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Oil comes from the ground. This image above is how we get our oil from the ground. It is called a Oil Rig.

This is an example of a person now days using oil.

Oil is used in the making of all these things and more!

This is an oil barrel. This costs $83.17!

OPEC- stands for organization of the petroleum (oil) exporting countries. Here’s a fact kids, don’t eat oil!

No one wants our precious animals to be in any harm, so all companies try to be eco-friendly, and safe!

This picture is showing an oil spill. Oil spills are not good at all! They Harm our environment , especially our animals.

By pumping far more oil than its sources allow, OPEC could flood the market and lower oil prices.

My Dear Friend, Oil  

By Madysen Leyh & Keith Runk

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