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Custom Mobile Development For Fulfilling Advanced Need of Growing Market Because of its high applicability and usability in social media, business world and many other aspect of day to day life, people are getting addicted to mobile devices as it’s making living full of comfort and ease. Rising demand of smartphones and business phones like Blackberry and iPhone have ultimately led increase in the demand of custom mobile development. Because of successful utilization over different areas of business, smartphones have become one of the most effective and trendy marketing tools for all types of business and enterprise. Smartphones users are demanding more out of these devices and to cope up with this rising requires, numerous mobile app development companies are trying their luck on mobile application development but very few are blessed with the skilled developers. Business community is most benefited with the introduction of smartphones and 3G, as it facilitates business owners in easy and effective promotion of their products and services among wide group of people. From social media activities to business promotions and from online banking to ecommerce, use of mobiles are no longer bounded as communication device, but have become an absolute multimedia device. Mobile internet users are in large number and thousands of new users are added everyday, hence the need for such custom mobile applications has increased considerably that supports mobile devices. Businesses are leaving no stone unturned in promoting their businesses through mobile apps development and examples of this are commerce kings such as Amazon and eBay who have launched their own mobile applications several years back. Nowadays small and medium businesses are also following this mobile development trend and in the coming years, mobile development is likely to go past web development. With the introduction of different mobile platforms such as IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian, mobile industry has observed some marvelous inventions in the recent years with the development of thousands of mobile applications. These mobile platforms are used by mobile developers for the development of some amazing applications. Numerous offshore mobile development centers are established around the world that uses these platforms for the development and running of remarkable applications, which run on these platforms. At Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT), we offer custom mobile development services and your mobile development projects are handled by the experts who possess years of core experience in designing and developing mobile applications to precisely meet your business goals and ethics. Our professional mobile developer own thorough knowledge of all the mobile platforms that ensures us to provide you end-to-end solutions to meet changing business needs. In the present age of smartphones, WAP phone is extremely productive as it allows you to access internet from your cell phone. WAP is very much cost effective as it allows you access all the websites from any place you want similar to that of your laptop of PC. Surviving in the mobile era, everybody is talking about WAP, but very few know and understand the significance of WAP in the mobile device. WAP is known as Wireless Application Protocol and simply a channel by means of which users can access information on their wireless devices such as mobile phones, pagers, smart phones, and many others. It was specially designed by wireless industry to facilitate internet access on mobile devices. WAP is simply a protocol that is used for communicating information,

enables Internet connectivity on mobile phones supporting almost all every wireless networks such as CDMA, GSM, CDPD, PHS, PDC, FLEX, ReFLEX, TDMA, TETRA, iDEN, DECT, DataTAC, and Mobitex. WAP sites are websites converted or written into it using WML language but WAP supports HTML and XML. At MADT, we develop WAP phones applications that make mobile devices more useful and productive. Our mobile development processes have been refined and improved over the years. With experience and expertise, we guarantee that your idea of product development is converted to working applications with many device supports and are of the highest quality without any code error. Mobile Development @ MADT, Because, • • • • • • • •

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Years of experience and expert developers working on mobile application development. Our mobile applications are developed with expertise and all requirements of customers are met. Our developers work with you to fully understand your requirements. Our developers evaluate your requirements and then work out the best fit solution for your mobile platform. A prototype is created before we develop the actual application. Application development starts only after the prototype is approved by the client. Our services are timely with no compromise on quality. We work in collaboration with you and ensure that there is transparent communication between all employees, managers and the customer. Our applications ensure that all employees, customers and managers can work together and have immediate access to any information – anywhere, anytime, so that you have access to project related information at any time. Our projects are always delivered on time and within budget. We also respect the confidentiality of the information that clients provide to us for project related matters. Security of this information is important to us.

Mobile Development also includes development of several robust and remarkable mobile applications for gaming applications, custom social media applications, business, eCommerce and many others. Whatever your needs are either personal or professional, our mobile application development services put-up all the features and phases that your application would involve. We are an offshore mobile apps development company having development centre located at India and are known for delivering quality work in given time frame. At MADT, our mobile application developers together with QA professionals has extensive knowledge in creating utility, healthcare, entertainment and educational mobile products and systems that are being deployed and used on a global level by top wireless companies. At MADT, our technical expertise runs into all the mobility verticals, including – iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile and other mobile platform technologies. Do you like our services?

Custom Mobile Development for Fulfilling Advanced Need of Growing Market  
Custom Mobile Development for Fulfilling Advanced Need of Growing Market  

At Mobile Apps Development Team (MADT), we offer custom mobile development services and your mobile development projects are handled by the...