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Faculty Guide: Prof. Indrajit Neogi Industry Guide: Mr. Fernando Kabral Sponsor: Self initiated This film reflects the torment of a man, Rohit, who just faced a trauma that he had not ever fathomed. Taking a moment, he retraces his life back from the beginning and still cannot comprehend what might have been the cause. He perceives that is definite that he has not resulted what has happened thus is still left with the question.

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Course: P.S Faculty Guide: Prof. Indrajit Neogi “The scene from film ‘Omkara’ had hit me very hard when the character tries to wake up the dead singing her a song that is sung to kids to to wake them up. I thought why not do it reverse? The exercise was simply make a music video but taking it to a new level having a narrative followed by the meaning of the song was demanded efforts and continuous development, which was a heartwarming experience.”

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Faculty Guide: Prof. Indrajit Neogi Industry Guide: Mr.Fernando Kabral Sponsor: Self Initiative Project It is a set four character sketches of four different people living amongst us who use their counterfeiting personalities to survive in this world. It’s a compilation of 4 short stories, with four different treatments. Genre – Comedy / Drama Sponsor – Self sponsored Run time – 51:23 minutes

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Course: Pre Diploma Fiction Film Faculty Guide: Proff. Indrajit Neogi Viraj who wouldn’t talk. Adarsh confessing murder of Akhil. Alok talking about freedom. Nupura who knows personal life of viraj. How are they all connected. It’s shot in black and edited in non linear structure. Genre – Mystery / Thriller Run time – 12:35 minutes

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