standards and training programmes suitable for each age group and diving grade. Once we have decided to take a basic diving course, what remains to be done is to choose how and when to do it. Actually, it all depends on us. If there is a diving club or centre nearby, it is worth visiting it to find out what they offer. A lot of people decide to take the course when they are on holidays with their families. Many centres offer such an opportunity, including our Amber-Divecenter located on picturesque Brač Island, Central Dalmatia, Croatia. Being on holidays, you can make your dreams come true. To do this, you’d better take longer holidays; one week may not be enough. Do not worry, with our training programme you will not get bored with endlessly repeated exercises while learning to dive. Practical training in the sea will let you adapt to the new environment right at our centre will give you an opportunity to watch all preparations for diving you will soon have to make yourself.

Lifestyle | January 2019 | 19

20 | January 2019 | Lifestyle

When all exercises in shallow water and theoretical knowledge have been mastered, we are swimming out to see! A short dive briefing is given, the equipment is packed – all is buttoned up. In the morning, we take to the sea with a divers group. While the boat is travelling on water, we have time to get used to it, to learn boat diving procedures. Stress is inevitable, especially for those who have never been on a diving boat before. To reduce stress, course participants always go down last, when none of the “true” divers is watching, laughing and commenting. On the next day, all are already “true” divers, there is a relaxed atmosphere on the boat, nobody stresses out, you can get a tan. The practical part passed, smile on your face, you are really pleased with yourself; this is the best reward for learning on holidays. There is only diving theory test to be passed and handshakes to be exchanged with the instructors, sealed with a red-hot fin. Sheer pleasure. And then, everything changes. Just like hundreds of fellow divers around the world, we cannot imagine our lives without diving. There are new, wonderful dives and memorable moments in the company of friends who share our passion ahead of us. You are welcome to join us.

Grazyna Maciejewska Took up diving in late 1970s, when it was still in its infancy and the equipment was as scarce as hens’ teeth. She glued the first wetsuit herself, helped by her husband. They are still diving together and for the 17 years, have been running Amber-Divecenter on Brač Island, Croatia; the island they once fell in love with and it has stayed that way ever since.

www.amber-divecenter.com www.psai.pl www.psai.com www.diveralertnetwork.org www.uhms.org

Lifestyle | January 2019 | 21

22 | January 2019 | Lifestyle

HOW DEEP CAN YOU GO ON A SINGLE BREATH? “Dolphin Man” tells the life story of Jacques Mayol, the greatest free-diver in recorded history, whose life became the inspiration for Luc Besson’s cult-movie “The Big Blue”. It draws us into Mayol’s world, capturing his compelling journey from Japan to Europe, North America and India, while immersing viewers into the sensory and transformative experience of free-diving. Born in Shanghai in 1927, Mayol was taught to dive by Japanese fishermen during family holidays on the island of Karatsu. With the outbreak of WWII,

the freedom he had experienced as a child in the East was lost, when his family returned to France. After the war, he found freedom working with dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium, and gradually became interested in diving deeper and longer underwater. He became the first man to reach 100 metres below the sea on a single breath in 1976 and revolutionized free-diving by combining yoga and Zen, while promoting an urgent vision of our need to reconnect with nature.

Narrated by Jean-Marc Barr, the actor who famously portrayed Mayol in “The Big Blue”, the film weaves together rare film archive from the 1950’s onwards, with stunning contemporary underwater photography, to discover how the ‘dolphin man’ revolutionized free-diving and brought a new consciousness to our relationship to nature and to our inner-selves. The feature doc is accompanied by “Dolphin Man”, three virtual reality films, which immerse the viewer into the sea.

Lifestyle | January 2019 | 23

24 | January 2019 | Lifestyle

The handbag integrally made of 100 % experienced sails. All our bags are hand-sewn with love in Poland and consist of the components made only in Europe. Within each bag you can find a stamp with geographic coordinates that indicate where a sail spent most of its life. Some parts of sails may carry the marks of the adventures they experienced. Please treat them as memories.

YOUR BAG HOLDS THE TALES OF THE SEAS Argentum Yacht Tuning is a brand created to express our love for sailing, good design and the environment. That is why we are constantly looking for sails which experienced many adventures. We choose the appropriate ones, clean them and give “a second life” in the form of bags. From time to time, we receive a sail from sailors which is later transformed into a bag made of their own memories. Within each bag we place a stamp with geographic coordinates that indicate where a sail spent most of its life. Some parts of sails

may carry the marks of the adventures they experienced.

of eco – design moves our company in a good direction.

All our bags are hand-sewn with love in Poland and consist of the components made only in Europe. Owing to that fact, we create unique bags. We feel genuinely delighted to deliver you the bags with part of their maritime past.

You may find the bags made by Argentum Yacht Tuning on our website or in a cozy showroom in Poznan. They are also available in boutiques in Europe, Canada and in the USA. www.argentumyacht.com

Argentum Yacht Tuning made its world debut at the International Boat Show BOOT Düsseldorf 2017. Since that time the idea Lifestyle | January 2019 | 25


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