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Published from Encouragement for Internet Marketers; “Ran Tractor Engine for at Least 6 Seconds!!!!!”

A Word of Encouragement for Internet Marketers; I “Ran Tractor Engine for at Least 6 Seconds!!!!!”

Firing up an Old Green Machine That quote is the actual entry I made on my calendar on Saturday, October 5, 2002; and, it’s accurate— right down to the five exclamation points. Do you keep a journal or diary using a wall calendar? Ever since I was 14, I’ve used wall calendars to make notes of things that I accomplish, or that happen to me, from time to time—kind of like a journal. I’ve saved every calendar since 1998, so there are a lot of stories that come to my mind whenever I start flipping through them. In fact, that’s how I begin my day: randomly getting out a given year’s calendar, slowly flipping through the pages, and choosing a story to share with you on my blog! This incident was actually a milestone for me. It was a green machine: a 1946 John Deere farm tractor. 2002 was my last year in 4-H, and this was my final—and greatest—project. That spring and summer, leading up to the 4-H fair, I worked long, exhausting hours trying to get the engine running on that old tractor. I called a lot of people for advice and help, but it didn’t matter; it refused to run. But I refused to quit—which was all that mattered.

Even though I wasn’t able to get it running in time for the fair, I exhibited a ring binder filled with photos and captions, documenting all the work I’d done along the way—getting the tractor cleaned, assembled and ready to run. Even though I received the highest award ribbons for the project, I still felt like a failure. But I refused to quit. In the fall, before putting that stubborn old tractor into storage, I was determined to try one more time that year to run the engine… --because I refused to quit! I threw everything I had into it… …using most of my body weight to roll that heavy cast iron flywheel forward… …and: POP! For the first time, I was hearing the cylinders firing; I saw the flywheel start to turn all by itself, under its own power! After a few quick revolutions, it came to a stop. I couldn’t believe it! As I stood there with my heart pounding furiously, I thought about how this was yet another proof of this truism: PERSISTANCE PAYS, when you’re working in the right direction.

Starting the Internet Marketer’s Green Machine I don’t need to spend much time here telling you that the same principle applies to any endeavor— including Internet marketing, do I? I’ve kept at it, and kept at it, and kept at it… …and for the first time, I’m starting to see things move in my business! Only those of us who refuse to quit, and insist on success, are going to succeed in business ventures of any kind—whether it’s affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, network marketing, or anything else. If you’re marketing on the Internet, my message to you is… --DON’T quit; --DO keep improving your knowledge and training (even when you have to click, watch and buy marketing training products);

--and ALWAYS increase your income-producing activities. Your business will be up and running in no time! --Josh “Mad Thrad” Campbell P.S. Leave a comment—I’d love to hear from you! P.P.S. The following year, I got that tractor running like new, and actually took it to the county fair. But, I had to make some more investments of time and money; otherwise, it would never have run again. Don’t struggle in your business. Visit my blog and make the decision to turn your business into a smooth-running, profit-pulling green machine!

A Word of Encouragement for Internet Marketers; I “Ran Tractor Engine for at Least 6 Seconds!!!!!”  

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